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Lonely Planet October 2017

Feed your love of travel with award-winning Lonely Planet. Inside you'll find topical ideas for easy inspirational weekend breaks and more adventurous experiences to try out, helped by the insider knowledge of Lonely Planet's many experts around the world. You'll be taken on a journey through words and beautiful photography, with highly atmospheric features transporting you to spectacular landscapes and allowing local people to reveal their culture, history ,food, drink and the natural wonders that surround them.

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this month...

…we’re plotting every possible excuse to extend your summer. As the fiercest heat eases off in Mexico, now is the perfect time to venture to the 775-mile-long Baja California peninsula (p43). Our Great Escape carries you between encounters with cowboys, wine makers and whale sharks. Past British peak holiday season is also an ideal moment for a great rail journey, with few more laden with history than on Vietnam’s Reunification Express (p58). And in Italy’s Emilia-Romagna, we take a road trip through the region said to have fuelled Rome’s all-conquering armies – though I doubt they marched on stomachs full of Parma ham and Parmigiano Reggiano cheese (p70). Subscribe! See p16 Follow us on Twitter @LPTraveller and Instagram @lonelyplanetmags our Lonely Planet Traveller Insiders panel at immediateinsiders.com…

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behind the scenes

APPYTRAVELS We’ve just launched our Trips app – a new way for you to share your travel experiences on the road (or from the sofa) and get inspired for the next adventure. Simply upload photos and videos from your travels and, with a dash of tech wizardry, Trips turns them into beautiful visual stories, with maps, time and place data, and space to wax lyrical about your discoveries. Users can also stoke their wanderlust by browsing stories from our community of writers, photographers and experts, with curated collections ranging from city breaks to road trips. Get the iPhone app free from the App store (and on Android soon). THIS MONTH’S COVER The turquoise waters off Mexico’s Baja California peninsula take centre stage this issue. On our newsstand cover, a boat sets off from…

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DEADVLEI, NAMIBIA Memories of trees My friends and I travelled to Namib-Naukluft National Park on our first road trip in Namibia, a place whose friendly people and pure nature left us stunned. I took this shot at the clay pan of Deadvlei in the late morning as the sun’s warm light painted a huge sand dune, and I waited for a tourist to appear in the frame. In my imagination they were a human amid the devils of the camelthorn trees, which died about 800 years ago but never decomposed because the environment is so dry – an amazing phenomenon. This image reminds me of the beauty of Namibia’s landscapes, and of a place I will never forget. KOLKATA, INDIA Shaving grace I was on a photography workshop in Kolkata when I visited Kumartuli, the…

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Few people include bagpipes on their packing list, but for Ross OC Jennings they have been a mainstay of his travels to more than 60 countries. We caught up with the man who has a plan to pipe in every country of the world: ‘Piping at the Old Man of Storr in Scotland was out of this world. The weather was pretty bleak (classic Scotland), but it cleared up for a bit and I was able to play a few tunes. The ring around the Storr formed a natural amphitheatre, so you could hear me all the way down the valley.’ Where has been the most satisfying place to play the bagpipes? So far, the Middle East has been the greatest place to play the pipes. Everyone seems to absolutely love it –…

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time to return to tunisia?

Sidi Bou Said is a pretty town about 12 miles from Tunis, with all its houses painted white and blue. It has lots of little artisan shops and cafés, and interesting nooks to explore. It proved to be super-photogenic. I visited troglodyte dwellings in and around Matmata, including one that was used as the setting for Luke Skywalker’s home in StarWars Episode IV. There were no other visitors at the Roman town of Carthage and that made it even more magical. The views from the hilltop ruins were epic. I felt I was looking out at the same scenes as the Romans once did. Tunisians say they grow the best dates in the world. I joined a date-palm festival in Douz, eating fruit freshly shaken from the trees in a beautiful man-made…

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new film tawai

The film’s name refers to an inherent connection people have to nature. Just how obvious was that connection to you, living in these communities as an outsider? One thing that became apparent to me was that these guys are meditating every day. Hunting is a meditation: you have to be in your senses, fully alert and aware for a prolonged period of time, so they’re automatically exercising a part of themselves that the rest of us usually don’t. Most of the religions we have today have come about since agriculture and it’s no surprise that once we start manipulating nature, we suddenly think that we’re above it, and that God looks like us. What the indigenous groups have to share is that they see themselves absolutely as equals within nature –…