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Horses and People

Horses and People

January - February 2021

Horses and People is an Australian publication full of educational articles written by industry experts, promoting sustainable horse management and training practices with a special emphasis on safeguarding and improving horse welfare. Horses and People has over the last 20 years become a reliable source of up to date information about products and services available to any and all horse owners whatever their discipline.

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from the editor

Welcome to the January-February 2021 magazine! If you are anything like me, the past 12 months will have felt like a very long year, probably because we’ve had to cope with so much change. Recently, I learned that new experiences become memories when we build tissue to accommodate the new neural connections. Our brain literally re-shapes itself and unsurprisingly, this uses a tremendous amount of energy. The pandemic has affected different people in different ways, and while I feel very lucky to have been lightly impacted, I, like many others, have been forced to try new things and give up old habits like never before. It’s no wonder most of us are feeling weary. I hope you are allowing yourself time for self-care, that you give yourself a chance to rest…

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this month’s contributors

Dr GEORGINA DOWNEY Georgina is an art historian who has published extensively on the domestic interior. Her books include Domestic Interiors: Representing Home from the Victorians to the Moderns, (2013) and Designing the French Interior: The Modern Home and Mass Media (2015). Integrating her love of horses and riding, recent publications include ‘Unstable relations: horses in interior spaces’ for the Australasian Animal Studies Association 2015 conference and, ‘Becoming-horse in Contemporary Art’ forthcoming, for Artlink. She is the human of Classic, the dressage schoolmaster, and Angas the Cairn terrier. Photo by Lisa McDonald. JILL GRIFFITHS Jill is a freelance writer specialising in agriculture and environment. She has a BSc in Biology and a Graduate Diploma in Journalism. Through her work, Jill is fortunate to interact with leading researchers across Australia, providing her with access…

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connecting with horses and people is simple

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life lessons

On our cover this issue we feature Hanna Rush and her Quarter Horse gelding Triandibo Roc n Lynx, also known as Dougie. The pair were photographed by Louise Sedgman as part of the Sweet Teen Project, an initiative to fundraise for Headspace Australia, an organisation working to support the mental health and wellbeing of our youth. Hanna was one of the first teenagers to sign up at the start of the project. Her mum Emma, a professional photographer herself, was keen to support the cause and capture some memories because, as she says, “when photography is your day job, you tend not to pick up the camera with the kids.” The photoshoot took place in March and soon after, in the blink of an eye, future plans came to a screaming halt…

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CHECK IT OUT Research into the Human-Horse Bond There’s something compelling about horses; their beauty, gentleness, and unassuming curiosity pulls us towards them and brings our hands out just to touch them. And there’s even something, almost impossible to explain, that makes us miss them when we’re apart. And all that, scientists say, is exactly what bonding is all about. According to a new study, humans create emotional bonds with horses that fit the scientific definitions of attachment theory. And they can do it really quickly—even within half an hour. Read a report about this research at: https://horsesandpeople.com.au/research-into-the-human-horse-bond/ Recruiting Those Who Know Their Horses Best How does your horse’s behaviour and training compare to what other horses in the world are doing? Designed as a link between horse owners and horse researchers, the online…

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effective horse cooling – as recommended by the fei

Hot or hot and humid environmental conditions are a serious risk to health and performance unless properly managed. Research into the effects of heat and humidity on horses during competition has been ongoing since the Atlanta Olympic Games. Here is some practical information on effective horse cooling, as recommended by the FEI. Effective Cooling of the Horse If horses have not experienced being aggressively cooled before, then it is advisable to try and introduce this to them at home prior to competition. Make sure your horses are familiarised with fans, being sprayed with water from hoses and having people working on both sides. BEST Cooling Techniques (in order of effectiveness) ✔ Apply cold water-Applying large volumes of cold water all over the horses’ body is the most effective way of cooling a horse. There is no advantage…