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Taking the guesswork out of fat loss, Fitness magazine’s special FATLOSS issue covers everything you need to know to shed that unwanted fat and finally get that toned, lean body you’ve always wanted. In depth features tackle all the important elements of a successful fat loss plan, including high intensity exercise pro- grammes, practical diet tips and eating plans, supplementation plans and info to help you achieve your goals. It has all the info anyone will ever need on how to achieve sustainable fat loss the healthy way.

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biohack your weight loss

There are a growing number of pseudo- and real scientists and biologists who are driving a type of breakaway practice, where both inquisitive individuals with no formal scientific background and, increasingly, a number of scientists with a keen interest outside their academic fields, are engaging in what has been termed do-it-yourself biology (DIY bio), garage biology or, more commonly, biohacking. This shift in thinking has spawned the rise of small labs and organisations that tinker with often outlandish ideas and fringe tech to see if they can make a breakthrough in areas such as cognitive thinking and memory, muscle gain and, yes, weight and fat loss. “ONCE I DID THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT MY DOCTORS TOLD ME, I DRAMATICALLY IMPROVED MY HEALTH”Abel James of fatburningman.com A BETTER YOU In the area of self-improvement, there…

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fat-loss cheat sheet

Since publishing the first issue of Fatloss magazine back in 2012, we’ve shared the weight-loss and transformation success stories of over 60 women in the previous six issues. Their approaches to diet and exercise have often been as varied as the women themselves, but the outcomes have always been the same – improved health, a new body, greater self -confidence and a new lease on life. There’s obviously a lot we can learn from these real-world experiences, which is why we went back into the archives to review every transformation success story we’ve ever published. We dug out the nuggets of wisdom and insights shared in these motivating and inspiring stories to serve them up here in the ultimate fat-loss cheat sheet. TIP 1: BUDDY UP Charmain Smith got a training partner – a…

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personal trainer vs online coach

Taking that first step on your transformation journey can be daunting, especially if you’re not sure what you should be doing to achieve your goals. If you’re one of the few who succeed at this first vital step then staying motivated can prove to be another obstacle. If this is the predicament you find yourself in, it might be time to enlist the advice and guidance of a qualified personal trainer (PT). But before you sign up with the PT at your local gym, there are a few very important things to consider. Having someone on your team to help keep you motivated and hold you accountable to achieving your goals can have a huge impact on your potential for success. Choosing the wrong trainer, however, isn’t just a waste of your hard-earned…

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stephanie loane dippenaar

Stephanie Loane Dippenaar believes that people tend to stereotype the overweight as lazy, untidy, listless and uninterested, but sometimes the underlying reasons run much deeper. For Stephanie, her battle with ballooning weight began as a result of a medical mistake, which was made worse by her circumstances. “While I always had ‘puppy fat’, as my grandmother called it, I gained most of my weight after I was placed on the wrong type of anti-depressant following my parents’ death in 2006,” she explains. “My depression and anxiety were made worse by my weight as it resulted in low self-esteem. I isolated myself, bottled up my feelings, and began binge eating. I hid behind a fake smile, just surviving day by day.” TIME TO CHANGE It wasn’t until she went shopping for work clothes and…

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geraldine van vuuren

Years of bullying and psychological torment due to her weight left Geraldine van Vuuren searching for quick-fix solutions. This inevitably led to chronic bouts of extreme dieting, starvation and, eventually, bulimia. “I knew I had to do something to stop the bullying because it was killing me inside. These options seemed like the easy way out,” she explains. Of course, as is often the case, these extreme measures failed to yield the results she was after. COMFORT EATING “I increasingly turned to food for comfort as it was the only thing that made me feel safe . As a result my weight continued to creep up, seemingly on a daily basis.” Geraldine recalls standing in front of the mirror, pinching the fat all over her body as tears ran down her cheeks. “My weight situation…

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put your weight   into it no gym? no problem!

jamespatrick.com Bodyweight training is also an ideal way to increase strength, keep muscles and joints supple and flexible, and improve fitness and general health. Getting started To maximise the benefits from these workouts, aim to always train with proper form and constantly progress in terms of your rep and set structures to continue to build your strength and improve your fitness. Start off by trying to complete 3 sets of 10 to 12 reps of each exercise, or work until failure as you build up to completing this initial rep and set structure. why we love it! Bodyweight-based resistance exercise is a form of strength training that doesn’t require free weights or machines as your own weight provides resistance against gravity. This makes it possible to do these workouts anywhere, be it after a run,…