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domino magazine offers accessible and cutting-edge home decor inspiration. With celebrity house tours, before-and-after transformations, and insights from famous designers, domino makes it easy to bring your style home.

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forever young

When we began working on this issue in the spring, we didn’t realize our mantra “If Kids Ruled the House” would be more than a fun way of describing our reason for making a Domino Kids mag, but rather pretty much how 2020 would unfold. As working moms (with five kids between us ranging in age from 2 to 10), we scrambled along with the rest of the world to set up our homes in this new normal and learned to get really creative with how we use every corner and surface. We also looked to our friends in the design community for advice and inspiration on how to create spaces with personality that nurture imagination and play—and keep some sense of order, tame the toy deluge (and emotions), and stay…

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11 lightbulb moments from the issue

01 A Back to the Future marathon isn’t complete without making choose-your-own-toppings pizza bread. Pg. 20 02 Use your imagination to renovate your dream home: “You can do a lot with a square.” Pg. 30 03 Add a curtain in a bold pattern to the bottom bunk and—presto!—you have yourself a hideaway. Pg. 38 04 Simple things can hold powerful memories; keep items your kids (and your kids’ kids!) might want to know about later on. Pg. 58 05 Find the right catchall; control the clutter (even with 13 bins of Legos and counting). Pg. 68 06 When designing a playroom, Batman is an excellent inspiration. Pg. 80 07 Sharing a space with siblings makes it 100 percent more special, especially with everyone’s original artworks on display. Pg. 88 08 Don’t underestimate the wow factor of a well-placed secret door. Pg. 96 09 Caring for pets (and…

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Collier Meyerson WRITER Go-To Book My 2-year-old, Ozzy, has surely outgrown it, but our family reads Night-Night, Little Pookie before bed (we know it by heart). Favorite Learning Tool Watercolors! He likes to paint brown and purple, because that is what happens when you mix every color together. Family Tradition Friday night dinners without our phones. It’s rooted in Shabbat (my husband is religious; I’m not), so our happy medium is a nice homemade, screen-free meal. Parenting Mantra If you wanna be my kid, you gotta get with my friends. Erin Jang DESIGNER & ILLUSTRATOR Rainy Day Activity Making dumplings with my sons Miles (9) and Noah (4), while listening to an audiobook (we use the Libby app to check them out from the public library). Favorite Learning Tool We’re obsessed with the Australian cartoon Bluey. The show promotes…

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@littlemissflint Mari: Loui Brezzell; Aquarium: ©Shedd Aquarium/Brenna Hernandez.…

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