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December 2021

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keepin' up with jones

I JUST FINISHED judging a music competition called “Unsigned Only,” which is designed for solo artists and bands around the world who are looking for exposure, recognition and a chance to get noticed by industry pros. This year, I judged the Rock and Blues categories. First of all, in case you’re worried about “the state of guitar,” have no fear; I heard so many great solos, clever new sounds and original approaches — it’s safe to say the guitar is in good hands, figuratively and literally! Secondly, we judges were asked to comment on individual songs, and this gave me the opportunity to whip out an old chestnut I’ve been preaching since the great Stevie Ray Vaughan walked the earth: “If you’re gonna play a I-IV-V tune, you have no choice…

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it’s tulsa time!

SETH LEE JONES knows the world doesn’t need another take on “Born Under a Bad Sign.” Ditto with “The Thrill Is Gone,” “Crossroads” or “Little Red Rooster.” Great songs, all; a tune doesn’t become known as a standard for nothing. The problem with blues standards, though, is they get covered and re-interpreted over and over, to the point there’s no fresh take to be offered. Odds are, the Rolling Stones would’ve beat you to it by half a century. That’s why the Tulsa-bred singer and guitarist dipped deep into the well for Flathead, the debut studio album by his eponymous trio. “I feel like somebody should put together a list of the top 10 blues songs you should never play,” Jones says with a laugh. “We kind of just picked our favorites.…

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sarah tudzin of illuminati hotties

1 “Sick of Spiraling” Bachelor The new Bachelor album is truly Jay Som and Palehound at their most shreddingest yet! Cruising indie rock for the poet’s soul. 2 “Didn’t Want It” Glitterer An anthemic rocker with a whole lot of sunburnt fuzz left on the driveway after last night’s house party. 3 “Bat Macumba” Os Mutantes The inventors of all things psychedelia. Groove, style and tone for days. 4 “Spiderlegs” Danny Malone Acoustic glitter and homemade break-beats for songwriters who dream in tape. 5 “I Was a Lover” TV on the Radio Chopped-up, razor-sharp ruminations from the celestial realm. No moment on Return to Cookie Mountain goes unnoticed.…

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naia izumi

Even when Izumi’s playing veers toward the more conventional, he finds a way to mix it up with surprising chord extensions and voicings IT’S BEEN THREE short years since Naia Izumi won the NPR Tiny Desk contest, bringing his brand of smooth, soulful and incredibly virutosic singing, guitar playing and songwriting to the masses. The Columbus, Georgia, native-turned L.A. resident, who once earned his money by busking, was suddenly the toast of the music press: “unparalleled” and “undeniable talent” were just some of the descriptors being tossed around. But as Izumi prepares for the release of his major-label debut, A Residency in the Los Angeles Area (which is out now), he claims his life hasn’t been terribly altered in the past 1,000 or so days. “It’s changed, but it really hasn’t changed. I…

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? inquirer rob caggiano

“When you start to copy other people, you’re really chasing your tail” My early influences… There were two main guys for me; Eddie Van Halen and Angus Young. Angus was the first to get me really crazy excited about the guitar when I was a kid. I got a copy of Back in Black when I was about 8, and it really hit me and connected with me right off the bat. I was already dabbling with the guitar prior to that, but once I got that album, I began to take it seriously. A few weeks later, I got a copy of the first Van Halen album and that was it! I got my first real six-string... It was a red mini acoustic guitar that I used to bang around with when I…

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ariel posen

“Remember that less is more; make a statement, give it space then make another” SLIDE WIZARD ARIEL Posen’s new album, Headway, builds on the buzz created by his debut record, 2018’s How Long. Although Posen is often pigeonholed as an Americana artist, Headway shows off the full range of his influences while showcasing his soulful vocals, magnetic songs and stellar slide work. Constantly busy, there’s another solo album, Mile End, scheduled for release at the end of 2021. How much of Headway was informed by the process of recording How Long? For my first solo record, I was questioning everything I was doing; it was such a new experience. It turned out great, but it was definitely stressful. Two years later, I feel a lot more comfortable; this time I knew what to…