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Just Cars is the Collectable, Classic and Custom Car enthusiast’s bible for buying, selling and just plain dreaming. Not only is it the largest selling car magazine in Australia, it’s free for individuals to advertise meaning there’s no better place to find your next dream machine, or to find a like-minded mate who’s going to take care of yours if you need to sell it.

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morgan release new plus four

Seventy years after the first Morgan Plus 4 was released, Morgan Motor Company have released an all-new version…the Plus Four. While it may look identical to the old Plus 4, the new Plus Four is different in almost every way. For starters, there’s the new naming standard – that uses “Four” instead of “4” – a new engine, new chassis, fully-independent suspension and improved interior space. Morgan are describing the Plus Four as all-new, claiming it shares only 3 per cent of its components with the discontinued Plus 4. New standard features, previously optional or unavailable on a Plus 4, include LED lighting, power steering, ABS and remote central locking. “The all-new Morgan Plus Four represents the very best of the Morgan Motor Company,” said Morgan Chairman and CEO, Steve Morris at its…

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morgan cars australia update

While the new Plus Four is now available to order in the UK, Australian availability is still some time away. This is due to the ADR compliance process, which probably won’t be completed until later this year at the earliest, making a 2021 release likely if approved. The same applies to the Plus Six, which was initially limited to UK and EU markets, but may now be offered here, as Morgan have been looking at international compliance regulations to determine feasibility. As such, orders for the Plus Four and Plus Six cannot be taken until ADR approval is achieved. In the meantime, Morgan Cars Australia still have a handful of ‘Morgan Classic’ (ie. ladder frame chassis) models available, including a single example of the limited-edition Plus 4 70th Anniversary. With the switch to the…

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nmm seeks support for hartnett pacific restoration

The National Motor Museum at Birdwood, SA, has acquired a rare Australian-made Hartnett ‘Pacific’ convertible and are seeking public help to fund its restoration. FORGOTTEN AUSTRALIAN Little known today, the Harnett was the creation of Laurence Hartnett and was his second attempt at an all-Australian car after the Holden. After he resigned from GM-H in 1947, Hartnett began planning for the car that would bear his name - smaller and lighter than the Holden, more affordable and, most importantly, wholly Australian-owned. In sourcing a vehicle to meet this vision, Hartnett, somewhat ironically, settled on a design created by Frenchman Jean Grégoire. With a chassis made up of cast aluminium sections that included the firewall and windscreen frame, Grégoire’s design also featured fully-independent suspension and a 600cc air-cooled flat twin engine driving the front wheels. A SLOW…

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bmw ends i8 production

BMW announced in March that they’ll end production of their trailblazing i8 plugin hybrid sports car in April to focus on a new range of electric vehicles. The end for the i8 coupe and roadster comes after almost six years on the market and more than 20,000 sales, which BMW are claiming as a record for sports cars with electrified drive. At the time of the announcement, Australia had accounted for 155 of those sales. First revealed in concept form at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA), the i8 made its production debut at the same show four years later, presented alongside the fully-electric i3. The halo model for BMW’s new ‘i’ sub-brand, the i8 used a 1.5-litre three-cylinder ‘TwinPower’ turbo engine to drive the rear wheels and an electric motor to drive…

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hadfield seeks first competition car

Australian hot rod legend Rod Hadfield is trying to track down his first competition car and hopes the JUST CARS audience can help. Built in the early 1960s and known as ‘Baby Huey’, Hadfield’s debut drag racer featured the body of a 1950 Fiat Topolino supplied by Shepparton Auto Wreckers, hence their name on the car. The body sat on a custom chassis built from 3” x 2” square tube steel, with a roll cage made from water piping. A transverse leaf spring front end from a ’34 English Ford was modified to take C1960s Cortina wheels, while the rear featured Customline steel rims widened to 10 inches. The drivetrain for Baby Huey was made up of a 272/292 Ford Y-Block and three-speed gearbox, running to a Customline diff. Hadfield raced the car at Calder…

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bay to birdwood to go big for 40th anniversary

The Bay to Birdwood will mark its 40th Anniversary this year and organisers are aiming to make the 2020 run extra special. Over the past 40 years, the success of the Bay to Birdwood led to the event being split into two biennial categories in 2001: the first for vehicles manufactured before 1956; and the second for vehicles manufactured from 1956 to 1986. However, this year’s 40th Anniversary Bay to Birdwood (B2B), to be held on Sunday, 27 September, will be fully inclusive, with vehicles manufactured up to 31 December, 1989, eligible to enter. The same 1,750 entry cap as in past years will apply, but split across four categories: - Antique, veteran, vintage and post-war vintage vehicles – approx. 800 places - Vehicles manufactured between 1956 and 1980 – approx. 800 places - Vehicles manufactured…