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Esquire Winter 2018

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the reckoning

As the list of men accused of sexual harassment grows by the day, and even by the hour, Esquire is helping our readers make sense of the post-Weinstein revolution— and these times we live in. Check in for all the latest news, criticism, and commentary: esquire.com/reckoning. “HOW MANY SCENARIOS WOULD BE STOPPED IF YOU ASKED A WOMAN WHO IS UNCOMFORTABLE IF SHE’S UNCOMFORTABLE?” —“WHAT TO DO IF YOU SEE A FEMALE COWORKER BEING HARASSED,” BY KAITLIN MENZA “I DON’T PARTICULARLY CARE IF YOU CAN— OR CANNOT—SEPARATE THE art from the ARTIST....THERE’S A LOT OF ART IN THE WORLD, AND MOST OF IT IS EXPENDABLE.” —“THERE’S PLENTY OF GREAT ART IN THE WORLD,” BY TYLER COATES “AS LONG AS MEN WHO COMMIT ACTS OF SEXUAL PREDATION OR VIOLENCE SUFFER NO CONSEQUENCES, WOMEN WILL CARRY THAT WEIGHT.” —“SOME…

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A BRIEF MONTHLY EXPANSION ON A TOPIC EXPLORED ELSEWHERE IN THE ISSUE (SEE PAGE 68) Starbucks is a coffeehouse chain and one of the most recognizable American brands, along with Google, Apple, and the male sexual predator. It was founded in Seattle in 1971 and named after a character that can be found in the CliffsNotes version of Herman Melville’s novel Moby-Dick. In addition to drinks, Starbucks offers a coworking space featuring amenities like: charging stations for everyone’s phone except yours, an eclectic choice of songs from every genre of Sam Smith music, and a damn good chance that there’s an HR manager loudly conducting an interview next to you. In recent years, the chain has made an effort to sell fairtrade coffee, meaning it’s fair that employees should earn at least…

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man at his worst

For a long time, I assumed I knew what it was like to live in a man’s world. In part, of course, this is because I happen to be a man, but it’s also because two of the three magazines I’ve edited have been aimed at men. The experience has given me a sense of just how polymorphous pervs can be—raincoat exhibitionists, handsy admirers, oglers, whistlers, bullying heavy breathers. Yet I, like many others, have been shocked by the depravity revealed by the recent rolling exposé of sexual harassment. Day after day, the headlines have unmasked one sex-fiend sociopath after another, men who have casually disfigured the lives of women and buried their ugly deeds with the help of lawyers, publicists, and unsavory journalists: the brash movie mogul with eighty-one…

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mountain for one, please

You go skiing not just for the endorphin-boosting exercise and the promise of frothy microbrews near a fireplace, but for the moment of renewal achieved by standing on top of a hushed, steep-faced mountain dotted by snow-dusted birch trees that you will ultimately have to dodge in order to make it down alive. Which is why it’s such a letdown to emerge from the lodge on the kind of chilly bluebird day when your breath still hangs in the air, only to be faced with snaking lift lines and groomers jam-packed with beginners in jeans and Jets puffers. But there’s a way to reclaim that enviable solitude slopeside: Resorts across the country are figuring out how to keep crowds at bay and get solace seekers to more remote corners of…

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“it never got fast enough for me”

Hunter S. Thompson once said that if you rode a Vincent “at top speed for any length of time, you would almost certainly die.” Never one to take his own advice, the journalist had several torrid affairs with the brand over the years. His attorney, Dr. Gonzo, suggested buying a motorcycle before their famous narcotic-fueled bender chronicled in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. In 1972, Thompson made a detour from the campaign trail, hopped on a Vincent, and took a raucous road test through California. If you’re headed to the Las Vegas Motorcycle Auction on January 25, take Dr. Gonzo’s recommendation and put in a bid for the 1951 Vincent Black Lightning. Offered through Bonhams auction house, the bike is in its original running condition and broke the Australian land-speed…

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power to the podcast

The origin story for Pod Save America, one of the most popular podcasts in the country, reads like an Avengers script written by Aaron Sorkin. The villain— misinformation—has risen, say liberal pundits (and most everyone else), thanks to a new generation of radical right-wingers who’ve found massive audiences on social media. Facts no longer matter, if they ever did, to the president and those who support him. Cue the unlikely heroes: Jon Favreau, Jon Lovett, and Tommy Vietor, a crack team of precocious ex–Obama staffers who launched a podcast company called Crooked Media to fight back. “People are tired of getting their political analysis in two-minute sound bites on cable news,” says Favreau. “Podcasts allow you to have a more nuanced conversation.” Their flagship product is PSA, hosted by all three…