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ghost recon: breakpoint

“THE RAMBO FANTASY’S BEEN REPLACED WITH PURE SURVIVAL” FORMAT PS4 RELEASE DATE 4 Oct PUBLISHER UBISOFT DEVELOPER UBISOFT PARIS UNLIKE GHOST RECON: WILDLANDS, WHICH SAW YOU SINGLE-HANDEDLY TAKE DOWN A BOLIVIAN DRUG CARTEL, THIS NEW ENTRY IN THE CLANCYVERSE TACTICAL SHOOTER SERIES PUTS THE BULLSEYE ON YOUR BACK. YOU’RE NO LONGER THE HUNTER, BUT THE HUNTED; THE RAMBO FANTASY’S BEEN REPLACED WITH PURE SURVIVAL. The latter factor comes in a variety of progress-hindering flavours, as Breakpoint’s fictional archipelago – dubbed Auroa – has been crafted to keep you on edge. Sun-baked beaches, snow-capped mountains, and dense jungles are just a few of the environments you’ll have to endure. And that doesn’t account for the unpredictable weather that can make each area a nightmare to navigate. You needn’t wait for sunburn or frostbite to get…

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keeping it real

1 Injuries will affect what you can do: hurt your leg and you can’t run; damage your shoulder and your aim will be off. Taking time to fix injuries is essential. 2 You can make your own entry points in Breakpoint by using the torch cutter to create gaps in fences. We can’t wait to see what other freedoms the game will offer. 3 Even though you’re trapped on an island the Ghosts have access to a variety of vehicles, and the handling has been improved for this soft-sequel to Wildlands. 4 Each class has its own weapons to master, and in Breakpoint you’ll need to keep these guns clean. If you don’t, their aim and power will be affected.…

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how well did metal gear solid predict the future of warfare?

THE METAL GEAR SOLID FRANCHISE HAS ALWAYS BEEN A LITTLE... WEIRD. FROM CYBERNETIC NINJAS TO AUTOMATED CAMOUFLAGE TO IMMENSE WALKING TANKS, FRANCHISE DIRECTOR HIDEO KOJIMA HAS NEVER SHIED AWAY FROM THE BIZARRE. BUT THE MOST INTERESTING BIT OF KOJIMAS STRANGENESS IS THE DYSTOPIAN FUTURE HIS SERIES DEPICTS. Each entry in the Metal Gear Solid franchise (well, except for MGS3) makes a series of bold predictions of the state of the world in the early years of the 21st century. But as we dive towards 202, we find ourselves living in a world sort of similar to the one in Kojima’s game. At this point, we’ve met that future in the real world. How does Kojima’s predictions stack up? GENETIC MANIPULATION OF SOLDIERS WILL BE ADVANCED ENOUGH TO SEE WIDESPREAD USE The prediction: The…

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revisiting battlefield: bad company 2

There was a moment, believe it or not, when this FPS behemoth didn’t take itself quite so seriously. Where Battlefield 1’s single-player campaign is mixture of harrowing battle scenes and spirited gallows humor (a vast improvement on BF4’s angry-men-shouting-at-each-other approach), the Bad Company games are the complete opposite, following a squad of misfits caught up in a war between Russia and America. They’re written off by the US Army’s top brass as irresponsible cannon fodder, but prove themselves to be surprisingly capable on the battlefield despite their, er, colourful personalities. PRESTON MARLOWE IS A COCKY, MISCHIEVOUS SNIPER WHO ENDED UP IN BAD COMPANY AFTER CRASHING A HELICOPTER INTO A GENERAL’S LIMOUSINE. TERRANCE ‘SWEETS’ SWEETWATER IS A TWITCHY TECHNICIAN WHO ACCIDENTALLY UPLOADED A VIRUS TO A MILITARY COMPUTER. GEORGE ‘HAGS’ HAGGARD IS…

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how to be a video game guard: a professional guide

So you want to join the esteemed ranks of video game guards, do you? Be warned, it’s a tough life. The hours are long, the work is repetitive, and constant vigilance is a must. And then there’s the bad PR to consider. Forever being throttled, stabbed, shot and blown up, and usually without the slightest warning bar a slight shuffling noise in the shadows behind them, people tend to assume that our noble troops are a bit stupid. They’re not. They’re just trained in a very particular way. And if you want to join them, you’ll have to get with that program sharpish. Read on, and we’ll take you through the official training manual. KEEP YOUR BACK TO ANY OPEN DOORWAY You definitely don’t want to be looking towards the entrance to the…

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the 25 best war movies from dunkirk to downfall (and everything in between)

War movies are as old as cinema itself. Since people have been able to point a camera at stuff for entertainment, they’ve chosen to point it at conflict. Amongst other things. And while some depictions of war are pure, fantastical spectacle, designed to wow audiences with big explosions and chunky men wearing ripped camo fatigues, the best war movies tend to be more serious affairs, which deal with the horror and humanity of battle. This list is very much concerned with the more considered takes on war. We’ve had a handful of genuinely excellent war movies released over the last couple of years. They make this list, for obvious reasons, and they’re in good company as every entry here is a great film in its own right. Here are the best…