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Lonely Planet June 2017

Feed your love of travel with award-winning Lonely Planet. Inside you'll find topical ideas for easy inspirational weekend breaks and more adventurous experiences to try out, helped by the insider knowledge of Lonely Planet's many experts around the world. You'll be taken on a journey through words and beautiful photography, with highly atmospheric features transporting you to spectacular landscapes and allowing local people to reveal their culture, history ,food, drink and the natural wonders that surround them.

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this month...

…and not for the first time, we’ve been considering the question: should you visit Cuba now before it changes forever? In the months following the momentous state funeral of Fidel Castro and the first official welcome to American tourists since the ’50s, we head to Havana to ask a group of locals – a dancer, boxer, barber, chef and a pair of artists – about steadily evolving life in this Caribbean communist outpost (p54). Their verdict? The historic façades of their capital might be crumbling away, but its defiant spirit remains as vivid as ever. Havana is just one stop in this issue’s greatly varied tour of the world’s most exciting cities, ranging all the way from Atlanta, USA (p66) to St Petersburg, Russia (p80). Subscribe! See p16 Follow us on Twitter…

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behind the scenes

JUST BACK Our India expert Joe Bindloss recently visited the south Indian city of Hyderabad to explore its regal history. ‘This was once one of the wealthiest of all India’s princely states – at the height of his powers, its Nizam (ruler) was reputedly the richest man in the world,’ he says. Joe visited palaces, art collections, pearl markets and perfumiers who mixed him scents on the spot, and he even sampled a recreation of a royal meal, including curry-leaf sorbet served in a ceramic egg. ‘It sounds unusual but worked surprisingly well!’ His top city tips: Chowmahalla Palace Hyderabad’s answer to Versailles, with a gorgeous collection of courtyards, grand halls and treasures. The Charminar bazaars A tangle of markets where the whole city seems to haggle for fruit, beaded slippers,…

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FARNE ISLANDS, ENGLAND Fishing for compliments I took this shot on a day trip to the Farne Islands, off the coast of Northumberland. In summer, they teem with seabirds, including Atlantic puffins in their thousands. Setting foot on the islands, I was gobsmacked by all the birds: guillemots, razorbills, kittiwakes. The spectacle took my breath away (though it might also have been the smell). As it was breeding season, the puffins were bringing back sand eels by the beakful to their young. I was delighted to capture this one with its mouth full of fish, wings open as if bragging to his fellow puffins. This photo reminds me of my first encounter with the birds – now one of my favourites. INLE LAKE, MYANMAR Caught in the action I visited Inle Lake on a trip…

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The GreatWave off Kanagawa may well be the most influential artwork ever to come out of Japan. It’s now joined by other pieces from its creator Katsushika Hokusai in a new exhibition at London’s British Museum, the first in the UK to focus on his later life and art. Included among the 110 paintings, woodblock prints and drawings are many depictions of Japanese landscapes, with a focus on that other great Japanese icon – Mount Fuji, seen here dwarfed by the claw-like wave (‘Hokusai: beyond the Great Wave’ runs 25 May–13 Aug; £12; britishmuseum.org). Set loose in Belarus How many people have you met who’ve been to Belarus? We’re guessing it will be ‘none’. That may, however, be about to change: the fiercely protected and in many ways still Soviet nation is…

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something to declare : to have a happy life, be more scandinavian

“I’m often asked why I think Scandinavians are the happiest people on Earth. I used to be asked why Danes were the happiest, until Norway knocked the Danes off the top in this year’s recently published World Happiness Report, causing much confusion amongst the jolly Danes who’d held on to the top spot for years (much as Sweden holds on to Eurovision wins). We took the defeat well, posted congratulatory messages all over the internet and reminded ourselves that Norway and Denmark are best friends. Sweden thought this was all very funny, because the Swedes know that they are the happiest people – but don’t need a happiness list to tell them. The World Happiness Report doesn’t ask every smiling Scandinavian if they feel happy inside. The list is a considered…

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beer crawl

The journey starts in Seattle, with brewery visits and beer-paired dinners, plus trips up the city’s landmark Space Needle Next it’s down to Portland, with a cycling trip to local breweries and a visit to Columbia River Gorge After a stop at Crater Lake, the US’s deepest, you’ll spend time in Sonoma – adding local wine The trip finishes with free time in San Fran, to eat clam chowder at Fisherman’s Wharf and meet the sea lions at Pier 39 – all topped off, of course, with forays to breweries and bars…