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Go! Drive & Camp

Go! Drive & Camp

April 2020

A 132-page lifestyle magazine for campers, caravan and 4x4 enthusiasts and adventure travellers.

South Africa
Media 24 Ltd
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rather turn around

“If we arrive at a campsite and it fails the “Would I bring my mother here?” test, we rather turn around and camp elsewhere” When last, if ever, did you send someone a picture of a dirty toilet over WhatsApp? I ask, because I want to know if it’s only our editorial team who does it. We have a WhatsApp group where we chat among ourselves when we’re not actually in the office. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a huge fan of such groups, especially when two members decide to talk to each other about trivial matters. But as for the Drive & Camp editorial team, it comes in handy when you need to know where the long-term test vehicle is parked and you’re not sure who the…

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go drive and camp

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winning letter

Lourens wins a cooler bag worth R220. Whether you’re a camper, fisherman, or sports fan next to a cricket pitch; this cooler bag has room for luch box and a 1,5 ℓ cool drink bottle. The lid also has space for a coffee flask. The interior is lined with PVC, which makes it easy to keep this bag clean and hygenic. The bag has a short strap that reaches over the top and attaches with a Velcro strip, and also a longer shoulder strap if you’re going to carry it over longer distances. It’s an ideal picnic accessory or a padkos bag for a road trip. winkel.weg.co.za…

2 min.

We discovered camping... My wife, Christa, and I are avid travellers and have visited around 40 different countries in the past 30 years. As kids, we spent a lot of time in the Kruger – then as a young couple and later with our kids. We used to stay in hotels, chalets or B&Bs until we went camping with friends a few years ago. That’s when the caravanning bug bit us. We bought a Sprite Swing and customised it to our needs. We initially planned to use it for Kruger Park excursions but now that we’ve gained experience, we are planning longer and more frequent touring trips to different destinations. We love the caravanning lifestyle for a number of reasons. Firstly is the simplicity. Less is more. We have everything we need to be…

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in the moment

I can see you! Patience is key when you wait for the right moment in front of the lens, the way Dickey Wheeler from Horizon in Roodepoort did. “We stayed at Balule in the Kruger and were on our way back from Satara that day. A large herd of buffalo caught the attention of several cars ahead of us – or that’s what we thought at first. Only when we stopped and asked someone what they were looking at, did we see the leopard in the tree, but only his tail was visible. After a long wait – and after some of the cars had driven off – he turned and peeked at me.” As Dickey explains, you can only see a tiny bit of the leopard, which is exactly what makes the…

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think outside the box

A modular off-road trailer that fits together like building blocks until you have the camper that suits your needs is what Albre de Villiers of ADV Trailers in Centurion came up with. The lower part of the trailer and the chassis looks a bit like a flatbed tow truck. On top of this sits a frame that fits up to four containers of equal size, each with a door at the end. Up to two roof tents can then fit on top of the frame with its containers, and when the roof tents are folded, a roof rack flattens over it. The secret – and clever idea – behind this lies in the four containers. Each is oblong (1,3 x 0,6 x 0,6 m), and you can place one to four of…