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Hot Rod August 2018

Start running with HOT ROD - the biggest, baddest, car-guy magazine in the business! We bring you the broadest performance car coverage you'll find anywhere. From one end of the smoking¹ rubber road to the other. Barn finds, hot rods, rat rods, race cars, home-built super cars, land speed racers, the latest Detroit iron, and classic muscle - if it¹s hitting the streets, you¹ll read about it here first!

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from dirt oval to dot com

I’ll admit it, I watch YouTube drag-racing videos. In the garage, on the iPhone, at the dentist, and last year the kid’s Christmas pageant. The big antennae that are likely irradiating my neighborhood also brings me hours of this stuff, then cool kids like Kyle Loftis at 1320 Video does us all a solid by flying to Sweden to cover the Stockholm open so I can watch it at home. Whenever the office is lame all week, the Friday night crack is a Smart TV away. With millions of internet views and subscribers for the taking, I’ve noticed there are now car guys popping up everywhere. They are trying hard, but they often reek of newness. Rather than turn this observation into hate, I can’t help but flashback to the days…

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corvette’s first national title

Chevrolet engineer Zora Arkus-Duntov’s insistence on sending Corvettes head-to-head against the fastest European sports cars in 1956 produced the first national championship for the marque and, in the process, may have saved the poor-selling two-seater from GM’s chopping block. Factory driver Dr. Dick Thompson’s path to the unlikely SCCA C-Production title got a crooked start on 17 Mile Drive, the tree-lined public road near Monterey, California, hosting the Pebble Beach Road Races for the seventh and final time this fateful April 22nd. A newly available eight-barrel intake and solid-lifter “Duntov” cam for Chevy’s 265 propelled “The Racing Dentist” to the class trophy—a first for any Corvette—and shocking domination of exotic Jaguars and Mercedes 300SLs for six laps of the 15-lap production feature, until the dual disadvantages of cast GM drums and…

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the hot rod archives

20 YEARS AGO August 1998 (144 pages, $3.95): Our $4,525 Rat ate our $3,679 Mouse in head-to-head battles on both the dyno and dragstrip, but barely: 464 to 423 hp; 465 vs. 443 lb-ft.; and an altitude-corrected 11.91 e.t. at 114.14 mph to 12.18/111.40 in the same street/strip 1970 Camaro. Ron Sperry of Chevy skunkworks spilled inside secrets about hopping up the new LS1 to former editor and publisher Jim McFarland. Another ex-staffer, Al Kirschenbaum, traced the history of another small-block, Chrysler’s A-motor. All of this heavy tech was nicely balanced by archive photos of 50 famous cars and trucks featured in HRM since 1948. 40 YEARS AGO August 1978 (116 pages, $1.25): Ignoring nervous factory executives, our leadfooted staff showed no mercy to a trio of preproduction 1979 Fox-bodies in exclusive early…

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take 5 with john staluppi

For nearly 15 years, TV viewers of the Barrett-Jackson auction have come to know John Staluppi for his solid taste in post-WWII American collector cars and his pint-sized lap dog named Dillinger, who was trained to bark on command. Eventually, the dog was placing the bids while poised in the arms of John, wife Jeanette, or one of the Staluppi’s grandkids. Naturally, TV audiences ate it up and little Dillinger became “a thing” at Barrett-Jackson for many years. With each winning “bark,” Staluppi accumulated another addition to his Cars of Dreams collection of more than 125 top-tier vehicles. Sadly, little Dillinger has gone to TV dog heaven, but fear not, another Maltese pup, this one named Buddy, will take his place. Located in North Palm Beach, Florida, the Cars of Dreams…

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automotive archaeology   backyard stash of b-bodies

David in Indiana told us about bunch of neat, but neglected, vehicles in his area. Unexpectedly, he said he also had a few cars sitting at his house. In his backyard, he had a 1969 Plymouth Road Runner, a 1968 Dodge Superbee, and his fun project was an original yellow 1970 Dodge Coronet. The Road Runner had been sitting for a long time before David saved it. The Superbee was in rough shape as well, but it was still solid enough to be considered a trendy “ratty muscle car.” He has been working on the Coronet, and it runs and drives well. David is the next generation of gearheads, and he was thoughtful enough to allow the cars in his backyard to move on to better homes since we saw them so…

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life is a barn

We’ll never know exactly what Edwin “Alan” Rietz was thinking as he hoarded nearly 100 vintage cars and trucks over a 45-year period, but there are clues. A look through his collection reveals a dozen or so collectible Mopars, mostly 1970 models, but the majority are what you might call “everyman” cars—stuff like Dusters and D100s. Rietz’s favorite machinery was produced by the Chrysler Corporation—Dodges especially—but there is a smattering of C4 Corvettes and Cadillacs on Rietz’s 1,100-acre farm. There are no Fords in sight, which is puzzling, but according to relatives, Rietz did own a 1948 Ford in high school—his only known Blue Oval. Alan Rietz passed away September 30, 2017, taking that secret with him. Rietz’s barn find came to our attention by way of the VanDerBrink Auctions website.…