iPad Annual

iPad Annual Vol 1

Since the first iPad was released in 2010, Apple has revolutionised its offering again and again. We want to celebrate this remarkable technology and its journey to becoming the most accomplished tablet on the market. From tricks that make for more efficient use, to device security, we look at all the most innovative details. We follow the evolution of the iPad, find out why this is the best device for all of your entertainment needs and more. Whether you use your device for work, play or keeping in touch, The iPad Annual will ensure you do it right! Featuring: Life, made easier - Discover the hidden tricks to make your iPad easier to use than ever before. Fort iPad - Lock down your iPad with its dedicated security functions. Device to device, seamlessly - Get to grips with the seamless integration of Apple's devices. Entertainment, anywhere - The iPad is made for keeping you occupied on the go – find out how.

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