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editor’s letter

A few months ago, my mobile phone died and it took two weeks to sort out a replacement (it’s a long, dull story). The experience was quite literally life-changing, because I finally appreciated how, over the past few years, this little device has gone from enabling my life to ruling it. The withdrawal was hard, even physical – how odd to not have this slither of metal in my hand, or right at my fingertips at all times of the day, so I could keep on top of emails and social posts, or use the raft of apps that help me organise my busy life. Soon, however, the anxiety I felt about not being constantly connected lifted, and the sense of relief was wonderfully liberating. My life didn’t fall apart.…

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dance moms

‘The festive season is busy as a dancer, with shows and rehearsals until 11pm - when I eat, sleep and prepare for the school run in the morning,’ says Begoña Cao, principal dancer at the English National Ballet, who combines the grace, poise and self-discipline of ballet with an arguably more demanding role: motherhood. ‘By far the best part of my day is coming home after a show and watching my girls [aged five and one] sleeping.’ It may seem surprising, but Cao is not the only dancer who balances parenting with the physically and mentally taxing world of ballet, where mothers are often back on stage just four months after giving birth. Lead principal Jurgita Dronina, who attended her first post-partum ballet class just ten days after having her son, Damian,…

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women who win

‘WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT HIV’ When I tested HIV-positive ten years ago, I was pregnant with my second child and there was no one to talk to except for my family. At that time, we thought someone who was HIV positive was going to die. Now, people don’t believe me when I say, ‘I’m HIV-positive, too – you can do this!’ I am determined to help other women going through what I’ve been through. ‘I SEPARATE LIFE AND WORK’ The most difficult part of my job is resistant clients. Whether that’s because they’re difficult to talk to or they’re not willing to take medication. If you haven’t disclosed your [HIV] status, it isn’t easy to take the medication because you have to hide and take it with food at the same time…

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the michelle obama effect

Nusrath Hassan, 20, met Michelle Obama in June 2015 when, as a pupil, she hosted the first lady’s visit to Mulberry School For Girls in London, to launch the UK Let Girls Learn campaign. ‘It’s not every day you come into school to find members of the Secret Service (and their very cute dogs) in the building. Mrs Obama inspired me growing up, but meeting her in real life surpassed expectations. She was authentic, warm and charismatic, hugging me straight away. “Your story is my story”, she said during her speech at the school and this line really resonated with me and our community in Tower Hamlets. Like us, she’d experienced what it feels like to be “just a working-class kid from a good community with limited resources”. I have long…

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angry cookie

On a string of fairy lights I count down the days and dangle A glitzy-eyed glitter queen, snowed under and star-spangledThis year I am going to do everything on my wish list…Just after this annoying tinsel’s been untangledI long to do the joyful thingsLike bake mince pies and carollingBanging bags with a red cup of ‘spiced pumpkin latte’ down the high streetAnd eat absolutely everythingI want to run my finger around a bowl of fluffed up creamAnd dream of cut-out paper streamsOverflowing bowls of tangerinesStockings bursting at the seamsUnder a stud of a Christmas treeI want us to wear matching socksAnd make one of them tacky chocolate Yule logsThat no one ever eatsI want to play fight with a really great blonde family dogCheer whilst merry colleagues do a mistletoe snogI…

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interplanetary craft

YOUR MISSION You’ve crash-landed on the moon 50km from your base. Much of the equipment was damaged and survival depends on recovering the most critical items and enabling your crew to reach the lunar base. Right is a list of 15 items left intact and undamaged after landing. You have two minutes to rank them in order of their importance (1 = most important, 15 = least important). 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.... Box of matches Handheld GPS receiver 15 metres of nylon rope 3 spare space-suit batteries Solar-powered FM receiver-transmitter 3 carbon dioxide removal canisters 20 litres water – can be administered through canisters for the space suit Magnetic compass 1 case dehydrated food 3 spare oxygen tanks for space suit Self-inflating life raft First aid kit Stellar map Two handheld…