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feedback loop

The DualSense controller’s speaker and haptics have a significant impact on many of the game’s more emotional scenes. “The relationship between haptics and audio is so important, and is a big part of how we think about things,” Dabbous says, calling back to Rez’s Trance Vibrator as one of the early leaders in helping players to understand an emotional state. “So we can give that to our writers and be like, ‘Hey, in your script, you can specify your heart rate, if you want to ― you can specify if a choice will increase or decrease your heart rate, and have that be reflected in the controller. And by pulling our writers into becoming so intrinsic to the design of the game, we increase our collaboration.”…

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still playing

Kind Words PC Right now, it’s hard to put a price on somewhere you can anonymously get your biggest concerns off your chest and receive an encouraging letter or two in return. Or to fold up a positive message of your own into a paper plane and feel sure it will have helped someone, somewhere. Even if you’re uncomfortable about howling into the void or answering a stranger’s cry, those blissfully calming beats are the perfect way to wind down after a stressful day. Lonely Mountains: Downhill PC The sometimes brutal daily runs are fast (though perhaps that’s the wrong word given how cautiously we play) becoming a habit. We’re not bothered about challenging the top of the leaderboards, you understand – just finishing each course gives us the dopamine hit we need…

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“When I think about BioWare’s future and the next generation of talent in place, I could not be more confident or optimistic.”As veterans Casey Hudson and Mark Darrah depart, EA’s chief studio officer Laura Miele outlines a hopeful vision for the future of the studio – which it’s probably reasonable to assume doesn’t include Anthem 2.“I’m more interested in building radically empowering systems for work than I am in producing radical works – though they’re good too, of course.”Mutazione writer Hannah Nicklin is promoted to head of Die Gute Fabrik.“What blew my mind recently is that it’s seven years between Link To The Past and Ocarina Of Time, and seven years ago, eight years ago, Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 came out.”If Found creator Llaura McGee draws some hard…

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isle of view

This is a very pretty game in places, overcoming its technical limitations to produce delightful sights. We might roll our eyes a little when Norah gushes “What a beautiful mountainous landscape!” while peering through a hole in a carved figure, but she’s not wrong: the stylised aesthetic combined with the almost total absence of UI means some views look like hand-painted postcards. There’s plenty of environmental diversity, too, particularly as we head inland: indigenous idols are juxtaposed with colossal basalt formations that don’t seem entirely of this world, while fantastical late-game sequences create dreamlike imagery from everyday surroundings. It’s only a pity we can’t admire all this without being told how to feel.…

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turn and face the strange

A change, it’s often said, can do you good. Tempting though it may be to stay within our comfort zone, it undoubtedly benefits us to embrace new challenges. Accepting change is, after all, how we learn and grow; it makes us more adaptable; it allows us to re-evaluate what’s important to us; it provides us with new opportunities and experiences. In short, change makes our lives more interesting. As this month’s Hype crop proves, the same applies to games. (If it didn’t, we’d all still be playing Spacewar! – and with all due respect to Steve Russell, no one wants that.) The curious canines of Wobbledogs cocoon themselves when it’s time for a change, emerging with anything from a different-coloured body to more legs: the result of each metamorphosis is determined…

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the edge awards

A year unlike any we’ve experienced – and hopefully will ever experience again – all but demands a fresh approach to handing out awards. The idea came as we gathered together for our annual argument, this time via video conference, to thrash out a top ten. With tempers naturally a little frayed, picking out an order resulted in even more heated debate than usual. Then came a moment of exasperation followed immediately by a sudden, collective epiphany. It is a minor miracle that anything came out this year. To attempt to rank anything under such circumstances felt, well, a little uncharitable. We settled on a new way of doing things. This will – we hope – be a one-off (though if you feel differently, do let us know). But for 2020…