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Lonely Planet August 2017

Feed your love of travel with award-winning Lonely Planet. Inside you'll find topical ideas for easy inspirational weekend breaks and more adventurous experiences to try out, helped by the insider knowledge of Lonely Planet's many experts around the world. You'll be taken on a journey through words and beautiful photography, with highly atmospheric features transporting you to spectacular landscapes and allowing local people to reveal their culture, history ,food, drink and the natural wonders that surround them.

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this month...

…we’re slipping into island time. It’s a chance to savour the character and occasional eccentricity that remoteness can foster; to wind the pace back and observe the smaller details. On Bali, worshippers set out offerings at dawn (p41). On Salina, just off Sicily, the catch of the day is coaxed from the Tyrrhenian Sea (p56). And on the Faroes, descendants of Vikings knit sweaters to shield themselves from the wild weather of the North Atlantic (p78). Elsewhere in this issue, the section once known as Mini Guides has evolved to allow more space for our favourite destinations, and focus in on our experts’ top recommended places of interest – discover more over the page and starting from p115. Subscribe! See p16 Follow us on Twitter @LPTraveller and Instagram @lonelyplanetmags Join our Lonely Planet Traveller…

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behind the scenes

BLOG Sketches, illustrations and all-round artistry are big at Lonely Planet, from magazine articles to beautiful books – and the Lonely Planet Illustrated blog showcases some of our favourite examples. Peek behind the scenes at the stories behind the art, including this on-the-road sketch by author Bridget Gleeson in Granada, Nicaragua and book spreads by illustrator Owen Gatley, at lonelyplanetillustrated.tumblr.com. LONELY PLANET MAP When it comes to plotting a big journey, there’s nothing like a proper paper map. Get stuck into our new series of planning maps- spanning the globe from Great Britain and France to Oz and NZ (£4.99). THIS MONTH’S COVER Head to islands near and far this summer: our newsstand cover shows a glimpse of a secluded bay on the Croatian island of Hvar, while the subscriber cover is awash with the…

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HUACACHINA, PERU The sands of time I was in the middle of a seven-month trip through Latin America from Mexico to Chile when I visited the desert dunes of Huacachina in southern Peru with some friends I made on the road. We were sitting atop one of the highest dunes in the area, watching the last few moments of a vivid sunset, when I turned around and spotted a group of three sitting in isolation in the distance. I was struck by the scale and beauty of the sweeping dune behind them, and how the advancing sunset gave the desert a Martian-like orange glow. This photo reminds me of how small we are in the scheme of things, and how beautiful the desert’s vast emptiness can be. BOCAS DEL TORO, PANAMA Unflappable I travelled thousands…

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Summer in the Alps The tradition of the Alpine hut dates back centuries, when farmers spent their summers up in the mountains tending to their grazing animals. Now, visitors to the Swiss Alps can get a taste of that lifestyle. A new website set up by the Swiss tourist board allows visitors to book directly one of the many wooden cabins scattered across the region. For a full Heidi experience, spend your days strolling the hills to the accompaniment of jangling cow bells, and nights in your hut in glorious isolation. •Rent one of 250 wooden Swiss huts at alp.holidaybooking.ch (from £145 for a week) MUSEUM SPLASHDOWN Dippy the diplodocus greeted visitors to London’s Natural History Museum for 35 years before standing down last December.This month, his replacement is revealed: a 4.5-tonne blue whale…

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something to declare: motorbikes are the best way to travel

“I’ve never thought of myself as a biker. I’m not one of those big hairy blokes who congregate at B-road cafés of a weekend, don’t own a leather jerkin emblazoned with the motto of my local motorcycle club, and would struggle to explain the difference between a two-stroke and four-stroke. But I firmly believe that motorbikes are the best way to travel. Like intravenous drips, these two-wheeled wonders inject you into places that lumbering four-wheelers can only dream of reaching. I’ve wound my way down narrow tracks in the depths of the Laotian jungle, ducking under trailing bamboo; bumped up steep, rocky mountainsides above the silvery waters of Lake Baikal and woven along muddy paths to remote tribal villages in Arunachal Pradesh. Even if a four-wheeler could reach these places, where’s the…

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tasty tours

HUNGRY TO SEE THE WORLD? Intrepid Travel has it covered with a new range of Real Foodie Adventure tours, catering to the growing trend for experiencing a destination through its food. First on the menu is an Iberian itinerary around Galicia & Portugal, with stops for seafood from Vigo’s fish market, world-class wines from the Douro Valley and ginjinha (wild cherry liqueur) in Lisbon. Next up is a seven-day tour across Southern Italy, where would-be Carluccios take part in a cooking masterclass, sample mozzarella di bufala direct from the farm and learn how to make gelato from scratch. Finally, starting and ending in Seoul, the South Korea itinerary takes in the craft breweries of Busan, bibimbap in food capital Jeonju, and the inimitable KFC – Korean Fried Chicken, of course. •Tours start from £1,430…