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editor’s letter

Every Sunday in the winter growing up, my brother, twin sister, and I would beg my father to light the large stone fireplace that connected the big family room we called “the den” with our Pierre Frey–wallpapered kitchen. We loved taking turns with the various jobs: hauling the carrier outside for the logs, rolling up last weekend’s New York Times into tight batons, piling the wood in formation, and carefully striking the long matches to start the flames. It’s a ritual that brought everyone together, and—I have to say—I still make a pretty mean fire. It’s perhaps not surprising, then, that when I was renovating my home in Greenwich Village, I was very focused on getting the mantel and fireplace surround right. Our prewar apartment was designed by my friend, architect…

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THAYER GOWDY Photographer CULTURE FIX I am addicted to Audible. When I was renovating my home, I listened to about 50 audiobooks. Right now I’m in the middle of Coyote America: A Natural and Supernatural History by Dan Flores. RECENT ADVENTURE A design pilgrimage to Sweden. DESIGN INSPIRATION I’m obsessed with Sauna Savu, a Finnish sauna made from charred wood. I’m saving up my pennies to buy one. ENTERTAINING MUST-HAVE My burn garden. I planted sage next to the firepit so guests can grab a handful and toss it in while sipping cocktails. The scent is amazing. GESI SCHILLING Photographer FAVORITE WINTER COCKTAIL I live in Miami, but when I’m cold, I always turn to bourbon. UPCOMING ADVENTURE I have had a long-standing desire to explore more of America. I’m trying to make it to the Grand Canyon and New Orleans. ENTERTAINING MUST-HAVE Homemade bread and candlelight. CULTURE…

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DECEMBER 1 Ready, set, shop! Domino and team up for a present-perfect pop-up—including a massive book wall—debuting today and running all month at 446 Broadway in New York. 6-9 Collectors, dealers, and galleristas vie for their moment in the sun at the sceniest contemporary art fair that ever was, Art Basel Miami Beach. 15 Expect plenty of dancing in the dark when Springsteen on Broadway—depicting the Boss’s megahit live show—starts streaming tonight on Netflix. + Make sure to catch a glimpse of the Swarovski star atop the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree. Architect Daniel Libeskind’s new design represents the first time the topper has been reimagined since its 2004 debut. + Best Made Co.—the outdoor lifestyle brand for design obsessives—is hosting workshops all month long at its New York and Los Angeles locations, with shibori…

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custom is key

Stainless steel appliances have had their moment. Enter the new and beautifully customizable Café Matte Collection, which promises an elevated twist on personalized style. Together with her designer, Sarah Sherman Samuel, Garance Doré is transforming her kitchen into a serene oasis, complete with matte white appliances that complement the creativeʼs signature aesthetic. We caught up with Samuel to get a sneak peek of her vision and how Café Appliancesʼs customizable finishes and hardware options emulate Doréʼs personal style in her new Los Angeles home. Domino: What was the inspiration behind your decision to opt for an all-white, matte finish for the kitchen? Sarah Sherman Samuel: Garance’s existing kitchen had high-gloss white cabinets on the top and dark cabinets on the bottom. The high-gloss finish does not reflect either of our styles and…

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foam home

TAKE A SEAT Danish artist Ulrik Weck turned to polystyrene boards and nozzle-ejected polyurethane foam after growing “frustrated with the flat surface of the canvas,” he says. Now his artistic process is almost akin to cake making; he cuts the boards into layers and then “frosts” them together with foam. Eventually, the sculptures began to take the shape of furniture, culminating in a pair of monochromatic armchairs that he titled No Sleep. Explains Weck: “I didn’t want a chair in the studio that I could fall asleep in.” Soft Gray Flamingo by Ulrik Weck BLOCK IT OUT South Korean designer Sang Hoon Kim was searching for a “freer and more intuitive design language” in which to craft his sculptural furniture when he turned to an unexpected source for inspiration: the flexible foam factory…

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the domino guide to your best sleep ever

BedSide Beautiees Whether you’re a fan of everything sleek and chic or all about more is more, have these essentials in reach to snooze in style. THE MINIMALIST THE COLOR LOVER ANATOMY OF A SLEEP OASIS Ready to turn your bedroom into the ultimate zen den this winter? Here’s your road map. AN ANALOG ALARM CLOCK You’ve probably already realized the downsides of leaving your phone on your bedside table—middle-of-the-night Insta-scrolling, for one—but a digital clock can also be problematic. “Its light disrupts circadian rhythms,” says Jan Stritzke, deputy medical director of Germany’s Lanserhof Tegernsee health spa. Leave the phone in the kitchen and invest in an old-fashioned big-hand, little-hand clock. Bonus if there’s no snooze button. DIMMER SWITCHES Low light signals the body that it’s time to power down, and nothing delivers a warm, moody glow better than…