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Lonely Planet Magazine India October 2019

The world’s most trusted source on travel, Lonely Planet has made its way to India. Through vivid writing and stunning color spreads from celebrated and seasoned traveller-writers and photographers, Lonely Planet Magazine India Inspires travelers to sample different cultures first-hand, discover new people, and learn fascinating stories about every place.

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lonely planet magazine india

Chief Executive Officer Deepak Lamba Chief Community Officer & Editor: Primrose Monteiro-D’Souza Senior Assistant Editor: Amit Gaikwad Chief Copy Editor: Samarpan Bhowmik Senior Features Writer: Aurelia Fernandes Travel Researcher: A ishwar ya Menon Senior Editorial Coordinator: Lalitha Luke Art Director: Mahesh Sagari Deputy Art Director: T. Krishna Prabakar Assisstant Vice President - Digital Revenue & Marketing: Priyadarshi Banerjee Manager - Marketing: Asha Kulkarni Chief Financial Officer: Subramaniam S Head Human Resource: Meghna Puthawala Content Studio: Vidyut Patra Experiential Marketing: Aakash Mishra Publisher: Joji Varghese LONELY PLANET INDIA PVT. LTD General Manager & Director: Sesh Seshadri LONELY PLANET GLOBAL LIMITED International Licensing Manager: Joe Revill Editorial Director: Tom Hall LONELY PLANET TRAVELLER MAGAZINE UK Editor: Peter Grunert BUSINESS DIRECTOR Sunil Wuthoo sunil.wuthoo@wwm.co.in BRAND SOLUTIONS WEST VICE PRESIDENT - Brand Solutions & Business Head - Femina Salon & Spa Gautam Chopra gautam.chopra@wwm.co.in Mumbai GENERAL MANAGER Neelam Menon neelam.menon@wwm.co.in Jiten Shivlani jiten.shivlani@wwm.co.in Shveta Somvanshi shveta.somvanshii@wwm.co.in Pune Ekta Dang ekta.dang@wwm.co.in Ahmedabad Kamal Rajput kamal.rajput@wwm.co.in NORTH VICE PRESIDENT - Brand Solutions & Sales…

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before winter comes…

As you might know, the LPM I office is in Mumbai, where ‘winter’, as the world knows it, is almost non-existent. A slight drop in temperature towards the end of the year offers a chance to wear lighter versions of the sweaters, pullovers and mufflers that the rest of India absolutely needs. As I write this in sultry September, the snow-drenched image on our cover this month is exhilarating in its promise of the cold that awaits in other parts of our planet. Indians have long been cautious about approaching holidays in the snow. We worry that we would be too cold to enjoy the destination, to explore, to do justice to the weather. That is slowly changing, as more travellers gear up to take on the whiteness of a wintry…

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the magnificent junagadh

Junagadh, or “old city” if you go by the literal translation, is one of Gujarat’s most beautiful districts with a vibrant street life. The heady mix of striking architecture, caves, edicts, temples, forts, stepwells, tanks, mausoleums, cannons and inscriptions dating back to the 2nd century AD is what this vibrant city is famous for. If you’re someone who enjoys a blast from the past, we recommend these five major attractions in Junagadh. 1 MAHABAT MAQBARA A striking example of the beauty of ancient mausoleums, the Mahabat Maqbara was erected by the Nawabs of Junagadh. Mahabat Khanji began its construction and his successor Bahadur Kanji completed it in the 19th century. Located in Chitkana Chowk, it’s one of the iconic landmarks of the city, an exquisite example of 19th-century art and architecture. Take…

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dose of culture

Out of AHMEDABAD (186km) Explore stunning architecture in Champaner, Gujarat While a lot of India’s Islamic architecture is from the Mughal era, there are some remnants from before that time too. Champaner in Gujarat was declared the capital of Pavagadh kingdom by Mahmud Begeda, grandson of Ahmed Shah of Ahmedabad, back in 1484, after he defeated the last Rajput king of Champaner. Over the next 20 years, a massive flurry of activity saw some stunning architecture come up, until Humayun annexed Champaner. It was declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 2004. The most significant monument, the Jami Masjid – said to have influenced mosque architecture across the world – is featured in the Encyclopedia of World Architecture. The best view over the city can be had from atop the minar…

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get away to the heart of nature in dandeli, karnataka

Out of BELGAUM (86km) With the devastation wreaked by the monsoon almost behind us, it’s time again to hit the open road. Around 90km south of Belgaum in Karnataka, in the heart of the Western Ghats, lies the small town of Dandeli. Cut in two by the Kali River, this little town has garnered a reputation for two things – water sports and birdwatching. The river, which can be a formidable beast during the monsoon, becomes a lot more manageable in the dry season, from October to June, and has rapids that rafting enthusiasts swear by. Then there are the four kinds of hornbills present in these parts, which draw birdwatchers from all across the sub-continent. The roads leading to Dandeli get a lot more interesting once you get off the highway, cutting…

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find another world in kochi, kerala

The banana leaves greet you at the entrance, and, then, they follow you in. The leaf runs through the first hotel in South East Asia from the Tribute Portfolio by Marriott. Port Muziris is sited near Cochin International Airport but is definitely not an airport hotel. Here, instead, is the perfect place from which to begin your journey into Kerala. You just might have little Lila as a fellow guest. The six-month-old hotel is a reimagination of the story of a little girl whose mother is Malayali and whose father is a Londoner, and who could return any moment to find a wondrous place imbued with her mother’s reminiscences of life in Kerala. It would be a very green place. The ubiquitous banana leaves feature again, interspersed with colourful birds, in…