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Esquire May 2017

Esquire is a funny, informative, connected magazine that covers the interests of American men—all the interests of the American man: Politics, style, advice, women, health, eating and drinking, the most interesting people of our time. All that and it’s the most-honored monthly magazine in history.

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this way in

THE INSPIRATIONA WARM FRONT From the Esquire archives, 1977: Lauren Hutton is shooting a movie in Los Angeles, Welcome to L.A., in which she costars with Harvey Keitel and plays a photographer whose specialty is making abstract pictures of corners. Ed Ruscha finds himself hanging out on the set. He decides to take some shots of Hutton in and around the Chateau Marmont. And why not? Shooting Hutton is a nice break from taking photographs of gas stations. (Google it, if you have to ask: Ruscha + gas stations.) THE WOVEN ONEA GOOD MOVE THIS SPRING Sandals aren’t for everyone, especially when there’s no sand in sight. (Or if you agree with us that what the world needs more of is fewer exposed toes.) This slip-on, made of superflexible (and well-ventilated) woven calfskin,…

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Stephanie Mannatt Danler Author of “That First Warm Day,” page 78 Credentials: Author of the bestselling novel Sweetbitter. Firstwarm- day plans: Lying outside with a blanket, a book, and a bottle of rosé. Theme song: “Lived in Bars,” by Cat Power. Top road-trip destination: “Puerto Nuevo in Baja California, where they serve huge grilled lobsters right on the water.” Alexei Hay Photographer of “Mad Man,” page 70 Credentials: His work has appeared in Elle, Town & Country, and Numéro Homme. On shooting Javier Bardem: “He showed us many different faces, but he withheld his ‘Disney Face.’ ” Theme song: “I’m In with the Out Crowd,” by the Jesus and Mary Chain. Top road-trip destination: The Alamo. Adam Grant Author of “Mark Cuban Gets Loud,” page 64 Credentials: Author of two best sellers and coauthor of Option…

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call it, friendo

With just a glance at this month’s cover, any guy worth his monthly subscription to Netflix should be able to name the movie in which the following scene takes place. “What’s the most you’ve ever lost in a coin toss?” says a customer with a peculiar haircut to an old man behind a cash register. “Sir?” says the friendly man, who owns the place, a gas station somewhere in West Texas. “The most you’ve ever lost in a coin toss?” repeats the customer, who murders anyone who crosses his path. “I don’t know,” says the owner, a little alarmed. “I couldn’t say.” The stranger flips a quarter into the air, trapping it beneath his right hand on the counter. “Call it,” he orders. “Call it?” “Yes,” says the man, flashing his impatience. “Or—what?” “Just call it!” The old man takes…

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kevin bacon is not a dick

The Big Bite A Cultural Guide to Just Enough of Everything Kevin Bacon had some reservations when he was initially offered the titular role on Amazon’s I Love Dick. When we first encounter the character, he’s dismounting a horse on a main street in Marfa, the small Texas town turned artist mecca. He exudes effortless Marlboro Man cool in his plaid shirt and cowboy hat. Dick is a Man-with-a-capital-M: laconic, tough, alternately dismissive and piercing. But Bacon refuses to be one-dimensional. “If I’m just an asshole in cowboy boots,” he says, “there’s nothing for me to do.” The new series from Transparent creator Jill Soloway (streaming May 12) stars Kathryn Hahn as Chris, a struggling filmmaker who follows her husband (Griffin Dunne) to his prestigious fellowship in Marfa and becomes obsessed with Dick…

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release the beast

We’ll talk about speed. But first, let’s hit the brakes. There is a road in Tennessee called the Tail of the Dragon. With its 318 turns over 11 miles of Smoky Mountains, the name is not hyperbolic. If you are traversing it with aplomb, as you should this fever dream for drivers of cars as amped-up as the 471-hp Lexus LC 500 (of which I’m white-knuckling the beefy leather wheel), you need to brake as manically as you accelerate. And when you do: buh-WHOOM! buh-WHOOM! The automatic downshifting in the Sport Plus mode of this Alcantara-clad sledgehammer occurs with such bassy orchestration it would make Wagner blush. Make no mistake: Going fast is a visceral experience, too. An ingenious acoustic tunnel pumps the purrs of the silky 5.0-liter V-8 directly into…

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elisabeth moss’s mad world

PROFANE AND PROFOUND Moss isn’t afraid to tackle difficult subject matter onscreen, but in real life she’s quick to laugh (and swears like a sailor). On November 9, while you were nursing your Election Day hangover, Elisabeth Moss was up at 6:00 a.m. to shoot an episode of The Handmaid’s Tale, Hulu’s dystopian—and eerily prescient— fable of patriarchy run rampant, and one of the most anticipated TV events of the year. “Obviously, it was a unique experience going to work a few hours after . . . certain events happened,” the 34-year-old actress says. “I don’t necessarily want to call it a good one.” Based on Margaret Atwood’s seminal 1985 best seller, the series introduces a United States that’s been seized by religious authoritarians who use a staged terrorist attack to impose…