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Entrepreneur Magazine South Africa May 2018

Entrepreneur Magazine South Africa is an award-winning publication that offers easy to implement, powerful tactics, new ideas, expert advice and inspirational stories about entrepreneurs who are taking their businesses to the next level.

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who is the leader in your organisation?

MANY FOUNDERS, CEOs and MDs think of themselves as the ‘leaders’ of their organisations. Truly great organisations however, understand that power lies within many leaders across the company. As Chris Zook and James Allen explain in their book, The Founder’s Mentality, a company of insurgents is a powerful thing. Michael Dell concurred when he talked about reviving Dell: “I want to create the conditions of the largest start-up in the world.” How? By empowering leaders across the organisation. There might only be one founder or one CEO, but that doesn’t mean there should only be one leader. Zook and Allen present the founder’s mentality as the foundation of success. It’s the mindset that allows businesses to adapt and thrive. Their core belief is that to win consistently outside the business, you must…

4 min.
building your resilience

“You can control your actions, reactions and perceptions of the challenges you face. Meaning essentially, that you can control yourself and your efforts. Do this with excellence and you will automatically influence the people around you and the situations you find yourself in.” On Monday you wake up ready to take on the world. You’re focused, determined and business is doing well. Tuesday feels like you’re invincible and things could not be going any better. Wednesday, your world collapses. You doubt your ability to deliver to your clients. You wonder whether you should still pursue the same business. You think that quitting at this stage is easier than dealing with the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. And you are dramatically reminded that entrepreneurship is hard. Mix in human nature and it becomes borderline…

2 min.
the constant pursuit of excellence

“Composition is important, light is everything.” In the fascinating short film Chasing Light with Panerai, Jason M. Peterson describes his search for the perfect shot, wearing the Luminor Due 3 Days Automatic (PAM674) on his wrist. One million followers savour Jason M. Peterson’s stunning black and white photography on his Instagram account. His love for what is classic and timeless and his obsessive attention to small details dovetail perfectly with Panerai’s brand values and aesthetics. His fascination for Light made him choose Luminor Due. LUMINOR DUE 3 DAYS AUTOMATIC ACCIAIO 45MM PAM00674 Originally created to be used deep underwater, Panerai watches are known for their unparalleled legibility and luminosity in the dark. Inspired by the constant pursuit of Innovation, Panerai reduces the thickness of one of its legendary watches, the Luminor 1950, while leaving…

8 min.
master of storms

“In everything we do, across the organisation, we ask this question: Is it the best? That’s our value proposition. Without it, we don’t have a clear direction for everyone to follow.” PLAYER: Trevor Hill POSITION: Head of Audi South Africa VISIT: www.audi.co.za Some of the biggest brands in the world are well-known for keeping things lean. Amazon is a prime example, where even Amazon-branded employee backpacks are reused. Many bloated organisations learnt the hard way in 2008 that if you aren’t efficient and focused on the bottom-line, you’ll struggle to survive in competitive and volatile environments. On the other hand, businesses that were already lean and flexible not only survived the recession — many of them actually thrived, mainly because they were far better equipped to handle new economic realities than their competitors. According to…

4 min.
saving time when you need it most

NO TWO INDUSTRIES are alike. Each sector faces its own unique challenges, and businesses within those sectors have specific KPIs they need to deliver on. For businesses in the emergency medical services sector, time is of the essence. Seconds can mean the difference between life and death. For a company like Redicure EMS, how quickly an ambulance can reach the scene of a medical emergency is at the very heart of its value proposition. “Every day we have another chance to save a life,” says Rosert Manamela, an emergency care practitioner at Redicure. “But to do that, we need to be able to get to the scene on time.” Racing the clock Redicure has a strict policy that all ambulance drivers stick to the rules of the road at all times. “We have…

12 min.
the challenges of growing a business — and how to meet them

“The top performing investment managers did not get to where they are today in 24 months. I cannot magically make the business a decade old. What I can do is use our expertise to build it. PLAYER: Mduduzi Luthuli COMPANY: Luthuli Capital EST: 2016 VISIT: luthulicapital.com KEY INSIGHTS The art of pivoting Pivoting means giving yourself a chance to make adjustments in the course of building the business before you run out of money, and it can be a great opportunity for enabling further growth. Independant, not alone Independence doesn’t necessarily mean working alone, as these successful entrepreneurs have shown. They are able to do whatever needs to be done to make the venture successful. Relationship matters These entrepreneurs have realised that it’s the people around them who can help them the most and they build relationships with those who can…