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Esquire November 2017

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Why are we so obsessed with Vikings? Is it the license to pillage? The epic beards? From Wagner’s operas to the History channel’s sweeping series, they’ve got our attention in a chain-mailed grip. Olivier Creed, head perfumer of the 300-plus-year-old fragrance house that shares his name, understands the appeal. In the seven years since the release of Creed’s best-selling Aventus, he’s been crafting Viking, a woody, masculine scent inspired by those conquerors of the frozen north. It’s a rich mix of Sicilian lemon, Bulgarian rose, and Indian sandalwood—almost like a ship’s hold packed with cargo from distant shores. So, you know, a whole lot better than any actual Viking ever smelled. $495;…

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A BRIEF MONTHLY EXPANSION ON A TOPIC ALLUDED TO ELSEWHERE IN THE ISSUE (SEE PAGE 80) Sleep refers to the daily period of rest and unconsciousness during which humans recharge their phones. It occurs naturally at night when the hormone melatonin is released into the brain, and during the day at mandatory company-wide meetings. Researchers are unsure why we need to sleep, because researchers apparently haven’t read the goddamn news in the last 24 hours. Most people average just under seven hours of sleep a night. Too little sleep can lead to chronic insomnia or various other disorders, while oversleeping can lead to accidentally leaving your son Kevin home alone to deal with burglars on Christmas Eve. Most people sleep on a bed, which is whatever piece of furniture you pass out…

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american high

This issue of Esquire is studded, as usual, with great reading, whether you’re looking for a quick hit of fun (what happens when your Movember mustache becomes the most important thing in your life, cartoonist Farley Katz asks?); provocative inspiration (Bryan Cranston’s midlife climb to the top, as told by Jessica Pressler); or a more sustained piece of coruscating writing (does one need to say more than Martin Amis on Donald J. Trump?). We edit each issue thinking about the schizophrenic pace of our digital-age lives and how, when you need a refuge of true intelligence, this nonpareil assemblage of images and words on paper can be like no other companion. At Esquire, we are committed to stories that give context to our times. Take Christopher Glazek’s investigation of the Sackler…

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space cowboy

A Cultural Guide to Just Enough of Everything Scott Kelly is not the first man to leave Earth’s atmosphere, but he is the first to wear a gorilla suit in space. If that weren’t enough, in March 2016 he earned the distinction of having spent 340 consecutive days aboard the International Space Station—besting the previous American record by 125 days. “I’m not the guy who saw the moon landing in 1969 and decided then and there to be an astronaut. I didn’t get straight A’s and become an Eagle Scout,” Kelly says. “I’m a below-average guy that’s done a slightly aboveaverage job.” As chronicled in his unflinching new memoir, Endurance, Kelly, 53, was a terrible student growing up. More interested in playing hooky than studying, he graduated in the bottom half of his…

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the new nba lexicon

THE PROCESS Joel Embiid’s call for fans to trust in the Philadelphia 76ers’ never-ending rebuild. Torn menisci? Building losing teams in a ploy for top draft picks? It’s all part of The Process. UNICORN Giants like Giannis Antetokounmpo and Kristaps Porzingis who can run, pass, and shoot just as well as guards. “SPEAK IT INTO EXISTENCE” LaVar Ball’s refrain for his belief that whatever comes out of his mouth will come true for his sons. The Lakers will draft Lonzo to be their starting point guard? Done. A $500 signature shoe for him? Sure. Beating Michael Jordan in a one-on-one duel? We’re still waiting. “TAKE THAT FOR DATA!” The phrase Memphis Grizzlies coach David Fizdale used to cap a stats-filled postgame rant last season about poor officiating. It was like a mic drop for mathletes. “HESI PULL-UP JIMBO” From…

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the great oz

A man is branded with a swastika. Another is euthanized in bed with a hand over his nose and mouth. A third is sprayed with lighter fluid and set aflame. And that’s just in the first episode. Two decades on, it’s clear that the 1997 premiere of Oz was the Big Bang of Great TV. An HBO ensemble drama set inside the Oswald correctional facility, Oz redefined what you could do on non-network television—pretty much anything, it turned out—while fearlessly probing the unexplored tensions in American life. Without it, there would be no Sopranos, no Breaking Bad, no Walking Dead, no Game of Thrones. Several key cast members join creator Tom Fontana to reflect on the show’s enduring impact. Tom Fontana: We were really in uncharted territory, because HBO had never done…