Fatloss Summer 2017

Taking the guesswork out of fat loss, Fitness magazine’s special FATLOSS issue covers everything you need to know to shed that unwanted fat and finally get that toned, lean body you’ve always wanted. In depth features tackle all the important elements of a successful fat loss plan, including high intensity exercise pro- grammes, practical diet tips and eating plans, supplementation plans and info to help you achieve your goals. It has all the info anyone will ever need on how to achieve sustainable fat loss the healthy way.

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ordinary people doing extraordinary things

Achieving a weight-loss goal is an arduous process that comprises a number of steps, all of which make up your journey to a better life and body. But what many women might not realise is that it’s the journey itself, not the end goal, that brings the happiness and change that so many of us desperately seek in our lives. You’ve heard the saying ‘nothing worth having comes easy,’ which, in the context of fat loss and building your dream body, is definitely true. Yes, it requires dedication (lots of it) and a fair amount of hard work (sweat is just fat crying as it leaves the body). This is the “it doesn’t come easy” part. But what about the “worth having” part? Isn’t regaining your health and self-confidence and improving your…

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top weight loss reads

LOW CARB CREED By Sally-Ann Creed Obtain valuable advice from leading nutritional therapist Sally-Ann and contributing authors Merle Wescott and Janita Bold. The book takes readers on a practical, easy-to-follow nutritional journey that is simple enough to weave into anyone’s lifestyle. It also introduces the Paleo lifestyle for those who find Banting is not working for them. There are basic cooking techniques, colour plates, new affordable meal plans and the valuable “The Creed” – the manifesto for low carb, healthy fat living. The book also explains how to get started with LCHF. Available at all major bookstores countrywide R375 LOW CARB IS LEKKER: THE EASY LOW CARB HIGH FAT LIFESTYLE COOKBOOK By Iné Reynierse Cooking with fewer or no carbs need not be boring or bland. Author Iné Reynierse has made it her mission to…

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BIOGEN PRE-BURN Biogen Pre-Burn is a powerful new thermogenic pre-workout supplement that boosts mental focus and alertness, and promotes explosive energy during workouts. The carefully selected combination of ingredients also enhances muscle recovery to ensure you get the most from every session. Available exclusively at Dis-Chem stores nationwide. USN PHEDRACUT LIPO XT USN PhedraCut Lipo XT is South Africa’s number one selling weight-loss capsule. It contains a combination of caffeine and Teacrine® to stimulate energy levels and kickstart the fat-burning process. With the added benefits of clinically-tested ingredients such as the highly bioavailable green tea and Garcinia Cambogia extracts (Phytofare™ and Garcitrin™), and green coffee bean extract, this high-potency fat burner ramps up your fat-loss potential. USN DIET WHEY ISOLEAN USN’s Diet Whey IsoLean represents the newest and most advanced technology in weight management and…

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fat loss by numbers

20% The increase in the amount of body fat burnt by study participants after a 60-minute moderate-intensity treadmill session before eating breakfast. This was in comparison to participants who ran the same distance two hours after eating a morning meal. The findings were published in the British Journal of Nutrition. 1x The frequency with which you should weigh yourself (on a daily basis) to lose more weight. This is according to a 2014 study conducted in Finland, which found that participants who stepped on the scale daily, against common guidelines, lost more weight than participants who stepped on the scale once a week. Frequent weighing was also associated with better weight maintenance after successful weight loss. 26 The amount, in grams, that updated guidelines on daily sugar consumption issued by The American…

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fatloss gym bag

Available in Tropical Bliss, Lion Pride, I Am Water, Spirit, Flower Power and Island Style designs. 10% of proceeds go towards I Am Water Ocean Conservation @spiritgirl_activewear SpiritgirlSA ZFIT MOVEPRETTY…

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10 tips for faster fat loss

“COUNTING CALORIES MAY MEAN MEASURING YOUR FOOD, BUT YOU WILL SOON BE ABLE TO JUDGE HOW MUCH GRILLED CHICKEN TO THROW IN YOUR SALAD BOWL.” Anyone who has ever carried extra weight will know how hard it is to lose it. You have to set up your training programme and decide which diet to follow. That’s when you turn to the people around you. This furthers your confusion as everyone has different advice. Your friend tells you she lost weight through Banting, while your colleague swears by juice fasting and your brother advocates a high-protein diet as the only way to shed fat. The truth is that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to getting lean. However, there are some general nutrition and training guidelines that can improve your chances of success. THE…