Guardian Weekly 19th November 2021

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eyewitness senegal

Power dressing Models working with Senegalese fashion designer Ndeye Diop Guisse posing in front of a disused crane in the port city of Saint Louis. They wore traditional outfits of the Signares – French-African businesswomen from Gorée Island and Saint Louis who gained positions of power and wealth during the time of the Atlantic slave trade. The Guardian Weekly Founded in Manchester, England 4 July 1919 Guardian Weekly is an edited selection of some of the best journalism found in the Guardian and Observer newspapers in the UK and the Guardian’s digital editions in the UK, US and Australia. The weekly magazine has an international focus and three editions: global, Australia and North America. The Guardian was founded in 1821, and Guardian Weekly in 1919. We exist to hold power to account in the name of…

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the belarus border, cop26 offers hope and colman’s star shines

As temperatures plummet on the European Union’s eastern frontier, thousands of Middle Eastern migrants remain stranded in the no man’s land between Poland and Belarus. It’s now clear they were assisted in their arrival by Alexander Lukashenko, Belarus’s despotic leader, for use as human pawns in a cruel political game. Yet, instead of forcing the EU to drop sanctions against his regime as he had evidently hoped, Lukashenko has merely triggered a further round of tougher measures to come. Andrew Roth, Lorenzo Tondo and Martin Chulov survey the backdrop to this complex situation and the dire conditions at the border, while Kenan Malik outlines the hypocrisy at the heart of Fortress Europe’s migration strategy that has served to encourage Lukashenko. The big story Page 10 → Cop26 ended with views divided over…

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global report

1 UNITED STATES/CHINA Biden and Xi warn each other over future of Taiwan China’s president, Xi Jinping, has warned Joe Biden in a virtual summit that Beijing was prepared to take “decisive measures” if Taiwan makes any moves towards independence that cross his country’s red lines. Xi also warned the US president that any support for Taiwanese independence would be “like playing with fire”, according to a Chinese state media account of the summit, adding that “those who play with fire will get burned”. In response, Biden said the US remained committed to the “one China policy” that recognises only one sovereign Chinese state, and that Washington “strongly opposes unilateral efforts to change the status quo or undermine peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait”. The phrase was a reminder to the Taiwanese not to…

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FW de Klerk Last apartheid president of South Africa who oversaw Nelson Mandela’s release and the transfer of power. He died on 11 November, aged 85. Quandra Prettyman American champion of Black women’s literature. She died on 21 October, aged 88. Wilbur Smith Prolific Zambianborn adventure novelist with 49 books and sales of 140m. He died on 13 November, aged 88. Austin Currie Leading light of the Northern Ireland civil rights movement and co-founder of the Social Democratic and Labour party. He died on 9 November, aged 82. Viktor Bryukhanov Engineer who oversaw the construction and meltdown of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Ukraine. He died on 13 October, aged 85.…

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science and environment

RIVERS London’s Thames is teeming with life again, report reveals Seahorses, eels, seals and sharks are living in the tidal Thames, according to the most comprehensive analysis of the waterway since it was declared biologically dead in the 1950s. But scientists from the Zoological Society of London, who carried out the work, warn that the 150km tidal stretch of the Thames is suffering from rising nitrate levels as a result of industrial runoff and sewage discharges. Water levels and temperature are also rising as a result of global heating. Species living in the Thames include seahorses and even sharks, including tope, starry smooth hound and spurdog. The most recent count revealed there were about 900 harbour seals and 3,200 grey seals. GEOLOGY First continents rose 700m years earlier than thought The Earth’s first continents rose out…

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united kingdom

UK NEWS National terror threat raised after Liverpool bomb A suspected suicide bomber blew himself up with a homemade device outside a maternity hospital in Liverpool last Sunday, forcing the national terror threat level to be raised for the first time in months amid fears of another potential attack. Counter-terrorism police said they “strongly believed” the dead man to be Emad al-Swealmeen, 32, who had travelled in a taxi to Liverpool Women’s hospital from an address he was renting a few kilometres away. While police said they could not be sure if the hospital was the intended target, or if the device he had constructed had ignited prematurely, NHS officials this week advised all hospitals to review their security arrangements. In a statement issued on Monday night, DCI Andrew Meeks urged anyone with information…