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Guitar Player Holiday 2019

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{from the editor}

IT PROBABLY COMES as no surprise to you that every writer and editor associated with this magazine is also a guitarist. You may take for granted that pairing of two disparate arts — journalism and guitar playing — but for the 25 years I’ve been in this business, I’ve seen the pool of people who can do this job shrink, not grow. In an era when more guitarists would rather launch YouTube channels than write for print magazines, the people who can do jobs like ours are becoming as rare as icemen, blacksmiths and piano tuners. We tend to think of artists and creators as being driven by some sort of single-minded passion, but the opposite is almost always true. The world of guitar magazines and the industry we write about…

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opening notes

Raid Our Gear Stash! For this month’s giveaway, we’re offering a chance to win a Joe Gore Cult overdrive pedal. Based on a classic germanium boost circuit, the Cult departs dramatically from the original ’60s design by delivering fatter lows, fewer piercing highs and more responsive dynamics, all from a pedal that boasts just one knob and one switch! To get this stomp box on your pedalboard, send an email with the word “Cult” in the subject line to stash.raid@gmail.com. The deadline for entries is December 20. Please note that all gear is as is. December Gifts I’ve been subscribing to Guitar Player for 25 years, and your Wilco issue [December 2019] was one of the best I’ve read. I like the group and what Nels [Cline] brings to the music. He’s phenomenal no…

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JOIN THE GP COMMUNITY! SOUND OFF! GET EXCLUSIVE NEWS. COMMENT. CRITIQUE. SHARE TIPS AND TECHNIQUES. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR E-NEWSLETTER. FACEBOOK.COM/GUITARPLAYERMAG TWITTER.COM/GUITARPLAYERNOW GUITARPLAYER.COM CHRISTOPHER SCAPELLITI Editor chris.scapelliti@futurenet.com ART THOMPSON Senior Editor arthur.thompson@futurenet.com JUDE GOLD Los Angeles Editor judegold@gmail.com JIMMY LESLIE Frets Editor j@jimmyleslie.com DAVE HUNTER Gear Section & Video Contributor dhunterwordsmusic@yahoo.com ROSIE WEBBER Art Editor rosie.webber@futurenet.com…

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rock around the block

“THIS REMINDS ME of French Quarter Fest in New Orleans,” Paul Haggard said, standing among the crowd at San Rafael, California’s Gerstle Park. “Only I think this is actually better because it’s so much more intimate while having a similar insanely high level of musicianship.” The former art director of Guitar Player was watching guitarist Bryan Kehoe (who performs with Les Claypool in Duo De Twang) and his “psychobilly twang” band perform the musical equivalent of a high-wire circus act on a makeshift stage in a corner of the park. The performance among those presented at San Rafael PorchFest, which is itself one of many similar events that take place in neighborhood all across America on various weekends. PorchFest started out in Ithaca, New York, in 2007, and has since become…

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full circle

JOHNNY A. BUILT his reputation on taste, tone and chops. He’s always been associated with vintage gear, so I was taken aback when I saw him do a looping-based live act at Sweetwater’s GearFest 2019. He brought a level of taste and sophistication to the genre, especially with a version of “Strawberry Fields Forever” that included all the bits — the backward guitars, the rhythms — and then took it even further. If you ever have a chance to see his live looping act, don’t miss it. He’ll change your idea about what’s possible with a guitar. But seriously: Johnny A.? Looping? “There’s more to the act than just looping,” Johnny explains. “I don’t want a performance to be dynamically linear. It needs to wax and wane, and there’s a limited way…

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paris is burning

IN 2006, WHEN YouTube was still young, Laura Cox made a name for herself as one of the few female guitarists posting videos of her performances on the site. Her channel now has hundreds of thousands of subscribers and a library of videos that have been viewed millions of times. She has something else too: a band of her own, which has just released its second album, Burning Bright (earMusic), the follow-up to its 2017 release, Hard Blues Shot. On it, Cox combines uptempo riffs and twanging blues-rock for a sound that’s like the Flying Burrito Brothers filtered through one part Joan Jett and one part southern hard rock. Cox and her band cut Burning Bright at ICP Studios in Belgium. The album was mastered by Howie Weinberg, an industry veteran…