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Bestie Breakup

Since Kylie kicked BFF Jordyn to the curb, she’s become more isolated socially, says a source.

Free Ride

Kylie reportedly flew seven friends and daughter Stormi to Turks and Caicos on a private Kylie Skin-branded plane.

Photo Op

Kylie made it clear to guests that they were expected to post often about the trip, says a source.


Every gift Kylie gave her guests was emblazoned with her logos, says a source, who added, “They’re more billboards than friends.”

AS the saying goes, money can’t buy you love — but in Kylie Jenner’s case, it may afford you a whole new circle of friends. Since being relieved of former BFF Jordyn Woods — who moved out of Kylie’s house after a scandalous hookup with Tristan Thompson, baby daddy and former boyfriend of Kylie’s sister, Khloé Kardashian — Kylie’s spent a lot more time alone. “Kylie’s still sick to her stomach about the way Jordyn behaved toward Khloé. She hates that she lost a best friend,” the source says. But Kylie has a product to promote, her new sunscreen line Kylie Skin, and a Kardashian-Jenner launch needs an entourage. “She wanted her launch of Kylie Skin to pop,” adds the insider, “which meant she had to pull out all the stops.”

Without Jordyn as her longtime sidekick, the ever-resourceful young entrepreneur has had to generate a new crew, and fast. Kylie flew a group of seven pals, including Scott Disick’s girlfriend, Sofia Richie, to Turks and Caicos, says a source close to the 21-year-old cosmetics mogul. The women took a pink, logo-rich private jet to the lush Caribbean getaway on what was less an authentic bonding girls’ trip than a public relations opportunity for Kylie Skin, the source noted.


Though Kylie footed the bill for the glamorous trip, the source says, the vacation didn’t come without a cost to guests. “Kylie made it very clear before the trip even began that, if they wanted a free dream vacay, everyone would have to earn their keep and post pictures on Instagram at every available opportunity,” says a source. “Literally everything she gave them had her branding on it, so their job was easy—though it all felt a little forced.” The result? Lots of artfully choreographed group shots in branded swimsuits on boats and beaches.


As successful as Kylie is professionally, she’s struggled to form genuine friendships growing up in the reality TV universe of the Kardashian-Jenner family. “She hates leaving the house, so she’s always gravitated toward the one or two people who’ll stay in with her,” says a source. And post-Jordyn, Kylie’s really feeling the void in her inner circle. “When she decided to throw a huge girls’ trip to celebrate her new skincare products, she realized the invite list was short,” whispers the tipster. “Truth be told, if the invites to big events and photo shoots dried up, so would a lot of her crew. But that’s a by-product of focusing all of her time and energy on her friendship with Jordyn for all those years.”

Still, Kylie hasn’t fully recovered from having to cut ties with Jordyn after the Tristan scandal, says a source, and may not be ready to foster truly intimate new friendships. “It’s probably why she’s not too fussed if some of the new friendships she’s trying to make are a little phony,” adds the insider. “She figures if she doesn’t let people get too close, she’ll no longer get hurt.”