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living in fractional ownership

What could be more normal than wanting to save money? We don’t want to spend any more than we have to, or buy more than we need. But when it comes to buying a holiday home in Italy many people find that they pay a full-time price for a part-time possession – they lay out a huge sum for a wonderful house that they are only going to use for perhaps five or six weeks a year. Many buyers get round this to a certain extent by offering holiday rentals on their Italian home, recovering some of their financial outlay over time, but there is another option to consider: fractional ownership. If you haven’t heard of fractional ownership before, the first and most important thing to know is that it not…

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this month readers’ photos

THIS MONTH’S WINNER Rob Schnepp, St Dominick, Cornwall “A colour splash effect of a gondolier in monotone and only the red and white shirt in colour. Gondoliers are such a symbol of Venice.” Send us your favourite Italian travel photos, and each month the best photo wins a bottle of Villa Sandi Il Fresco Prosecco and exclusive bottle stopper!* SEE MORE OF YOUR PHOTOS ON OUR WEBSITE HIGHLY COMMENDED Constantine Matsos, Burlington, Ontario “An evening stroll on the Ponte Vecchio in Florence. The bridge is just as lively during the night as it is during the day.” Mona Rando “My daughter in Italy, taken on her cousin’s phone.” Stephen T Fryers, Jensen Beach, Florida “Portofino. This was the fabulous view we had each morning looking over the harbor to Castello Brown.” Linda Monetta, Vancouver “View of Castelmezzano before our zipline adventure on…

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you tell us…

What’s been your best ever hotel view in Italy? We asked out Facebook friends for their most memorable vistas… • Pienza! The hotel had been a convent originally, with thick stone walls and worndown steps. When I arrived I opened the window shutters to this beautiful view, and at the same moment a pigeon landed in the windowsill and the church bells started ringing. A magical moment. Allison Bennett • I still dream about these views from our apartment balcony in Taormina. The lounge room overlooked Corso Umberto, while our bedroom balcony faced the beautiful terraced gardens, houses and Ionian Sea. Naomi Moss • Venice, a quiet backstreet. We saw parents and children on the school run, day trippers, musicians, gondolieri, a delivery getting stuck under the bridge… Not as visually stunning as the others…

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a pilgrimage to possagno

There’s an elegantly mirrored and frescoed room in Venice’s Correr Museum, just off Piazza San Marco. I suppose you’d call the décor neoclassical: the mirrors are square, the frescoes are inspired by designs from Pompeii or maybe Nero’s Golden House, and there’s no rococo stucco work sprouting from ceiling or cornice. The room is dominated by an imposing sculpture in marble, showing an old man binding wax-and-feather wings to a young boy’s arms. The boy, of course, is Icarus; and the old man is his father Daedalus, the magically cunning inventor who created King Minos’s unsolvable labyrinth in Crete. We all know what happened when Icarus flew too close to the sun. The marble figures were created by another wizard of invention, another artificer whose skill approached the magical, Antonio Canova.…

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life through my lens

Having travelled so widely, you must feel like a true citizen of the world. I do indeed! I was born in Milan, then moved to Orvieto, my father’s hometown, at the age of ten. I left Italy after university. Overall, I spent about 13 years abroad, of which ten in London and two in Paris, with some shorter stays in Germany, Austria, Luxembourg and Buenos Aires. I have moved around quite a lot, I have to say. I came back to Milan nearly eight years ago. It felt nice to come back, but I must say I am ready for another change of scenery, especially after having spent most of 2020 in my tiny flat because of restrictions. I think it’s time to pack moving boxes again. Where did you study and…

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tinned tomatoes

Not everyone has the space to grow their own tomatoes, or to preserve the ensuing glut – they are seasonal produce, after all. While it is true that the most flavoursome Italian sauces are made with fresh tomatoes, the tinned alternatives are an excellent option too, especially when you need something quick and easy, or out of season. Good peeled plum tomatoes can make all the difference in making a delicious sugo pomodoro, and the best come from Italy. Some cooks prefer their tinned tomatoes chopped, for convenience, but in our experience whole plum tomatoes slowly break down as the sauce simmers, infusing it all the better with rich flavour. All these brands are available from supermarkets or speciality stores online. EDITOR’S CHOICE MUTTI PEELED TOMATOES From Mutti Price £1.20 for 400g Ripe Italian plum…