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Esquire May 2018

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No one can knock the utility of a backpack, but unless it’s done very, very well, it can feel about as juvenile as a backward ball cap and some Big League Chew. Dior’s Kris Van Assche smartly elevates this versatile standard: starting out with a basic nylon form and then superimposing the dark, enigmatic work of French artist François Bard. The painter, who portrays contemporary subjects in layers of oil and glaze, has put his pieces on Dior shirts and skateboards as well. But it’s the pack that makes the strongest statement. A statement like “Sure, I’ve got some stuff to schlep around, but I also know how to pronounce chiaroscuro.”…

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An ATM is a vending machine for cash, paper currency that can be used to buy goods and services when you run out of Amazon gift cards. It stands for “automated teller machine,” teller being the old Dutch word for “a person whose job is to tell you your account is overdrawn.” ATM machines, as they are incorrectly called, are located in banks—financial institutions where you and the boys are going to do one last job before retiring to an honest, humble life in Mexico—but they may also be found in bodegas or in Charles Koch’s bathroom. The first ATMs appeared at Woodstock in 1969 and dispensed bandannas, cigarettes, and feral kittens, which were once considered acceptable payments for weed at 2:00 a.m. Today, they typically dispense $20 bills, the…

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mapping it out

Until the Solo trailer dropped during the Super Bowl, you might not have heard of Alden Ehrenreich. But he’s a guy who embraces what Esquire’s about, hustling since he was a teenager to get where he wanted to go. Elsewhere in this magazine, you’ll find others who have used integrity and hard work to get to the top of their game, whether it’s Westworld’s cocreators, with their top-class world-building chops, or writer Lewis Samuels and his journey to meet a surfing god rethinking his sport. Maybe you’ll put down the issue with an idea of where you’re heading, too. “YOU CAN CONTROL YOUR DECISION TO SAY YES, AND YOU CAN CONTROL YOUR OWN WORK, THE WORK YOU PUT INTO IT. AND YOU CAN CONTROL HOW YOU TREAT PEOPLE. AND THAT’S ABOUT…

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gun fever

I grew up in Texas, where people assume everyone owns a gun. That’s not true, but my family did. My grandfather on my dad’s side collected them. I have photographs of the house my dad grew up in, its large sitting room artfully covered with firearms of all kinds, many of historical significance: a Hawken rifle, the muzzle-loader every wagon master took west; a Walker-model Colt, the revolver that ended the empire of the Comanches; and an M1917 Enfield, the .30-caliber rifle my twenty-one-year-old grandfather likely carried as a corporal who followed Pershing into the Argonne Forest. I never knew him—he died before I was born—but mementos from his collection kept his memory alive during my childhood in San Antonio, and one of his suave shotguns leans in the cellar…

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best cup ever

All the U.S. men’s soccer team needed to qualify for this year’s World Cup was a lousy, stinking draw against the 99th-ranked team in the world, Trinidad and Tobago, to avoid the ignominy of watching the tournament on the couch. The job of preserving our nation’s last shred of soccer dignity was left to smirking retread Bruce Arena, who hadn’t managed the USMNT since 2006, when Christian Pulisic, the only American player worth a damn, was seven years old. But who needs dignity? Thousands of passionate fans traveled hither and yon chanting “I Believe That We Will Win,” only to watch their team play with an unearned bravado not seen since Anthony Scaramucci was red-carded from the White House. Maybe next time we should just play Trinidad or Tobago—but not both. But…

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comic boom

A thug on a motorcycle gets a wedgie. A man’s face is smashed into a crotch. But the funniest aspect in Deadpool’s bullet-time opening sequence might be the credit for the writers: “The Real Heroes Here.” When Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese received a Writers Guild Award nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay in 2017, critics did a collective spit-take. (Past winners include the writers of Brokeback Mountain and Schindler’s List.) But look beyond the pull-my-finger humor; Deadpool is a thinking-man’s superhero movie with fourth-wall breaks, deep cultural references, and the nonlinear structure of an art-house film. It became the second-highest-grossing R-rated movie of all time and garnered a Golden Globe nod for Best Picture—Musical or Comedy, helping to usher in the era of smart, no-holds-barred comic adaptations like Logan and funny…