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Homes & Antiques

Homes & Antiques February 2020

Homes & Antiques is the magazine for people who love great design and beautiful objects from every era, providing a unique mix of the very best of the old with the very best of the new. That's why, as well as being the official magazine of the BBC's Antiques Roadshow, every issue delivers an inspirational blend of heritage and lifestyle.

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United Kingdom
Immediate Media Company London Limited
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enduring design

It is a widely accepted idea that a piece becomes an antique when it turns 100 years old. While many argue that important design is valuable at any age, there is no denying that when an item passes its centenary it gains a certain gravitas; it has proved that it can stand the test of time, and that its significance will endure. And so, as we start the 2020s, it is thrilling to see that the design pieces of the art deco movement, which saw its dawn in the 1920s, remain powerful and impactful today. On page 44, we celebrate the transition of deco design from ‘vintage’ to ‘antique’ with confidence that these pieces will be treasured for many centuries to come. We love a house that blends old and new…

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my five favourite antiques in this issue…

LIGHT UP THE NIGHT The soft, warming glow from this gilded sconce is just what you need when the nights are still so long. ON THE SPOT These 19th-century dalmatians recently sold for a song – I wish I’d been in the salesroom to bid! ROLL OUT THE CARPET The rich red threads in this hand-woven Tekke Bokhara rug make it just as worthy of your walls as your floor. NOBLE BUDDHA Whoever donated this Tibetan Buddha to a charity shop must have had little idea of its incredible value… SILKEN THRONE Upholstered in silk damask, this c1700 chair is just one antique that we have the silkworm to thank for.…

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this month’s contributors

Janet Gleeson is our antiques agony aunt in ‘Ask Janet’ Antiques writer and bestselling author Janet works behind the scenes as part of the Antiques Roadshow and is co-director of Dorchester Literary Festival. ‘I think every home should have at least one antique chest of drawers – they’re useful, often beautifully made and incredibly reasonable – modern ones can’t compete.’ Jo Leevers wrote ‘A Working Past’ & ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ Jo writes about interiors for leading magazines and newspaper supplements, from The World of Interiors to The Observer. ‘Books… for the words, the printing history and, with later editions, the design of the book jackets. I even love the smell of old books. And they really do furnish a room.’ Nick Hand is featured in ‘Meet the Maker’ Nick founded and runs The Letterpress Collective in Bristol. ‘I…

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Homes & Antiques, Eagle House, Colston Avenue, Bristol, BS1 4ST homesandantiques@immediate.co.uk facebook.com/homesantiques twitter.com/homes_antiques instagram.com/homes_antiques pinterest.co.uk/homesantiques Where do you read H&A ? Having subscribed to your magazine while living in Mongolia, you can imagine my delight when the first copy arrived. In temperatures of -37 degrees in winter, we’d relish the evenings when we could sit by an open fire sharing back copies with friends. We’d discuss our latest antique finds, how best to display them, the history behind them and new uses for them. Here is a pair of antique musical instruments we purchased there. All of our copies were passed on for recirculating when we left – a welcome addition to hospital waiting rooms, local cafes, English language discussion groups… and have provided much interest within the local community and inspiration for…

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locket love

I have an antique story that relates to a locket. It is something that I have treasured for nearly 50 years, ever since my beloved grandmother bought it for my 16th birthday. What made her choose it was that my name, Kate, was engraved on the silver case. Inside the locket are photographs of the original Kate and her husband, and she is wearing the locket in the photograph. My lovely grandmother died many years ago, but I still have the locket to remind me of her. I also often wonder about the original Kate – who she was and what her life was like. Kate Rous, Suffolk DO YOU HAVE AN ANTIQUE WITH A STORY? If you have an heirloom that’s survived two world wars, or a treasured artwork given to the family by…

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the month

1 the COLLECTABLE CHISEL & MOUSE Model makers Robert and Gavin Paisley have recently created an extra-special design that celebrates the beauty and intricacy of the neoclassical US Capitol building. This 3D-printed cutaway model is part of a limited-edition run, and costs £450 to buy. chiselandmouse.com 2 the DESIGN INSPIRED BY THE LADIES’ POND Drawing inspiration from the murky, reed-filled waters of Kenwood Ladies’ Pond on Hampstead Heath, and the bathers who swim in it, these solid-wood stools from innovative design studio Sella Concept make quite the statement. The curvaceous bar stools are crafted from tulipwood with a textured cotton bouclé seat. The furniture-cum-sculpture finish is truly unique. sella-concept.com 3 the FAIR COLLECT 2020 On the hunt for some showstopping, contemporary pieces? Collect 2020 (27th Feb–1st March) is hosted at London’s Somerset House, and is The Crafts Council’s…