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Guitarist June 2019

Guitarist is the longest established UK guitar magazine. You'll find authoritative gear reviews, artist interviews, technique lessons and advice. Plus, Guitarist's digital edition now includes all of the same audio and video content as the print edition; available to download from a special area of the Guitarist website!

United Kingdom
Future Publishing Ltd
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13 Utgaver


2 min.
time, please...

Putting together this month’s cover feature on the spellbinding guitar-playing of the late, much-missed Rory Gallagher (see page 58) got me thinking about what it takes to be really great on the instrument. One of the most striking things about Rory’s playing was how many styles he was a master of: slide, folk, acoustic blues, rootsy rock… and so on. That kind of fluency comes, in large part, from abundant natural talent – but also from immersing yourself in guitar. Rory was not only a student of the guitar from boyhood, but he was also one of the hardest-gigging musicians around. When you play guitar with that passion, intensity and frequency it almost becomes your first language. And therein lies a problem for those of us – perhaps the majority…

1 min.
editor’s highlights

Yngwie Unleashed The pioneer of neo-classical shred doesn’t pull any punches when discussing guitar. Join Ed Mitchell as he gets in the ring over on p50 Black Beauties We enjoyed Blackstar’s small-but-potent range of Studio amps that come in three flavours of classic power valve tone, from EL34 and KT88 to 6L6 p16 Beck And Call Indie pioneer Cecilia Della Peruti is also the guitarist for alt-pop innovator Beck – we find out how she crafts her immersive guitar sound on p80…

2 min.

EDITORIAL Art Editor Darren Phillips darren.phillips@futurenet.com Managing Editor Lucy Rice lucy.rice@futurenet.com Editor-In-Chief Jamie Dickson jamie.dickson@futurenet.com Deputy Editor David Mead david.mead@futurenet.com Content Director, Music Scott Rowley scott.rowley@futurenet.com Reviews Editor Dave Burrluck dave@daveburrluck.com Senior Music Editor Jason Sidwell jason.sidwell@futurenet.com Contributors Richard Barrett, Rod Brakes, Adrian Clark, Trevor Curwen, Adam Goldsmith, Nick Guppy, Phil Hilborne, Martin Holmes, Richard Hood, Rob Laing, Neville Marten, Ed Mitchell, Roger Newell, Nigel Pulsford, Davina Rungasamy, Adrian Thorpe In-House Photography Phil Barker, Olly Curtis, Neil Godwin, Will Ireland, Joby Sessions, Jesse Wilde ADVERTISING COMMERCIAL SALES DIRECTOR ClareDove clare.dove@futurenet.com ADVERTISING SALES DIRECTOR LaraJaggon lara.jaggon@futurenet.com ACCOUNT SALES DIRECTOR AlisonWatson alison.watson@futurenet.com ACCOUNT SALES DIRECTOR StevenPyatt steve.pyatt@futurenet.com ACCOUNT SALES EXECUTIVE GuyMeredith guy.meredith@futurenet.com MARKETING MAGAZINE MARKETING DIRECTOR SharonTodd sharon.todd@futurenet.com ACQUISITIONS CAMPAIGN MANAGER TomCooper tom.cooper@futurenet.com PRINT & PRODUCTION HEAD OF PRODUCTION UK & US MarkConstance mark.constance@futurenet.com PRODUCTION MANAGER FrancesTwentyman frances.twentyman@futurenet.com PRODUCTION PROJECT MANAGERClareScott clare.scott@futurenet.com ADVERTISING PRODUCTION MANAGERJoanneCrosby joanne.crosby@futurenet.com DIGITAL EDITIONS CONTROLLERJasonHudson jason.hudson@futurenet.com INTERNATIONAL LICENSING GUITARIST IS AVAILABLE FOR LICENSING. CONTACT THE LICENSING TEAM TO DISCUSS PARTNERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES HEAD OF…

6 min.
family affair

Even though PRS introduced its first bolt-on back in 1988, the CE (originally classed the Classic Electric) has always remained in the shadow of the brand’s premier glued-in neck guitars, from the Custom to the 594. It had dropped out of production by 2009, and when it reappeared in 2016 it was slightly re-engineered to fill a gap between the newer USA S2 guitars and the start of the upmarket USA Core models. If we’re honest, we expected the revitalised CE to drop out of production after PRS introduced the Silver Sky in 2018, but instead of additions to that John Mayer model (new colours aside), we were pleasantly surprised to see a new CE 24 introduced at the start of this year. If you’re a fan of PRS’s original…

1 min.
prs ce 24 semi-hollow

PRICE: £2,250 (inc gigbag) ORIGIN: USA TYPE: Double-cutaway, semi-hollow solidbody electric BODY: Mahogany back, carved maple top with single f-hole NECK: Maple, Pattern Thin profile, bolt-on SCALE LENGTH: 635mm (25”) NUT/WIDTH: Friction reducing/43.12mm FINGERBOARD: Rosewood, old-style bird inlays, 254mm (10”) radius FRETS: 24, medium HARDWARE: PRS ‘moulded’ (steel) vibrato with push-in tension adjustable arm, PRS Low Mass locking tuners – nickel-plated STRING SPACING, BRIDGE: 52.5mm ELECTRICS: 2x uncovered PRS 85/15 humbuckers, 3-way toggle pickup selector switch, master volume and tone (with pull/push coil-split) WEIGHT (kg/lb): 3.14/6.9 OPTIONS: None RANGE OPTIONS: The solidbody CE 24 costs £2,179; the Silver Sky is £2,395. The S2 line offers the Custom 22 Semi-Hollow and the Singlecut Semi-Hollow (both £1,849). SE Semi-Hollow models include the Custom 22, the 7-string 277 and the single-cut SE Zach Myers (all £799) LEFT-HANDERS: No FINISHES: Trampas Green (as reviewed) from range of 10 colours –…

6 min.
one for all

It’s an open secret that some of the biggest guitar tones are often recorded on some of the smallest amplifiers, typically old ‘tweed’-type practice amps using just one output valve, in what’s called a single-ended circuit. Single-ended amps are pure class A as opposed to output stages that use pairs of valves, typically arranged in a class AB push-pull configuration using either grid or cathode bias. In a single-ended design, the choice of output valve plays a significantly elevated role in defining tone and response, something Blackstar has capitalised on with the all-new Studio 10 amps. Unveiled at this year’s winter NAMM Show, the Studio 10 range features three 1x12 combos, each with a different output valve: the 6L6, EL34 and KT88. Each amp in the Studio 10 trio has different…