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Volume 8 Revised

Mac Tips, Tricks, Apps & Hacks will guide you through some of the lesser-known features of Apple's core apps before moving on to advanced tricks, hacks and apps to make you a power user. Apple's platform might seem a little closed off at first, but a touch of inquisitive spirit should bring you to the heart of your computer in no time at all. Featuring: Get ready for macOS Sierra - Prepare your Mac for the best update ever! The complete user guide to macOS - Inside Apple’s incredible, all-new operating system. Tips, Tricks & Hacks - Become a Mac genius with our simple workarounds for troublesome problems. App recommendations - Boost the functionality of your Mac by downloading a range of excellent apps.

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welcome to mac

Whether it’s an iMac, a brand new MacBook or a killer Mac Pro, Apple’s computers are pretty incredible machines. They're capable of almost anything right out of the box, but because everyday tasks like browsing the web and watching videos are made completely effortless, sometimes it can be easy to forget what a powerful piece of hardware you're running. Enter Mac Tips, Tricks, Apps & Hacks, which promises to reinvigorate your user experience. We'll start by taking you through some of the lesser-known features of Apple's core apps – from Mail and Safari to Finder and Calendar – before moving on to advanced tricks for the more creative among you. For the power users out there, our Hacks section offers some quick solutions for simplifying tiresome problems and processes. Then…

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get ready for macos sierra

Every year Apple updates the operating system on the Mac and treats us to a bevy of exciting new features and improved ways of working. In 2016, the changes were even more extensive than usual, and there have been some fantastic additions. With a new name, macOS, and new ways of working, you are going to love this latest update. Buy a new Mac and it will come with Sierra pre-installed, but for the rest of us, we need to upgrade. If you bought a Mac in the last six years you are okay, but before you go ahead with the install, there are some essential tasks to perform to make sure that the upgrade proceeds smoothly. In this feature we detail the steps necessary to aptly prepare for Sierra, and you…

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the complete user guide to mac os

Ever since Steve Jobs introduced the Macintosh for the first time in 1984, the dream of being able to talk to your Mac and have it answer back has lived in the minds of Apple fans. With the release of macOS Sierra, that dream has become a real and powerful reality. When Sierra launched as a free download late in 2016, you could begin using Siri on your Mac. But that wasn’t the only exciting prospect for those upgrading, because the recent update is packed with new features, tricks and technology to make your life easier, faster and far more fun. There are changes from the moment you wake up your Mac from sleep thanks to Auto Unlock, which allows your Apple Watch to automatically log you back in to your user…

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system preferences

System Preferences is the place you can go to in order to change virtually any aspect of your Mac’s inner workings and personalise your computer to meet your needs. Arranged in a grid, your Mac’s System Preferences consists of various panes which you can click to reveal a wide range of options that relate to that particular aspect of your computer, such as Spotlight, Dock and Displays. As well as letting you change your desktop, alter your Mac’s colour scheme and change the size of the Dock, you can also go to System Preferences to configure and manage your accounts. For example, you can manage your iCloud, add new email or social media accounts, connect to your Wi-Fi network and share your computer’s services with other Macs on the same…

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Finder has been designed to look and feel as simple as possible, but beneath the clean surface is a very powerful set of tools that you will likely use every day. Simple file management and navigation is obvious thanks to the design. There are also many tricks you can use to remove the repetitiveness of common tasks, and some of them will save you a great deal of time. From renaming files in bulk, to adding shortcuts to the folders you use the most, simple changes will make the entire Finder experience more intuitive and efficient than almost any other file manager. The app is robust in the extreme and will prove to be stable over very long periods of use, and the more you delve into the features, the…

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Siri has long been a fixture in iOS, Apple’s mobile operating system. The personal digital assistant was the standout update to macOS Sierra and has been redesigned from the ground up with new capabilities designed just for the desktop. We have been using it for a while now and couldn’t recommend it more – it really is a smart way to use your Mac. Best of all, Siri is always just a click away. By default it can be opened via its icon in the Dock or menubar, and you can create a bespoke keyboard shortcut for even quicker access. Siri helps you to speed up everyday tasks. For example, you can be finishing off a document and ask Siri to send a message to a co-worker explaining that it’s on…