MacFormat April 2021

MacFormat is the UK’s best selling magazine for the home Mac user. Each issue brings you all the exciting developments from the world of Apple, including reviews of new Macs, iPads and Apple’s own apps like iPhoto, iMovie and GarageBand. We’ll show you how to make the most of your Mac, OS X and all the creative things you can do with it. We also review all the latest 3rd party software and kit – so if you’re looking for a new hard drive, monitor or printer that works with a Mac, you’ll be well served. iOS users are also welcome and we review the latest iPad and iPhone apps. ***Note: This digital edition is not printable and does not include the covermount items or supplements you would find with printed copies***

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hello (again)

If your wireless network is feeling the strain in this era of home working, home schooling, home shopping, online gaming and video streaming, take heart. This month’s lead feature (p18) offers plenty of fast fixes and quick tips to help you improve your home network, plus you’ll discover some awesome upgrade options from fast routers and network extenders to mesh Wi-Fi systems, and much more. Talking of tune-ups, if your exercise regime has taken a hit during lockdown, turn to p69 where we give the latest health and fitness apps and gadgets a workout in Apple Home. After that you’ll deserve a well-earned rest – in which case, we recommend this month’s second feature (p60), which takes an affectionate look back at the Apple classics of yesteryear – from the Apple II…

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apple building vr headset

HOT NEW KIT! Rumours have been swirling for a long time that Apple is working on some kind of augmented reality (AR) or virtual reality (VR) headset. Recently, though, we have had a surge of leaks, rumours, and news relating to the project, all of which have helped shed light on an otherwise highly secretive project. One of the main sources of information has been a major report from Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman. In the report, Gurman explains that Apple is working on a headset that blends both VR and AR. This device would primarily focus on the former, but has multiple cameras to help provide AR experiences. The long-term goal will be to bring out a pair of AR glasses in a few years’ time. Some previously seen prototypes of the headset…

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foldable flip iphone in the works, says leaker

Apple might be working on a foldable phone, according to leaker Jon Prosser. In a video on his Front Page Tech YouTube channel, Prosser claims the device – internally dubbed the iPhone Flip – is in the works but will not see the light of day until 2022 at the earliest. Prosser explains that Apple has been working on two prototypes: one that folds outward like a book as per the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold, and one clamshell device that flips upwards like the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. According to Prosser, Apple has settled on the latter. Interestingly, the Front Page Tech video indicates the iPhone Flip will come in a range of ‘fun’ colours. That is significant because it suggests the foldable iPhone will be an entry-level device like the…

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the poll

WE ASKED… What’s your favourite Apple TV+ show so far? Log on and see next issue’s big question! Free MacBook battery replacement Got a MacBook Pro from 2016 or 2017 that will not charge beyond 1%? You are in luck, as Apple has started a new service scheme whereby it will replace your battery for free. See (link is case sensitive). If your MacBook’s Battery Health status is ‘Service Recommended’, your device might be affected, so you should contact Apple. The company will examine your laptop to see if the problem is present before replacing the battery. If you have a MacBook Pro from the affected years that has not experienced this issue, you should update macOS. Apple has issued a fix in macOS Big Sur 11.2.1 and macOS Catalina 10.15.7.…

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apple news roundup

APPLE LOOSENS MUSIC GRIP CHANGE DEFAULT MUSIC APP Apple loves control, but in iOS 14.5 it is relinquishing some by allowing users to set their own default music app. This means you will be able to set Spotify or Tidal as your app of choice, for example. This change works with Siri, too. Asking Siri to play a song brings up a list of installed music apps; after one has been chosen, further requests then always go through this app instead of Apple Music. APPLE WATCH COVID CHECK HEART SENSOR DETECTS SIGNS A new study from Mount Sinai in New York suggests the Apple Watch’s heart sensor can predict the onset of coronavirus up to a week before traditional swab tests. By measuring heart rate variability, the study could determine the strain on a participant’s…

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unlock your iphone with an apple watch

The iPhone’s Face ID unlocking system is incredibly secure – Apple believes there is only a one-in-a-million chance of it being fooled – but that insistence on facial recognition is hampered in the COVID age. Without a Touch ID sensor and with your face blocked by a mask, it can be hard to get into your device without having to enter your passcode. Apple is working on fixing it, though, albeit in a limited way. In iOS 14.5 and watchOS 7.4 there is a new feature that allows you to unlock your Face ID-enabled device using your Apple Watch, provided your wearable is unlocked and your Face ID device detects you are wearing a mask. This is similar to how you can unlock your Mac with your Apple Watch without having to…