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Esquire December 2015

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Sometimes reporting fails us. Sometimes reporting—journalism—is the search for an essential truth that remains infinitely elusive. Journalism can come up short because of a lack of evidence, or because of the hostility of those who know, or because secrets are buried, or because even those involved aren’t certain what really happened or why. And still we need to know. Especially when an atrocity happens—and even more so when the same atrocity happens again and again. It is simply not enough that these tragedies remain “unfathomable.” Nothing fills me with more despair than the parade of mass shootings that have only accelerated in frequency since Columbine in the spring of 1999. Since then, this magazine has made attempts to respond to them and understand their causes, and I have to say that we…

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the esq&a

SCOTT RAAB: As a Boston sports fan and a man of science, do you find it disturbing that the Patriots have to cheat in order to win a Super Bowl? ERNEST MONIZ: As the judge ruled, there was no convincing evidence of that. And I was there at that game. I was on the sidelines, even, and I saw no evidence of any doctoring of the footballs. SR: That’s the only question I have. . . . EM: Okay, excellent. SR: No, it’s actually not the only question. EM: I could tell you about my first-pitch delivery [at Fenway Park on April 22, 2014]. SR: How did it feel? EM: The important thing is that I did a full Luis Tiant delivery. SR: With the hesitation? EM: One-hundred-eightydegree rotation, a look to God, spin around three quarters, throw a…

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esquire, now with sound

A couple months ago, we introduced you to Esquire Classic, our complete digital archive of every issue and article from 1933 to today. Now, with our partner PRX (which runs Radiotopia, This American Life, The Moth Radio Hour, and other amazing radio programs), we have a new podcast to go with it. Every two weeks, our host, David Brancaccio (whose main gig is public radio’s Marketplace), invites a guest—a writer, comedian, actor, historian—to discuss a famous story from Esquire’s vault and explore its lasting relevance and impact. It’s entertaining as hell, and totally free. Read a few excerpts from stories featured on the podcast below, then go to iTunes or classic.esquire.com/podcast to subscribe. Or better yet, Shazam the photo above. Frank Sinatra Has a Cold BY GAY TALESE Sinatra with a cold is Picasso…

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funny* joke from a beautiful woman

A MAN WALKS INTO a lawyer’s office and says, “Excuse me, what’s your rate?” The lawyer says, “Fifty dollars for three questions.” The man is shocked. “Isn’t that a little steep?” “Yes,” says the lawyer. “What’s your third question?” Shazam this photo to see Karla tell you this joke herself. ABOUT THE JOKESTER: You may have missed it, but Karla Souza has already been on the cover of Esquire. Well, the Mexican edition of Esquire. The 29-year-old is a star in her native country, having appeared in the two highest-grossing Mexican films in history, 2013’s We Are the Nobles and Instructions Not Included. So how did she capitalize on her record-breaking movie career? By scrapping it. “I felt it was time for a new challenge, to start from zero,” she says. Just…

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the “trans” trend: an assessment

Loathing and fascination run side by side in the currents of American sexuality, which is why to be transgender in America right now is to be threatened and worshipped at the same time. The U.S. Department of Justice, not an institution prone to exaggeration, described the level of sexual violence faced by trans people as “shockingly high.” Half of them will be the victims of such violence, and hate crimes against transgender men and women rose by 13 percent last year. Transphobia is brutal and spreading; its spread has been accompanied by sweeping cultural transphilia. There is the Oscar-worthy performance of Eddie Redmayne in The Danish Girl; About Ray, a domestic drama about a New York family dealing with an adolescent daughter mid-transition; and season two of Transparent on Amazon.…

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the transparent guide to parenting

I watched the whole first season of Transparent (season two premieres on Amazon December 4) without giving its title a second thought. I plodded along, one episode to the next, thinking it was an expertly crafted sociology lesson about gender transition. The title had to do with seeing, I figured, with being seen at last. It seemed fairly obvious. Transparent. Problem is, I missed the pun. Transparent. Trans-parent. This isn’t so much a show about gender transitioning. Transparent is a show about parenting. It’s a show about being a father, a mother, a “moppa” named Maura and played by Jeffrey Tambor, to a troika of beautiful, insanely selfabsorbed adult offspring. About getting on with your life while you’re still mothering/fathering— in this case, parenting a rich housewife whose children seem to conveniently…