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Esquire October 2017

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the esquire collective

This month, we’re catching up with select members—from the fashion set to the f itness world—to f ind out what def ines their sense of style. GREGORY TINARI @menstyleguide “I try to bring a creative approach to my personal style—and I get inspired by what’s happening in menswear season to season.” TOMMY LEI @mybelonging “My sense of style is defined by my love of global travel—from high-fashion menswear to five-star hotels, I’m drawn to the details.” JOSEY GREENWELL @joseygreenwell “My number one rule for both my style and fitness is to keep it simple: back to basics.” + MORE / GO TOESQUIRE.COM/COLLECTIVE…

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what your garage dreams about

1 CAR FOR THE FAMILY, 1 CAR FOR YOU Car-guy question: What is the perfect pair of new cars? No budget, but you do need one practical ride. Pick 1: the Porsche Panamera Turbo Sport Turismo (aka the Porsche station wagon), because nothing combines utility, speed, agility, and style better. Costco by day, clubbing by night. Pick 2: the Audi R8 Spyder. It’s the most dignified trophy roadster out there today. Maybe it’s the Bauhaus design, or the melodious V-10, but it brings joy to onlookers rather than class rage. So you won’t feel like that guy in the $178,000 sports car. For more of our favorite cars of the year, head to page 65. A BRIEF MONTHLY EXPANSION ON A TOPIC EXPLORED ELSEWHERE IN THE ISSUE (SEE PAGE 114) The neutrality of…

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Before I get to the point, I’d like to defer to a passage from The Moviegoer, the great Walker Percy novel about Binx Bolling, a twenty-nine-year-old New Orleans stockbroker who gives the Heisman to a chronic case of existential ennui by chasing women and going to the movie theater. Binx is an otherwise solitary guy, except for the evening here or there he spends with his landlady, Mrs. Schexnaydre. At one point in the book, he tells us it’s been eight years since he last had friends—“an ex-Lieutenant like me, a University of Cal man, a skinny impoverished fellow who liked poetry and roaming around the countryside” and “a mad eccentric from Valdosta, a regular young Burl Ives with beard and guitar.” Binx went on what appears to have been…

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play anything

A Cultural Guide to Just Enough of Everything There’s a startling moment in the 2014 black comedy Calvary in which Domhnall Gleeson, as a chillingly unrepentant murderer—a cannibal, no less— almost steals the film from his own father, the nevernot- magnificent Brendan Gleeson, in the lead role as a rural Irish priest. To be honest, I don’t know how he does it—he’s onscreen for only three minutes. But that’s what the great character actors do. Instead of playing uncomplicated, straight-shooting heroes, they take on the more nuanced, more ambiguous, weirder roles: the outsiders, the failures, the troubled souls. They leave the Everymen to the mainstream movie stars, with their perfect teeth and rippling biceps and year-round tans. Apart from the fair skin and coppery hair, father and son don’t look at all…

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mixed singles

It was a ridiculous premise,” director Jonathan Dayton, one half of the husband-and-wife team behind Little Miss Sunshine, says of the 1973 tennis match that inspired Battle of the Sexes, the new movie starring Emma Stone as Billie Jean King and Steve Carell as Bobby Riggs. “A 55-year-old man playing a 29-year-old woman; she’s at the height of her powers, he’s fighting to stay relevant—it’s no place to explore gender issues.” On the surface, it’s hard to argue. For the 30,000 spectators at the Houston Astrodome and the millions who watched it on television, the King– Riggs face-off was a media spectacle, pure ’70s camp. The real drama was behind the scenes: King, the budding feminist icon, was cheating on her husband with a woman, while the chauvinist Riggs was…

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new york giant

First, the obvious: He’s huge. Football huge. LeBron James huge. Aaron Judge looks like he is from the future—six-foot-seven, 282 pounds of sculpted muscle. Guys this big aren’t supposed to be great at baseball, but thanks to an obscene first-half slash line of .329/.448/.691, the 25-year-old from Linden, California, is fast becoming a legend. By the middle of the summer, his debut jersey sold for $160,644 at auction, the highest amount paid for any jersey in the four major sports over the past 15 years. The Yankees, a stardriven franchise bereft of marquee names since Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez retired, wasted no time in designating a portion of right field as “the Judge’s Chambers,” with select fans donning the traditional black robes of jurisprudence. Few saw this coming, including, perhaps,…