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Preview an Area in Look Around Mode Look around mode gives you a 360-degree view of any area on the map that’s been recorded by Apple. This mode lets you take a virtual tour of where you’re headed or view a window into a place you’ve never been to. To use Look Around mode, open Maps. Enter a city that has this feature, such as San Francisco. Scan the thumbnails for the Look Around label. Tap that label to get a close-up view of that area. Unfortunately, you can’t use this mode for specific locations, like a street address, but that feature should become available as Apple records more streets. Make a List of Your Favorite Locations With iOS 13, your Favorite lo-cations display in a conveniently placed horizontal list at the bot-tom…

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hidden features

Silence Unknown Callers If you’re sick of robocalls and unknown numbers disrupting your day, you’ll want to engage this hidden feature. While the calls will still technically go through, they’ll be sent directly to voicemail. To enable this feature, open the Settings app. Scroll down and select Phone. Look for Silence Unknown Callers and toggle the switch to the on position. Before turning on this feature, it’s a good idea to go through your Contacts list and make sure you’ve saved important numbers like your doctor’s office. Optimized Battery Charging Leaving a fully charged iPhone plugged in to a power source for long periods of time is harmful to your battery life. With Optimized Battery Charging, you can extend the life of your battery. This feature allows the iPhone to optimize how the…

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the case for buying my seven-year-old an iphone

In parenting and tech circles, whether or not to buy your kid a phone is hotly debated. As I’ve dug into the research, I discovered a lot of really good reasons to do it. A phone could help me keep my son safe, keep track of him, and teach him responsibility, not to mention that technology is an inevitable part of his life. After a lot of consideration, my partner and I decided to buy my seven-year-old an iPhone. Now, I will justify that decision to you. REASON 1: CHILDREN ARE MOBILE One of the reasons we began talking about getting an iPhone for my son is that he is a child of divorce, which means he has two homes. He spends time with his biological father each week and sometimes visits…

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photos & camera

Navigating the Updated Photos Tab A new menu in the Photos app makes sorting your photos easier. When you open the app, you’ll see the tabs you’re used to, including Photos, For You, Albums, and Search. In the Photos tab, however, you’ll find new viewing options. Here, you can now quickly sort your pictures by Days, Months, Years, and All Photos. Apple uses its algorithm to highlight your best photos and videos from any given timeframe you select. To see all your media without any of your curation, tap All Photos. Now, you can easily locate that photo or video you wanted to share with your friends. Rotate Your Videos At long last, you can rotate your videos without having to install third-party software! Just open the Photos app and locate the video…

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louisa moje

Location: New Jersey Bio: Louisa Moje is a fashion blogger and entrepreneur. She’s the voice behind LaPassionVoutee.com, a resource for practical, everyday fashion advice for women. Louisa recently released her own line of African print swimwear. She also writes for an African travel blog with her twin sister. Lightroom: Rather than getting stuck behind the computer, I can edit a photo for Instagram between errands. Lightroom makes it a breeze to edit images without the need to launch the software on my computer. rewardStyle: As a fashion blogger, my readers count on me to share practical styles. The rewardStyle app gives me access to shoppable clothing pieces so I can conveniently share outfits with my audience on social media. Mint: I use Mint to keep track of my spending and finances. I get alerts…

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Sort Reminders by Category Remember how the old Reminders app used to look like a stack of index cards? Now Reminders offers a much easier-to-use interface, with all items divided up into four distinct sections: Today, Scheduled, All, and Flagged. The Today tab takes you to any reminders scheduled for that day, the Scheduled tab shows all upcoming alerts by date, the All tab displays all your reminders in the old list format, and the Flagged tab displays only items you’ve manually marked as important. Using these tabs makes it easier to find, manage, and organize reminders quickly. Add, Rename & Remove Lists Adding and renaming lists you want while removing lists you don’t need gives you more organizing power in the Reminders app. To add a new list, tap Add List on…