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Himalayas Magazine

Himalayas Magazine

No. 34

Taking you on a cultural tour of some of the most breath-taking places on earth – from icy peaks to the steamy jungle; trekking to safari; adventure sports to temples; authentic mouth-watering recipes to wildlife conservation; volunteering to gap year travel…..we have it all! Visit: Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet, Sikkim, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan…..etc!

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from the editor

Spring is the exciting time in the Himalaya as the rhododendron bursts into bloom, heralding warmer weather and spring planting. Our Spring edition of Travel Himalaya is also bursting forth with new blooms of great stories. Some of them are of unique human interest like June Scott of USA who at the age of 93 became the oldest person ever to ride the world’s longest zipline in Pokhara, Nepal. But for an unforgettable experience into the wild Himalaya, writer Maximillian MØrch takes you into the forgotten Rolwaling Valley in the Everest region with its spectacular views. Rolwaling Valley is the wild part of Everest region that rarely ever sees a foreign visitor, harking back to a more pristine era of Nepal. The Kashmir region of the Himalaya (India, Pakistan and Tibet/China) has…

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himalayas magazine

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Ian Wall Ian, from the UK, who has been living in Nepal for the last 10 years running his own trekking company ‘Off the Wall Trekking’ along with his Nepali wife. He is an ardent trekker and has traveled in Africa, Tibet, Ladakh, Sikkim, Nepal, India and Kashmir, throughout Europe and Scandinavia. Ian is one of the regular contributor for Himalaya Travel Magazine. Valerie Parkinson High altitude trekker and one of Exodus’ most renowned leaders, Valerie is known rightly as an “Exodus Legend.” She has spent more than 50% of her life amongst the most magnificent mountains on Earth, and has more than 30 years experience leading in the Himalaya. This issue she takes us to Mt Nanda Devi and the Milam Glacier in the northern India. Jan L. Beaderstadt Lives between Nepal and Uganda,…

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Kashmir – a jewel in the crowns of Pakistan, India and China – is nestled in the Himalaya mountain range. Its mere name elicits exotic images of opulent luxury and pristine natural beauty. Once independent and recognized as a Princely State, this hotly contested territory now straddles these three countries. Pakistan controls the northwest portion, India the central and southern portions, and China the northeastern portion. Generally referred to as Kashmir, the area of Kashmir and Jammu was, from 1846 until 1947, a Princely State of the British Empire in India, and was ruled by a Maharaja. At the time of the partition of India, the Maharaja preferred to remain independent and did not want to join either India or Pakistan. He wanted Kashmir to be recognized as an independent neutral…

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a short walk in the rolwaling valley

Hidden away in the east-central region of Nepal not far from Mt. Everest lies the pristine Rowaling Valley. It is a place forgotten by time and humanity. Those who discover the Rolwaling Valley discover the pristine side of Nepal that existed generations ago before this land was discovered by tourists. The first expedition in the Rolwaling valley dates back to 1951 and added a sense of mountaineering history to the region, for not only was it the Valleys first Western expedition, undertaken by Eric Shipton on a reconnaissance trip of Everest. This was where the photographs of yetis footprints were taken; this would go on to start one of the biggest debates in mountaineering. After extensive exploration of the Solukhumbu the team decided to return to Kathmandu via Gaurishankahr and the…

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When describing Tibet, images that immediately flood my mind are… breathtaking scenery, spectacular vistas, huge tracts of emptiness and local architecture. The sounds… chants from monks and nuns; the clatter, booming and banging of symbols, horns and drums from the monasteries and of course the laughter of children playing in the streets. Wandering nomads with their ponies, yaks, sheep, goats and dogs… as well as pilgrims, sometimes prostrating for years at a time. The Tibetans are generous, cheerful, serene and extremely devout. Also the smells… incense and joss intoxicating ones senses, the richness of flickering butter lamps and the earthiness of burning yak dung; the slightest whiff of one of these smells anywhere around the world, immediately takes me back to Tibet. Known as Xizang (pronounced ‘See-zjang’), Tibet Autonomous Region, (TAR) and…