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Hot Rod November 2017

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what makes tech tick

Tech stories are a critical element to any enthusiast mag. Whether you’re into hot rods or ham radios, it’s expected that your go-to periodical will deliver the kind of hands-on content that helps you grow as a member of that community. The absence of those stories is a disservice to readers, but it does beg the question: Is all tech good tech? I’ve read thousands of pages of it over the years and have found there are three critical elements—information, entertainment, and inspiration—that make for a great piece. Tech is my favorite subject to write for two reasons: One, it allows me to get my hands dirty—a Zen-like endeavor that reminds me why I do what I do—and, two, because I have never written a tech story where I didn’t learn…

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in my opinion

Summer Marathon The first leg of our summer editorial marathon officially kicked off with Power Tour. Now there’s Bonneville, Woodward, Drag Week, SEMA, PRI, MCACN, and more events than I can count just around the corner. SBComplacency When opening the twin packages of pushrods at the dyno for a big-block, top-end kit test, I had a momentary panic attack when the sets were unequal length. “It’s a big-block, Evan,” Steve Brulé said. Right! Splayed valves—duh! And the world was good again. RancBro My Ranchero’s glovebox badging has seen some sun over the years. The E is long gone and the H has sort of shriveled into a B. It’s not the first classic car to nickname itself—guess how my friend, Scott’s, Buick earned the name “Buck.” Fellow Crazies It’s both amazing and awesome that when I come…

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the corvette curse

Did you know there was a Funny Car curse? Known as the “Corvette Curse,” superstition runs through every form of racing, including drag racing. In the late-1960s through early 1970s, numerous Corvette-bodied Funny Cars met unceremonious ends from evil handling, contact with both walls, and cars in opposite lanes, starting with Don Cullinan and Jim Wetton’s “Mako Shark” Funny Car that crashed at Lions Drag Strip in 1969. The next year, Glenn Solarno’s “Invader,” Bob Harris’ “Super Shaker,” Vic Morse’s “Mister-T,” and Don Hampton’s twin-engine “American Bandstand,” all Vette Funnies, met quick ends blamed mostly on the curse. Orange County International Raceway (OCIR) held an all–Corvette Funny Car Invitational to capitalize on the curse and tempt fate, hoping to draw a crowd steeped in superstition, speed, and barbecued fiberglass. Gene…

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hot rod anything! kawasaki’s hellcat for the water

Can we just call this the Hellcat of Jet Skis? It needs a low-power key for the weak-willed, it’s got a blower, and it’s just about as irrational. What we’re talking about is the 310hp, 1,498cc four-banger in Kawasaki’s Ultra 310-series of Jet Skis. Known internally as the JT1500LHF, this is a water-cooled, DOHC, air-to-water-intercooled Jet Ski is electronically limited to just under 70 mph, but with an Eaton TVS supercharger carrying a pulley that looks like it could be a few fractions of an inch smaller and a healthy aftermarket, we don’t think it’s an issue for those wanting a bit more insanity. Starting with the company’s 210hp Ninja ZX-14R sportbike engine, Kawi strapped on a 2.0L, four-lobe TVS blower that feeds 16.8 psi of intercooled boost through a 60mm…

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the hot rod archives

20 YEARS AGO November 1997 (164 pages, $3.50): While our main blurb read “Max Power,” what we really meant was spelled out in the California egoplate of Ken Zeller’s Corvette and the subtitle of staffer Jeff Koch’s cover story: “Street Cars in Search of 200 MPH.” Another featured C5, John Lingenfelter’s personal coupe, had come closest to date, clocking 190 on radar. Cover-photographer Wes Allison (who still shoots for this and sister publications) rode shotgun in the new, Shotgun-powered Deuce that Frank Currie would famously drive 700 miles to Bonneville, reach 200 mph on the salt, then drive home to SoCal. 40 YEARS AGO November 1977 (122 pages, $1.25): “Chrysler performance” had become an oxymoron. Road-tester Jim McCraw’s upbeat review of the Little Red Truck prototype inadvertently said as much by hopefully suggesting…

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take 5 with dale earnhardt jr.

Last year, Dale Earnhardt Jr. married his sweetheart, Amy. This year, he’s in the midst of his last season in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series. For each of the last 14 seasons, he has been voted the series’ most popular driver. Of course, you know all about his father. Dale Jr. will turn 43 this October. That ought to make you feel old. HRM] Is there anything you’ll be glad to be rid of when you retire from driving? DEJ] A bunch of little stuff. Little things around me. But they don’t come to the top of my mind right now. HRM] What do you think you’re going to miss the most? DEJ] The camaraderie and friendships. Working with the team and with my guys through practice and trying to figure things out.…