Guardian Weekly 10th September 2021

The Guardian Weekly magazine is a round-up of the world news, opinion and long reads that have shaped the week. Inside, the past seven days' most memorable stories are reframed with striking photography and insightful companion pieces, all handpicked from The Guardian and The Observer.

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The Guardian Weekly Founded in Manchester, England 4 July 1919 Guardian Weekly is an edited selection of some of the best journalism found in the Guardian and Observer newspapers in the UK and the Guardian’s digital editions in the UK, US and Australia. The weekly magazine has an international focus and three editions: global, Australia and North America. The Guardian was founded in 1821, and Guardian Weekly in 1919. We exist to hold power to account in the name of the public interest, to uphold liberal and progressive values, to fight for the common good, and to build hope. Our values, as laid out by editor CP Scott in 1921, are honesty, integrity, courage, fairness, and a sense of duty to the reader and the community. The Guardian is wholly owned by the…

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reflecting on 9/11, fear grows in kabul, and two strong women

As the 20th anniversary of 9/11 passes this week, there are many reasons to reflect on the indelible scar the attacks on America left on the world. On page 10, Ed Pilkington recounts how 9/11 led to a huge rise in the powers of the US state, with the recollections of Edward Snowden, the whistleblower who lifted the lid on the Pentagon’s mass covert data surveillance programme. On page 14, Tim Adams reflects on the world before the attacks. Then, in Opinion, Jonathan Freedland considers the now-discredited wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that came after 9/11, and how their subsequent failure heralds the end of the era of liberal interventionism. The big story Page 10 Opinion page 45 In Afghanistan, fear and apprehension is widespread over how the Taliban will govern the country. Our…

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global report

1 UNITED STATES Texas abortion law is sex discrimination, says UN United Nations human rights monitors condemned Texas for its new anti-abortion legislation, which they say violates international law. Melissa Upreti, the chair of the UN’s working group on discrimination against women and girls, said the new law was “structural sex and gender-based discrimination at its worst”. She warned that the legislation, which bans abortions at about six weeks, could force abortion providers underground and drive women to seek unsafe procedures that could prove fatal. “This new law will make abortion unsafe and deadly, and create a whole new set of risks for women and girls. It is profoundly discriminatory and violates a number of rights guaranteed under international law,” she said. Upreti, one of five independent experts charged by the UN to push…

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Jean-Paul Belmondo French actor who shot to fame in Jean-Luc Godard’s New Wave classic Breathless. He died on 6 September, aged 88. Michael K Williams US actor best known for his role as Omar Little in the hit TV series The Wire. He died on 6 September, aged 54. Sarah Harding Singer with UK pop group Girls Aloud, who had been diagnosed with breast cancer. She died on 5 September, aged 39. Mikis Theodorakis Greek composer and icon of resistance to the former junta. He died on 2 September, aged 96. Jacques Rogge Ex-president of the International Olympic Committee. He died on 29 August, aged 79. Angela Milner Pioneering palaeontologist at London’s Natural History Museum. She died on 13 August, aged 73.…

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science and environment

SOLAR POWER Energy cooperatives lead charge to exploit Spain’s sun Spain’s growing energy cooperative movement has received a boost after the government announced some of the latest allocation of renewable energy will be in small lots, rather than large tranches that only big energy companies can afford. The move comes as cooperatives in rural and urban areas are trying to break free from the major electricity suppliers that have exploited high demand during the recent heatwave to push prices up to record levels. Sunshine is Spain’s greatest energy resource, and yet it remains underexploited. According to the Spanish Electric Network, in 2020 renewables accounted for 43.6% of energy production, of which only 6.1% came from solar power. The bulk came from wind (21.7%) and nuclear (22.2%). Germany has three times as much installed solar power…

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social care

Boris Johnson told mutinous MPs that the healthcare system is in crisis and they “cannot expect it to recover alone” as he faced a rebellion over tax rises. One Conservative frontbencher told the Guardian they were considering their position over a planned rise in national insurance contributions (NICs). They questioned the point of serving a government that was not pursuing the 2019 Tory manifesto, with a second pledge – on the pensions triple lock – also set to be broken. A series of MPs from former Labour red wall seats complained that the tax increase would hit workers in their constituencies. On Tuesday the prime minister framed the tax increase, which could raise up to £10bn ($13.8bn) a year with a 1.25% rise in NICs for employers and employees, as essential to…