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Hot Rod February 2018

Start running with HOT ROD - the biggest, baddest, car-guy magazine in the business! We bring you the broadest performance car coverage you'll find anywhere. From one end of the smoking¹ rubber road to the other. Barn finds, hot rods, rat rods, race cars, home-built super cars, land speed racers, the latest Detroit iron, and classic muscle - if it¹s hitting the streets, you¹ll read about it here first!

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for the love of machines

Look back in time, further…a little more…there! Back to the first time you saw something working like a trip hammer or ticking like a clock with mysterious inner workings. If you are reading this magazine, you likely had a moment where you began to love machinery for the sake of it. Was it a nail gun or lawnmower, airplane, or train? Stop and remember. Later, you realized that some machines provide freedom from parents and access to faraway lakes and towns. And girls, maybe. There is no memory without emotion and no emotion without sights, sounds, and smells. So when you are parked at the lake this weekend, are you remembering the car that got you there the first time? I am on my 20th year with HOT ROD and Car Craft…

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It’s easy to just glance at these photos of time and place and miss all the things that are going on. The time was 1971 to 1975 and the place was Orange County International Raceway (OCIR), and of course, these are Funny Cars on the line shot by Ron Lewis, a photographer that you can still find, on the line, at NHRA events. HOTROD.COM/Douglas-Glad…

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hot rod anything! drag-racing belt sander

Those bleak Northeastern winters will make people do strange (and, frankly, awesome) things. Case in point: Heads-up belt-sander racing! This is John Ellsworth’s “Loco,” a 1950s Porter Cable BB10 belt sander modified for Stock-class competition at the Fenwick Trustworthy Hardware store in Fenwick Island, Delaware. Most series run a 25- to 75-foot track with two classes, Stock and Modified (or Unlimited). Fueled by the power company’s finest 110v, these belt-sander drag racers go through their power tools to find every ounce of speed. The Stock class often requires that the internals remain factory, but in John’s class, he can modify them for better performance. The motor was blueprinted and micropolished to reduce friction in the armature assembly. The driveline bearings that support the chain-drive and rollers had their dust seals removed (not…

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take 5 with frank hawley

You likely know the name Frank Hawley from drag-racing schools in both Florida and Southern California. Hawley’s a drag racer, so the expectation is a fast-talking guy in a firesuit, calling out competitors and pacing in the pits. What you get is a calm, studied gentleman who doesn’t betray the fact he was a Fuel driver in the “Chi Town Hustler” AA/FC with the famed tuner Austin Coil, winning two world championships in the early 1980s. Hawley considers racing a form of athletics, so he knows more about the relationship between your brain, eyes, and hands than most doctors. With part science and part passion, he shows would-be drag racers how to handle themselves at the wheel of a 9-second door-slammer or rail. His story begins when racing in Fuel meant…

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the hot rod archives

UNLIMITED ARCHIVE ACCESS! Every page of every issue since Volume One, Number One (Jan. 1948) can be viewed online by Platinum-level members of the HOT ROD Club. Sign up at 20 YEARS AGO February 1998 (144 pages, $3.50): Editor Ro McGonegal described the happy driver as “demonic” and the spray as “hippie crack.” No less shocking was his editorial explaining how the new Petersen Publishing Co. publicized its initial stock offering (8.05 million shares at $17.50) with a smoky burnout through Manhattan’s Wall Street Canyon by John Bolkema’s 1937 Ford coupe. The green goblin reappeared in “Bottle Bomb,” Steve Magnante’s tale of juicing a junked Cordoba’s 130,000-mile 318 and coaxing 13s from a beater Duster. “Speed Seekers,” the second installment in Gray Baskerville’s yearlong, 50th-anniversary series, tracked the history of aftermarket engine…

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automotive archaeology body shop challenger prison

An incredible collection of Mopars tucked away in the hills of Pennsylvania was discovered after the recent Chyslers at Carlisle event. Inside a small, private body shop located behind a family home is an impressive selection of old Dodges, including this 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T covered in decades of sanding dust. Though it’s a fairly basic car—originally equipped with the 383 Magnum, air conditioning, and power drum brakes—the fact that there are still cars like this to be found sitting in outbuildings is exciting. Fortunately, because this E-body has been stored inside this building since the early 1990s, it seems to be in pretty good shape, and the family has plenty of engines sitting around, so hopefully this car will see the roads of America once more.…