BARE Necessities
Strong architectural lines define this sleek industrial-rustic kitchen.

Chunky wooden ceiling beams.

Warm wooden elements – the beautiful rustic ceiling beams chief among them – give this room movement and life and provide muchneeded balance to all the slick surfaces. The beams’ rough-hewn patina adds texture, while the curvy silhouettes of the counter stools offer a place for the eye to rest.

Polished concrete floor and glossy backsplash tiles.

In a contrast to the patina of the wooden elements, some welcome glow is brought in through the concrete floor that’s buffed to a sheen and the thin horizontal tiles that give the effect of a grasscloth wallcovering. It’s an inspired choice that ties in the organic and the synthetic and speaks to the consideration for all the details here.

COZY TEXTURES AND ROMANTIC COLOURS are well and good when the goal is to soften up a space, but sometimes – when you’re given abundant natural light, an amazing view over Quebec’s Lac-Saint-Louis and a client that wants to maximize both, for instance – creating a bold modern framework is the only way to go. Architect Rita Ghoche of Ghoche Architecte and kitchen designer Karine Forget Crowdis certainly thought so when they designed this kitchen in a converted farmhouse owned by a young family of four. The pros embraced all the strong elements and hard surfaces to create a dynamic envelope that’s become the showpiece of the home. Here, we offer up the highlights

Discreet appliances and hardware.

No free-standing appliances, conspicuous knobs or handles distract from the pristine lines of the cabinetry here; seamlessly integrated features keep the aesthetic clean and modern.

Judicious use of black and white.

Black grounds this open kitchen, keeping the hard-working parts of the room (beams, cupboards, countertops) in the background. The use of white cabinetry on the island base works as a clever juxtaposition to maintain a bright vibe so that the darker shades don’t overpower the space.

Mix of lighting styles.

A dramatic kitchen setting such as this one demands the next level of supporting players. The lighting choices are a case in point. From pendants to spots to bars, separate zones are illuminated to exacting effect.