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high contrast

As soon as she signed the lease on a 12th-floor highrise apartment in New York City’s Harlem neighborhood, Alison Rudnick, CNN’s vice president of communications, went out to lunch with her friend and designer, Anthony Gianacakos. The topic of conversation? Color—specifically how to infuse as much as possible into the space to fit her bold style. They went back and forth on finding the sweet spot between vivid orange (Rudnick’s favorite) and something softer, eventually landing on coral as a more subdued backdrop. Then Gianacakos got to work layering in years’ worth of her travel keepsakes and flea market finds. “It was truly a puzzle,” he says. In fact, the only throughline in the apartment—where a floral Turkish rug coexists with rainbow-striped poufs—is another powerhouse hue: jet black. In a…

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ROXANNE FEQUIERE WRITER Culture Fix As ever, I’m watching The Mary Tyler Moore Show, listening to Solange, and currently reading The Street by Ann Petry. Fall Style Must-Have Ruddy earth tones, solid platform shoes—and thinking critically about exactly whom and what my fashion purchases support. Favorite Fall Cocktail This marks the beginning of Martinelli’s Sparkling Cider season for me. Cheers! ANNIE SCHLECHTER PHOTOGRAPHER Design Inspiration After meeting Maria Duenãs Jacobs and her delightful daughters, I’ve rekindled my love of rhinestones with her Super Smalls sparkle sticker book. Latest Project I have a pile of scrap paper and colored pencils in my living room, and I doodle while Zooming with friends. Fall Style Must-Have One of those I Dream of Jeannie masks for festive occasions and a new smoky perfume—Bois d’Ascèse by Naomi Goodsir—from my friend’s shop, Scent Bar. YE RIN…

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basque nouveau

AT FIRST GLANCE, INTERIOR DESIGNER AND PHOTOGRAPHER ANNE-SOPHIE BOST’S BASQUE COUNTRY FARMHOUSE LOOKS MUCH LIKE IT DID WHEN IT WAS BUILT BACK IN THE 1950s—FROM THE OUTSIDE, ANYWAY. “The rules are strict for the exteriors,” says Bost of the historic homes dotting the landscape of Bidart, a cozy seaside town wedged between Saint-Jean-de-Luz and Biarritz. “We have to conserve the Basque style and use one of three authorized colors: red, blue, or green.” Such stringent regulations might have scared off another prospective buyer, but the classic whitewashed facade and weathered woodwork were part of what initially drew Bost, her husband, Lawrence, and children Esteban (15) and Eden (12) to the property after living in various locations throughout France. “We’ve always dreamed of making a home on the Basque coast,” she says. When…

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the wind down

Reconsider the Home Gym After clearing her new space of clothing racks, the first thing James added was a reformer. Her favorite studio closed, but the Pilates devotee was able to continue her practice at home. “I thought, if I could sell some clothes and buy a tool that could make me feel better mentally and physically, that was the best possible move,” she says. Appreciate the Little Things This spring the designer launched Something Special, a small-batch, artisan-made subscription service. “That made me rethink every single object in my home,” says James. “What’s the story behind it? Does it bring me joy?” The first item she sold: a clay mug made in Oaxaca, Mexico, that became the star of her signature morning ritual—swirling nondairy creamer into her iced coffee. Pause in the Moment James…

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curve appeal

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drawing room

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