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Handmade Beauty & Home

Handmade Beauty and Home magazine is an inspiring collection of DIY makes using predominantly natural ingredients. Learn how to make simple creams, balms and candles or more adventurous cold-pressed soaps and shampoo bars. This bumper collection of beautiful projects from botanical experts is the perfect way to start the new year with a commitment to bring less plastic and more nature into your life. Whether you just want to make your own beauty and eco-cleaning products or are looking to branch out for gifting or selling, this is the perfect place to start.

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cocoa delight

These sweet and simple bath melts create a nourishing and moisturising feel in your bath water and are soft and gentle on the skin. Cocoa butter gives a subtle but comforting scent, while shea adds even more moisturising power for dry or acne-prone skin. If you like a more fragrant bath, add 20 or so drops of your favourite essential oil. These mini heart shapes look great in a gift box with rose petals! You will need ✤ 50g cocoa butter✤ 25g shea butter✤ 20g emulsifying wax✤ Heart moulds All ingredients available from The Soap Kitchen, www.thesoapkitchen.co.uk ✤ Saucepan✤ Spatula✤ Accurate weighing scales 1 Weigh out your ingredients accurately. Melt your cocoa butter in a saucepan over a pan of boiling water. 2 As soon as it’s melted, add in the shea butter and emulsifying wax…

2 min
treasure hunt

You will need ✤ 1kg Stephenson Transparent Melt and Pour soap base✤ 1kg Stephenson Opaque Melt and Pour soap base✤ Mica pigment in several shades✤ Old saucepan✤ Silicone muffin cases✤ Disposable plastic cups✤ Wooden skewers✤ Craft knife Get messy with these colourful egg-shaped soaps! These gorgeously hued eggs don’t use moulds, but instead are cut to shape with a craft knife to create the look of a beautifully faceted gem. They look incredibly complicated to make but the use of a melt and pour base means they’re actually pretty simple to put together. The finished product looks so good, we don’t just want to put them in the bathroom – we want to keep them in a display cabinet! We’ve left these soaps unscented, but you can easily add essential oils or…

3 min
botanic beauties

You will need ✤ Moulding clay✤ 500g concrete (we used Portland cement and sharp sand)✤ Concrete pigment in blue✤ 1kg Stephenson Melt and Pour Crystal soap base✤ Essential oils (e.g. vanilla, grapefruit and rosemary)✤ Scrub ingredients (e.g. coffee beans, pink peppercorns and rosemary)✤ Disposable plastic bowl✤ Weighing scales✤ Gloves and dust mask✤ Fine sandpaper✤ Empty butter tub✤ Glass jug✤ Spatula and plastic spoon✤ Soap moulds Take a relaxing soak in the tub to the next level with this hotel spa-inspired set. If an indulgent weekend away isn’t an option right now, run yourself a bath, lock the door behind you, and recreate your own hammam-style treatment with these gorgeous scrub soaps instead. Combining coffee beans, pink peppercorns and rosemary with complementary essential oils, you’ll feel cleansed and refreshed when you’re done. The industrial…

2 min
time for tea

There are a couple of ways to use tea for natural beauty. Drinking healthy herbal tea is one, while the other is infusing tea in water to create facial steams. In both instances, tea quality matters – generally, the larger the leaf, the better the quality. You’ll also always want to go organic to avoid any nasty chemicals. I drink copious amounts of tea. I love it, and chances are, once you start, you will love it too. Tea can be a sacred practice. For me, it is one very obstinate part of my daily routine. I drink certain teas at certain times. You can start your day with a green tea if you insist on a little caffeine boost, although strong caffeinated teas can make some people feel a little ill…

2 min
supplies for candles

Nicky Story is the owner of Supplies for Candles, a one-stop-shop for candle makers. As well as offering an extensive range of waxes, wicks and accessories, the company also gives information and advice to makers through its online project and advice hub, Candle College. Why did you set up Supplies for Candles? We spotted an opportunity to bring highquality candle supplies to the UK market in early 2016. Now we’re one of the largest wholesale candle supplies companies in the country, with the widest range of complex designer fragrances. Are your customers home makers or largescale sellers? Both! The majority of our customers are home makers and hobbyists, but we do have both large and small businesses as customers too. This year we’ve seen many more individuals setting up candle-making businesses due to the…

1 min
pure & simple

If the article has got you intrigued about activated charcoal, this recipe from the Soap Kitchen is a simple DIY way to introduce this ingredient into your beauty regime. The charcoal is added to foaming butter, which will leave your skin super soft. Almond shell acts as a gentle exfoliator, while the whole scrub is delicately scented with a delightful tea rose fragrance oil. You will need ✤ 232g foaming butter✤ 22g activated charcoal✤ 6g ground almond shell✤ 1.6g Darjeeling All ingredients available from the Soap Kitchen, www.thesoapkitchen.co.uk ✤ Accurate weighing scales✤ Mixing bowl and spatula✤ Hand blender✤ Suitable containers 1 Accurately weigh out the ingredients. Using a hand blender, blend the foaming butter, aiming for a fluffy consistency. 2 Add the fragrance to the foaming butter, then carefully add in the activated charcoal. Mix well…