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Esquire February 2017

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get into gear

Overheard “Listen. Because we don’t. We don’t even listen to ourselves.” —Pharrell Williams There are many things wrong with New Year’s resolutions, but the most glaring fault is that they’re totally backward. They start with the answer to your new year before that year has even begun. Resolutions are just a list of objectives. End points. Outcomes. Example: If I accomplish the following, 2017 will have been a good year: • losing 12 pounds; • receiving a promotion that entails at least an 11 percent raise; • learning conversational Spanish before my trip to Cabo; • journaling regularly (again). And there you are: The year is all wrapped up and ready to go. No questions. No mystery. Just stark, non-negotiable answers. It’s like a sales quota: Hit the numbers and you’re a star. Miss and you’re a loser.…

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a note from the editor

HAPPY HUNGER GAMES S I WRITE THIS ON A PLANE headed to Los Angeles for one last piece of business before the holidays, outside my window I can see that part of the country that has, postelection, regressed in the collective mind of the coastal establishment to what it once was—a wilderness of the unenlightened. Having been born about a thousand miles from our port side, in Texas, I’ve had a hard time squaring such a simplistic conclusion with the place and people I know. There were times growing up in the Lone Star State when I encountered a reverse snobbery—that of the proud lumpenprole, ready to attack anyone who pricks his insecurity. An outsider on the inside, I have spent the past twenty-five years under suspicion by both camps: To…

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Jeff Gordinier AUTHOR OF “MAKE AMERICA HAPPY AGAIN,” Credentials: Former staff writer at The New York Times; author of X Saves the World and the forthcoming Hunger, about chef René Redzepi. On his Impossible List: “Finding the most secretive, revered, delicious spot in Japan and somehow getting a seat at it.” Greatest virtue: Emailing poems to friends. Greatest vice: Loving Wang Chung’s “Dance Hall Days.” Tim Weiner AUTHOR OF “THE BIG BUST,” Credentials: Former national-security correspondent at The New York Times; winner of a National Book Award; author of Enemies: A History of the FBI.On his Impossible List: “To return to countries destroyed by war and see them as they were before their destruction.” Greatest virtue: Knowing what he wanted to be from the time he was eighteen. Greatest vice: “Smoking. I’m down to three a day,…

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the 18th annual alternative oscars

WE LAUGHED, we cried, we cried again. And somehow we also found time to watch a bunch of movies. Hollywood, ahead of the culture as always, took bold stands against slavery and the bombing of sporting events and for interracial marriage and successful emergency landings while proving the trolls wrong once and for all: Women, we now know, are just as capable of making mediocre reboots as men. There were disaster epics and epic disasters, Angry Birds and Bad Moms, superheroes throwing citydestroying tantrums and white people dancing in the streets. Here we honor the best—and the most—from the year in cinema, such as it was. Best Supporting GARMENT Harley Quinn’s hot pants, Suicide Squad Best QUESTION, PERIOD “Why have you let me film this?” Filmmaker Josh Kriegman, Weiner Best Performance by ANNA…

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the valentine’s day wine survival guide

IF A CERTAIN second Tuesday in February rolls around and you find yourself in one of the following situations, two sommeliers from Esquire Network’s Uncorked (stream it at tv.esquire.com) offer some notes on which bottles to buy. —TYLER CONFOY TRYING TO MAKE AN IMPRESSION Passopisciaro 2014 Passorosso Terre Siciliane, $40 “You could talk about how it comes from super-old vineyards on a volcano and goes with a wide variety of foods.” —Jack Mason, Pappas Bros. Steakhouse, Houston STAYING IN WITH YOUR WEIRD ROOMMATE Turley 2014 Juvenile California Zinfandel, $23 “California zins are among the highest-alcohol wines. This one’s 15.5 percent ABV, so that will help.” —J.M. GOING ON A BLIND DATE Jean-Claude Lapalu 2015 Brouilly Vieilles Vignes, $28 “The most versatile wine— with both food and people—is a light-bodied red wine.” —Jane Lopes, Eleven Madison Park,…

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enter sampha

SAMPHA’S MUSIC often boils down to the sound of his voice: a big and tremulous exhaling, often sliding up into a falsetto, over rich keyboard chords. Born to a Sierra Leonean family in London, he has served as a producer, a guest singer, and a kind of moral compass in songs by Kanye West, Drake, and Solange, and he has put out a couple EPs of his own. But until now he’s avoided making a grand statement, clearly by design. During a recent conversation at a café in Brooklyn, a few nights after his first gig in New York, Sampha told me that he’s had to work to think of himself as a singer and as a collaborator; in his head, he’s still a keyboardist and a producer making tracks alone.…