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10 voice commands to control your iphone with siri

Ever since Apple’s virtual assistant Siri debuted with the release of the iPhone 4S and iOS 5 in 2011, using our cellphones has become quicker and easier. So why are you still navigating your device with taps, swipes, and gestures when you could be using Siri? Whether you are a seasoned or rookie iPhone user, Siri will allow you to take control of your device, save time, and be more productive. As a legally blind iPhone user, I’ve found the following Siri commands to be helpful in allowing me to take advantage of technology and use my iPhone more easily. However, these tips are appropriate for sighted people, too. For sighted readers who may want to pass this article along to a visually impaired family member or friend, I’d suggest using…

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from the original apple watch to the series 4

When I joined the iPhone Life team in 2013, rumors of an “iWatch” had recently begun circulating. Analysts wondered, in the post-Steve Jobs era of Apple, did the tech giant have what it took to release a hit product in a new category? We found out in April of 2015 when Tim Cook finally unveiled the original Apple Watch. Initial sales for the device were pretty underwhelming, reflecting the mixed experience the wearable offered. While the Apple Watch was the most user-friendly fitness tracker we’d ever tested, the device fell short as a smartwatch, with apps that were slow to load and couldn’t function without being connected to an iPhone via Bluetooth. Fast forward to today, and the Apple Watch has become the best-selling wearable on the market. This begs…

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comments from readers

Re: What do you love about iOS 12? I love that ‘Hey Siri’ now works in Low Power mode! Yippee!! However, I hate that in iOS 12, you can no longer search the Photos app for pictures taken nearby. I often used this feature multiple times a day. -Donna Campbell Re: How do you like to read on your iPhone? I love using Kindle on my iPhone to read in line at the bank, store, or even while waiting to get gas. I love that there’s an entire library in my pocket to choose from. I can adjust the font size, look up definitions, highlight text, or post from a book to Facebook. Even better than that? Audiobooks! Now all those crappy commutes have turned into time I actually look forward to! -Tim Gesner I get…

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stuff the iphone life team is loving

David Averbach, CEO Blue Bottle Coffee Subscription (Starting at $9.50/month) Each week this Oakland-based company sends me a bag of freshly roasted single-origin coffee beans from a different country. It’s more expensive than store-bought beans, but is cheaper than going to a coffee shop every day. Plus, it feels so luxurious to have delicious coffee each morning. Rheanne Taylor, Video Producer 1 Second Everyday: Video Diary ($4.99) I’ve set a goal to take a photo each day in order to improve my photography skills, and this app has been great at encouraging me to stick with it. I simply take a photo at some point in my day, and at the end of a month I get to create a short video showcasing all of my little moments. Donna Cleveland, Editor in Chief Kala Concert Ukulele Starter…

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safety gear

I recently embarked on a search for smart gadgets that could provide me a daily added measure of peace of mind. What I was looking for were simple, smart safety products that worked with my iPhone and could potentially protect me, my family, and my home. With seemingly endless options online and in stores, I asked myself, what will benefit me the most? What do I actually need? And what is most worth the money for the cost? What follows are a few items that give me the total confidence and peace of mind I was searching for. Tile Pro Tracker ($35) The Tile Pro has saved me from misplacing my belongings more times than I can count! I keep my Tile Pro on my keys because they are easily misplaced. From my…

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measure app

As part of iOS 12, Apple released a new augmented reality app called Measure, which can take measurements of objects in the real world. Read on to discover how to take advantage of it. Download the Measure App This super handy app is great for taking measurements of household items without having to get your measuring ribbon out. However, you’ll need to make sure you have an iOS device that supports Apple’s ARKit in order to take advantage of it. Compatible devices include the iPhone SE and iPhone 6S or newer and any iPad released in 2017 or later. If you have a device that lets you take advantage of ARKit, your next step is to download the app. To do this, open the App Store, search Measure, and then tap Get…