Fatloss Spring 2017

Taking the guesswork out of fat loss, Fitness magazine’s special FATLOSS issue covers everything you need to know to shed that unwanted fat and finally get that toned, lean body you’ve always wanted. In depth features tackle all the important elements of a successful fat loss plan, including high intensity exercise pro- grammes, practical diet tips and eating plans, supplementation plans and info to help you achieve your goals. It has all the info anyone will ever need on how to achieve sustainable fat loss the healthy way.

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I’ve interviewed around sixty ladies over the past five years to produce various issues of Fatloss magazine, our special issue dedicated to (and committed to) uncovering the blueprint for successful and sustainable fat loss. Every time it fills me with admiration for what these seemingly ‘everyday ladies’ are able to achieve. Mothers, wives, daughters, students and career women all sharing a common goal as they seek to rebuild their confidence and once again find happiness within to transform themselves, both inside and out. The outward change – their physical transformations – are always awe-inspiring, to say the least. But they pale in comparison to the actual lifestyle makeovers they achieve. I think, by now, you know that we don’t advocate quick-fixes and shortcuts to success. The only true key to success is…

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1 UNDERSTANDING INSULIN Insulin helps to control blood glucose levels by signalling the liver, and muscle and fat cells to absorb glucose from the blood, where it is either used for energy production, or stored to meet future energy requirements. If the body has sufficient energy, insulin signals the liver to take up glucose and store it as glycogen. When glycogen stores in the liver and muscle cells are full, any excess glucose is stored in fat cells. The issue most people have is that a diet high in processed carbs and sugar has, over many years, blunted their insulin response, as more and more insulin is produced to deal with a constant stream of glucose in the blood. Over time the insulin receptor sites in muscle cells, fat cells and…

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fat loss facts

6 HOURS According to a study conducted in the United Kingdom, adults who on average each night slept for six hours or less had a waist measurement that was 3cm greater than individuals who got nine hours of sleep a night. Those with poor sleeping habits were heavier and were more likely to have poorer metabolic health, too. THE MORE MUSCLE YOU HAVE THE MORE CALORIES YOU BURN The sustain metabolic a pound cost of fat to is roughly while 10 a pound calories of , muscle burns calories up to 30 . ONCE A DAY A study by researchers at Drexel University and the University of Pennsylvania found that 294 female college-aged students who reported at least one period of daily self-weighing over a two-year study saw a drop in their body mass index.…

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digital fitness

Boompods Sportpods Vision Lightweight, wireless, sweat-proof earphones that have been ergonomically designed with over-ear hooks that keep them firmly in place during runs and workouts at the gym. Available in grey and green at selected retail outlets. R1,299 Boompods Sportspods Race These lightweight in-ear, Bluetooth-enabled, sweat-resistant earbuds are ideal for runners and cyclists. R799 Fitbit Alta HR Easily track steps, distance, calories burned, heart rate and active minutes with the Fitbit Alta HR. The SmartTrack™ function automatically recognises select exercises like runs, rides and hikes, and records them in the Fitbit app. Stats are synced wirelessly and automatically to your computer and 200+ leading devices. R2 499 Garmin® vívosmart® 3 Garmin’s updated vívosmart smart activity tracker offers 24/7 wrist-based heart rate monitoring with Elevate™ technology, and fitness monitoring tools such as fitness age and strength training. Also…

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there’s an app for that

Freeletics Get a personal workout and nutrition plan based on your fitness level and goals with the range of Freeletics apps, which include Freeletics Bodyweight, Running, and Gym. The free versions contain workouts accessible to everyone or users can purchase access to the AI-enabled Freeletics Training Coach for customised plans. Available for iOS and Android Noom Coach Turn your phone into a weight loss coach, with programmes created by medical professionals to help improve your health and manage conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes. Noom’s course gives you the motivation and guidance to make a true lifestyle change. Available for iOS and Android. www.noom.com SWEAT Delivers a personal trainer, nutritionist and fitness tracker all in a single app. Sweat with Kayla Itsines’ BBG programme, follow Sjana Elise Earp’s yoga programme, or Kelsey Wells’ post-pregnancy…

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# diets must fall

According to millennials – those born between the early 1980s and 2000s – the deprivation and ravenous hunger associated with dieting for weight and fat loss are no longer in vogue. Instead, women around the world, led seemingly by this generation Y cohort, are shunning the old diet paradigm of low-calorie, low-fat diets. The new trend that has emerged, where calorie-counting has become so last season, was revealed recently in two reports, one from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and the other from the International Food Information Council (IFIC). MILENNIALS ARE CHOOSING TO RATHER OPT FOR A MORE HEALTHFUL AND, DARE WE SAY, BALANCED APPROACH TO EATING. HEALTH FIRST APPROACH According to the data, it seems that the millennial generation have rebuffed the conventional wisdom of their baby boomer parents, for whom the quintessential diet was restrictive, devoid…