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Horse & Rider

Spring 2020

In every issue of Horse & Rider you'll find articles on training by the country's leading experts, the latest on equine health care from top veterinarians, trail riding tips from savvy back country riders, and much more!

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horse & rider

Western Editorial Director CHELSEA SHAFFER Managing Editor NICHOLE CHIRICO Senior Editor JENNIFER FORSBERG MEYER Assistant Editor MICHAELA JAYCOX Contributing Editors BARB CRABBE, DVM JENNIFER VON GELDERN RENE E. RILEY Art Director MICHELLE MILLER Executive Director, Consumer Marketing DANA RAVEN Production Production Manager DIANE PAOLINI Prepress Manager JOY KELLEY Prepress Specialist IDANIA MENTANA Vice President/Group Publisher DAVID ANDRICK Publisher MITCH MILLER (720) 281-0147 / Director of Digital Media MELISSA KITCHEN Advertising Representatives DeANNA JARNAGIN (214) 535-5557 / TOM BRAZIL (805) 379-8729 / SHELLEY L. PARTRIDGE (859) 327-7057 / BENJIE LEMON (303) 638-8073 / MICHELLE ADAWAY (859) 619-8263 / PAT TROWBRIDGE (818) 219-0415 / NICK GRIGGS (806) 622-2225 / Classified Advertising WARREN WILSON (760) 546-1192 Advertising Coordinator ABBY McDOUGALL Facilities Manager TONY WILHELMS CEO & President ANDREW W. CLURMAN Executive Vice President, CFO, Treasurer, and COO MICHAEL HENRY President, Equine Group TOM WINSOR Vice President of Audience Development TOM MASTERSON Vice President, Equine Group DAVID ANDRICK Vice President, People & Places JoANN THOMAS Vice President, Production and Manufacturing…

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the black horse

“What do you think your parents would think about a black horse?” That’s what my horse trainer, Ginny Bowman, asked an 11-year-old me driving down the road one day 21 years ago. Like any good saleswoman, she knew her buyer. She’d been horse shopping on my parents’ behalf for a few months at that point, and so far she hadn’t had any luck. But it turns out she’d stumbled across a jet-black granddaughter of Three Bars hanging out in one of her other clients’ pastures after a failed career in Western pleasure. The horse didn’t know much about any single discipline, but she was broke and she was pretty, and Ginny figured that might get her sold to my not-so-horsey mom and dad, who’d seen a “Black Beauty” film or two. Ginny…

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ten years

ON JANUARY 1, 2010, I got up early to participate in the Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, California. RFD-TV had sponsored a float with the national Future Farmers of America. As the Utah state FFA president, I was invited to walk behind the float. I was also chosen from all 50 states to ride on the float rather than walk, so for the 5-mile parade, I had my own little place to sit and be part of the world-renowned parade. At that point in my life, I had a plan. After graduating from high school, I was taking a year off before college to serve in my FFA role and buy my Women’s Pro Rodeo permit. What I didn’t know at the time was that nine days later my life would…

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you should know

Ready for His Close-Up Quarter Horse super sire Metallic Cat will appear in a future episode of the television drama “Yellowstone,” starring Kevin Costner. Bobby Patton of Fort Worth, Texas, owner of the National Cutting Horse Association 2008 Futurity open champion, bought the rights for his stallion to be written into the script of “Yellowstone” at a benefit auction at last year’s NCHA Futurity. The unusual auction item was donated by series creator Taylor Sheridan. Ladies, Listen Up! Have you listened to The Ride podcast yet? Here’s a featured episode we think you’ll enjoy. Host Michaela Jaycox interviews three women who run the Facebook group Aging Horsewomen Intl.—a community with more than 50,000 horse-loving members who recently had their group become part of an ad campaign for Facebook. Listen to learn more about…

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Join Our Facebook Groups! We want to hear about your Western horse life! Visit our Facebook page, and join our private Facebook groups; “Your Western Horse Life,” “Parents of Horse-Crazy Kids,” “Baby Boomers Horse Lovers’ Central,” “Trail Riding Resources,” and “Horse&Rider OnDemand.” Heartfelt Senior Stories Aging Senior Western Editorial Director Chelsea Shaffer tells her story of watching her senior horse age day-by-day. When’s My Horse Too Old? Barb Crabbe, DVM, explains why just because your horse is getting older doesn’t mean it’s time to quit. They Still Have It Learn about six senior horses that are still enjoying their jobs and staying busy as they head into their golden years. The Thinking Rider On tap for March: What’s up with horse soccer? Are you playing it? For alerts on new posts to Jennifer Forsberg Meyer’s blog, follow Horse&Rider on Facebook,…

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socially speaking

#HORSELIFEIRL Who inspires you? What inspires you? #horsesofinstagram #instahorses #barrelracer #horselifeirl Tag your Instagram photos #HorseLifeIRL (In Real Life) for a chance to see your post here! FUN ON FACEBOOK We shared the article, “Buy a Horse, They Said,” and asked if there were any funny challenges of horse ownership that we missed. Here’s what a few of our fans had to say. Annabel Young Keeping a gray mare clean. We have a reputation to always be clean and it’s so difficult in the winter with the mud, and in the summer when she decides her manure is a comfy pillow. Tanya Sophia Langkopf You’ll end up with the strangest things in your car, purse, trunk, etc. Like when your purse sets off metal detectors and you have to pull out your hoof pick. Nikiz Colorz Getting your non-horsey…