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Esquire Summer 2018

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sunglasses for guys who can’t commit

It takes confidence to reinvent yourself after leaving the family business the way Ferdinand “Butzi” Porsche did in 1972, when it was decided that the automotive empire would do better without too many relatives reaching for the wheel. He started Porsche Design instead, creating everything from watches to motorcycle helmets with the same streamlined style as the Porsche 911 (which he also helped conceive). Another triumph? The P’8478: the first sunglasses with interchangeable lenses, housed within swaggering aviator frames. Forty years since their debut, a limited-edition pair is being reissued with a titanium body, gold details, and five sets of lenses in various shades. To switch them in, just lift up the hinge at the bridge and slide them in place. It’s not a rear-mounted, air-cooled six-cylinder engine, but it’s a…

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The neutrality of this information is disputed. And rightfully so. Snakes are creatures that have been around for millennia yet still haven’t learned to pick up their old skins, which they leave lying all over the place. They are members of the reptile suborder Serpentes, meaning “makes a cool tattoo.” Snakes have no limbs and crawl on the ground, but they often provoke fear or hostility in people because they won’t look for the contact lenses that you dropped. Snakes are drawn to the kind of climate described in Jimmy Buffett songs because they need the warmth of the sun for body heat. But they can live anywhere, and there are even species of vipers that live above the Arctic Circle, assuming there is still an Arctic Circle. For centuries, snakes have…

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out of attica

After a twenty-six-year-old man massacred twenty-six worshippers at a small Texas church one Sunday last year, President Trump rightly spoke about how such atrocities are “a mental-health problem at the highest level.” Following the shooting at the Parkland, Florida, high school, Trump again tweeted that we need to “tackle the difficult issue of mental health.” He’s right. Setting aside ossified arguments about gun control, it is undeniable that this country faces an urgent crisis when it comes to identifying those suffering with serious mental illness who are at risk of committing violent crimes, and making sure they get the proper care. Consider this: In the United States, there are ten times as many people with a psychiatric diagnosis behind bars as there are on the outside being treated in state-run hospitals.…

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catch some brain waves

A Cultural Guide to Just Enough of Everything When it comes to pop culture these days, it’s always July. But this never-ending wave of candy content is actually a gift for brainier, meatier stuff. Summer’s probably the only time you’re able to truly unplug from work—so shouldn’t you use your long, lazy weekends to dig into the books and movies that require a long attention span? On the following pages, we’ve gathered the smartest of the season as a start. Trust us, those overbaked action flicks will still be in theaters come September.…

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anti-popcorn summer movies

Hot Summer Nights The year is 1991. But change the drive-in movie from Terminator 2 to The Poseidon Adventure or The Blob, and the arcade game from Street Fighter II to Asteroids or pinball, and Hot Summer Nights could have taken place anytime between the interstate highway system and the iPhone. It gets at the essence of the pre-digital American teenage experience. After his dad dies, Daniel (Timothée Chalamet) is sent to live with his aunt in Cape Cod, where he becomes an unlikely sidekick to the local pot dealer (Alex Roe) and falls hard for the hottest girl in town (Maika Monroe) as Hurricane Bob barrels toward them. (Out July 27.) —AshCarter Sorry to Bother You On its surface, Sorry to Bother You is about a down-and-out telemarketer (Atlanta’s Lakeith Stanfield) who becomes…

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take the plunge: summer reading

1. SHEILA HETI Author of Motherhood A few months ago, I read Garth Greenwell’s novel, What Belongs to You, which has the most beautiful prose of any contemporary novel I’ve read. 2. TOMMY ORANGE Author of There There There’s nothing out there quite like Terese Marie Mailhot’s Heart Berries. It’s heartbreaking and breathtaking in its scope, vision, and beauty. And you can read it in one sitting. 3. ANTHONY HOROWITZ Author of The Word Is Murder Kolymsky Heights, by Lionel Davidson, is one of the most gripping and extraordinary thrillers I’ve ever read, and I recommend it to all my friends. (None of them have ever complained.) 4. RICHARD RUSSO Author of The Destiny Thief For pure joy, my all-time-favorite summer book is Larry McMurtry’s Lonesome Dove. 5. LEE CHILD Author of Past Tense A friend not only recommended it but bought Jordan Harper’s…