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Esquire April 2015

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there are two kinds of men...

... The first is the kind you can have. His name is James or Ryan. You call him at ten, after a date, and he'll meet you at a place that serves food late where you order beef tar-tare with a rye crisp that he will watch you eat. You'll have red wine and the sediment will dry in the cracks of your lips, but you won't be bothered about it. You drank white on the date that ended at 9:45, your lipstick never faltered, and when you laughed, you laughed like yoi were on film. The other is the kind you cannot have. His name is different every time. He could be the name of a city or a state. It could be David. He's tall but not as tall…

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the lives of women

Over the last several months—probably since the Ray Rice video was released in September—I don’t think we as a culture have talked about any subject as much as we’ve talked about the state of relations between men and women. Whether it was President Obama announcing a campus sexual-assault awareness campaign. Or the Rolling Stone blockbuster that seemed to prove his point. Or the amazing follow up journalism in The Washington Post and on Slate that debunked the story and offered perspective on the “college-sexual as sault crisis.” Or the allegations at Florida State. Or the convictions at Vanderbilt. Or Bill Cosby’s many accusers. Especially Cosby. All we’ve been talking about for the last few months is the state of men and women. The state of men abusing women. Like many men,…

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don’t get dressed without it

THE BIG BLACK BOOK SPRING/SUMMER EDITION 2015 Just in time for spring and summer, The Big Black Book is back with an all-new issue of expert style advice, how-to instruction, and trusted recommendations for looking and feeling your absolute best. ORDER NOW AND SAVE 25%* ORDER ONLINE: BBB.ESQUIRE.COM OR CALL TOLL FREE: 1-800-888-3579 THE GOODS Work suits, swim suits, summer sneakers, superior travel gear, luxury watches, lightweight coats, lightweight luggage, and tequila that tastes mighty, mighty fine. THE DESTINATIONS Where to eat in Jamaica, drink in Paris, surf in Fiji, stay in Dubai, and shop in London. Plus: one really simple way to impress a woman in New York City. THE KNOWLEDGE The rules of road trips, the art of packing, the science of staycation, and The Big Black Book’s first-ever roundup of the best bars in the world. *when you pre-order…

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the profile

Man at His Best Of the Americans who have heard of beloved British star James Corden, I’d say roughly a third are fans of his sharp, sweet sitcom, Gavin & Stacey, another few saw him in The History Boys, a bunch know him as the Baker from the film adaptation of Stephen Sondheim’s Into the Woods, a handful are devotees of his Hulu action-comedy series, The Wrong Mans, and one is CBS president Les Moonves, who loved Corden’s Tony Award– winning performance in One Man, Two Guvnors so much that he made him the new host of The Late Late Show. Another is David Letterman, who, apparently annoyed about a perceived delay in the start of that show, appeared on its interim version and gruffly suggested that maybe there was a…

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mind turning the music off?

MaHB We must draw the line at Billy Corgan. But it’d be okay too if your point of demarcation was Kid Rock. It’s always been a little inane, but also fun, to argue about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. On the one hand, it’s one of modern pop culture’s silliest and most sycophantic enterprises. Since its premise is based on weighing the unquantifiable, it tends to celebrate the industry of music better than it does the artistry that fuels it. Yet it’s the ultimate playlist— only it features definitive artists instead of songs. And it’s important that Professor Longhair and King Curtis have been immortalized by the same institution that recognized the Beatles and Jimi Hendrix. As a bonus, it comes with a ceremony designed for completely manufactured but undeniably…

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the follow-up: clay aiken

MaHB Our November politics coverage featured a profile of the singer turned candidate during his North Carolina congressional race. We checked in with Aiken before the April 7 premiere of his docuseries, The Runner-Up, on the Esquire Network. ESQUIRE: You had to change perceptions about why you were running. How did you convince people you were genuine? CLAY AIKEN: It’s much easier just to put someone in a very easily definable box. And since I was on a show that was so widely watched and so many people saw me specifically as a 24-year-old who sings, it’s tough to get people to not see you that way. I found that the easiest way to do that is to actually be in front of people and speak to them one-onone about why I was…