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IMAGE 92 - Spring 2017

Now one of the leading literary journals published in English, IMAGE is read all over the world—and forms the nexus of a warm and active community. The publication seeks out and brings to its readers work of high artistic quality that engages with the historic faith traditions on a profound level, without easy answers or false uplift, and with a serious respect for beauty and truth.

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9 min.
inventing the kingdom

WHEN The Kingdom landed on my desk with a thud, I could tell that it would pose a challenge—that it would be a book I had to contend with. In addition to being a substantial tome, it comes with the cultural imprimatur conveyed by its publisher, the venerable Farrar, Straus and Giroux, whose backlist includes the likes of Czesław Miłosz, Seamus Heaney, and Flannery O’Connor. From the publicity materials I learned that its author, Emmanuel Carrère, is one of France’s leading writers and intellectuals, the author not only of novels and memoirs but also of film and television screenplays, some of which he has also directed. One of these was a series about people who mysteriously come back from the dead, not as zombies, but as people resuming their normal lives:…

26 min.
hymn to the blessed mother

UNTIL LAST YEAR, I worked in a small apartment on Nampeidai in Shibuya. In actuality, the apartment was not on Nampeidai proper, but was located away from the main street and all its spacious mansions, and thus the deposit and the rent were not so very expensive. Of the apartment’s two rooms, I used one as an office and the other as a reception room to speak with clients from magazines. My clients would often compliment me on finding such a conveniently sized workplace. However, it was not I who had found this place. I had taken it over for Mr. Corgan, who had lived here until about four months ago. Corgan was a recently resigned priest from America. For fifteen years he had been doing research on early Christianity in…

1 min.
domestic mary, mother

Domestic The knife was held like night—quiet in her husband’s hand. In silence, the umbilicus was snipped.The moon went on shining. A mare leapt astride a stallion.Jerusalem was drowning. A match dropped.Hay fired. Kings slunk away.The world hung heavy on her breast.—Love’s foundling. A curtain twitched:unholy neighbors. A nosey Roman pokedhis head in the manger. Night clambered onatop another day. For warmth, the shepherdslit dried dung. Close by, a spark or twoof life’s unknown, fell to a weirding fire. Mary, Mother It is a fact that no one worries in the Bible. —Adam Phillips i. She worried.& she knew. Good enough makes a faint halo. Still she was good enough.She let the infant dream his unbroken bodyat her nipple. She suckled him &waited as lightning struck. Often. His eyes clouded—ultramarine, gray violet. His work would comesoon enough, until then.... She watched when heclambered to the roof to shoot ravens, then heal themwith a smudged finger…

2 min.
fat tuesday exodus

Fat Tuesday Out of exceeding gloom and out of God,I break a prayer from a growl and singa hymn more ordinary than tap water.I pray that I might be more than my skin,this dance of atoms, this ritual of ash,this tribe of twilight and rattled angels,this pattern of epiphanies rejected.I know all prayer is merely the patterof little feet coming down the stairwellin a daydream of a future household.Paradise I make a book of laughterand forgetting; in the threnody spunfrom streetlight cascading through sheets of rainin the parking lot after a movie,I make a gospel called marriage. Coast therewith me, wife. I pray for the only graceevery soul is blessed with: stupidity.Let me be stupid enough to love more,to want less, to desire only what mothsinsane for light desire in their…

25 min.
still mending south africa between the shadow and the light

NEXT TO THE ENTRANCE to the Constitutional Court in Johannesburg, South Africa, where the chief justices meet to uphold what has been called the “most progressive” of constitutions, stands a bronze sculpture by Dumile Feni, a South African of Xhosa descent [see page 27]. It is based on a smaller clay work made in 1987, at the height of the violent struggle to topple the apartheid regime, and it depicts a man, larger than life, crouching on all fours like a beast of burden, yoked to a cart on which two people, a man and a woman, are seated on the back of yet another person. At first glance one might think it represents the intolerable oppression that constituted apartheid in South Africa. But South Africa’s Constitutional Court Justices Albie…

1 min.
crewelwork create in me a clean heat o god

Crewelwork With more persistent stitcheryI might breach the red intelligence of berriestaking French-knot shapes among embroideredleaves, or bring a spirit hoveringin the satin-stitch of a hummingbird’ssmall throat; while outlining a dragonflyI may divine its mythic originin dragon—fiery, winged, then trickedinto an insect’s form, but keepingflashes of the fabled—like all of uswho come from far, bringing storiesof vain passions once pursued. What I came toas a child, pulled up outside the needleworkshop: a window with such breezy sheersthat I fell endlessly through, my hopeless threada tangle under sewing hoops, snag and snarlof vivid yarn the way our world looks,and then the thrill to hear the shopkeepersay: Be still. It is the fabric’s finished sidethat’s visible from heaven. Create in Me a Clean Heart O God The thing I did for sorrow was silence.The thing…