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Esquire April 2016

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what’s it worth to you?

IT TAKES A LOT OF MONEY to be poor. I never knew that until I lost my job. Lights, phone, water, heat—the bills keep coming. Snag an interview and it’s miles away, so factor in a car note. The landlord keeps knocking. That rainy-day fund you spent years assembling washes away in months and suddenly you’re headed downhill with no brakes.I’d never sniffed wealthy, but I’d always been flush. At seventeen I was bringing home more money than my old man, hanging boxcar doors at an N & W repair yard overlooking the Cuyahoga River, the junior partner by two decades in a firm populated by former members of the Wild Bunch. Most of my contemporaries were wearing paper hats and being told to hold the pickles. I had a…

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wanna bet?

(PHOTOGRAPH BY TAGHI NADERZAD)In March 2010, Tiger Woods announced that he would return to golf after his selfimposed period of penance following his marital difficulties, and that he would do so at the Masters. The night after he made that announcement, I made a wager with a friend that Woods would never win another of golf ’s four major tournaments—$1,000 a year for as long as he competed.That turned out well.I would make a similar wager that there will never be driverless cars in the way that Google and Tesla imagine them—totally independent of human intercession and capable of going anywhere.I realize that I am in the minority. From the breathless coverage that automation receives, one gets the impression that it’s right around the corner. Excuse me, but bullshit. (See…

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the esq&a: keegan-michael key and jordan peele

Early dinner, Saturday. The Musso & Frank Grill in Los Angeles.STACEY WOODS: Tell me about all of the kitty cats in your new film, Keanu.JORDAN PEELE: The kitty cats. We had a lot of kitty cats. There were two phases of kittens that were all Keanu, and two groups within the phases.SW: Were they related? Were they brothers and sisters?KEEGAN-MICHAEL KEY: They gave us two separate litters from the same mom.SW: Was she a breeder?JP: We were just knocking her up left and right.KK: Boosh. Boosh. Boosh. Boosh.JP: She was a sex slave for Keanu.KK: This poor used and turned-out cat.SW: Where is she now?KK: She’s back on the streets—we tossed her back out there.JP: Chewed her up, tossed her out—now she’s on Hollywood Boulevard.KK: Rode her hard, left her…

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the dossier: keegan-michael key and jordan peele

VALET 1 [KEY]: Liam Neesons. Is. My. Shiz. Nit! But you know who I like as much as Neesons? VALET 2 [PEELE]: Pfff. As much as Neesons? Who? VALET 1: Bruce Willy.Dates of birth: March 22, 1971, and February 21, 1979Which make them: 45 and 37Hometowns: Detroit and New YorkWhere Key was: Adopted by a white woman and a black man.After being: Born to a white woman and a black man.And only later learned: About his six biological siblings.Including: His late half brother, the renowned comicbook writer Dwayne McDuffie.Meanwhile, Peele was: Raised by his white mother.Which all goes toward explaining why: They considered naming their show Beige.Education (Key): A BFA at University of Detroit Mercy and an MFA at Penn State University in theater.Education (Peele): An incomplete BA at Sarah…

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what esquire is . . . listening to

Marjorie Eliot is an old, frail woman. Her apartment is shabby and unair-conditioned. And it’s there she’ll give you just about the best musical experience of your life. Eliot is a serious jazz artist, with sidemen who range in experience from students to kick-ass players. But the real beauty is the feeling in the room at Parlor Jazz. When Eliot sits at the piano, it’s like a magic trick—if you took the subway over to 118th Street, Charlie Parker would still be playing at Minton’s. The room has that feeling that music is the thing we share that heals us, and Eliot’s age and frailty drive the message home. The whole experience fills you with gratitude. When you walk out of that once grand Harlem apartment—the same building where Count…

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the esquire survival guide: the worst things on earth

Further Instruction: Cactus-Spine RemovalTreat single long spines like splinters. Handle cholla (bunches of spines; see photo below) with something like a comb—not your hand—as Hunter McIntyre describes below. And remove glochids (clusters of shorter spine tufts) with a tweezer; then soak gauze in white glue, let it dry on your skin, and rip it off (tape is less effective).AN ARCTIC STORMWhere: Sisimiut, GreenlandWhat: Arctic Circle crosscountry-ski race.I lied on my application: I’d never done any cross-country skiing. Everyone else had these world-class outfits, and I showed up in sweatpants and a windbreaker. I was feeling great when, out of nowhere, an arctic storm came in—within 15 minutes, it dropped at least 40 degrees. I was hours away from help and convinced I was going to die. So I started chanting…