Men's Journal November/December 2021

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letter from the editor

A HOME OF DISEASE, bribery, corruption, crookedness, rape, white slavery, thievery and murder.” Those are the accusations J. Edgar Hoover, at the time Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, slung at motels in a widely circulated magazine article published in 1940. Yeah, my family stayed in our fair share of motels in the Midwest during the ’70s and even as a kid I knew they were sketch. The first time I ever saw a condom vending machine was in a motel bathroom. All those things seem vaguely entertaining in the rearview mirror, and that’s where they should stay. If you’ve traveled by car in the past several years you’ve likely noticed that the motel industry is having quite a resurgence. Or, rather, a very welcome hipster makeover. A few places I’ve…

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down with fear

If you build it, they will plunge. That’s the premise behind turning a line from Field of Dreams into a trail of dreams near the dinky western Colorado town of Palisade. Opened in July after 10 years of effort, the aptly named Palisade Plunge is fast becoming the most epic ride in the Rockies. Patterned after shuttle-up-and-schuss-down classics like Moab’s Whole Enchilada and Colorado’s Monarch Crest, the trail is the brainchild of Rondo Buecheler and Scott Winans, owners of Palisade’s Rapid Creek Cycles. The 33.8-mile route traverses seven alpine-to-desert ecosystems while dropping 6,000 vertical feet from the 10,735-foot Grand Mesa to Palisade far below. In between is everything from rolling, flower-filled single-track to technical, don’t-fall switchbacks. Throw in sweeping vistas of the La Sal and San Juan ranges, desert spires of Colorado National…

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town and country

BIKE Rapid Creek Cycles offers rental bikes and a $35-per-person shuttle for the 1.5-hour drive to the trailhead. The nearby town of Fruita has fantastic desert single-track at 18 Road—Zippity, PBR and Chutes and Ladders are classic trails. SHOOT Cameo Shooting Complex is a 1,700-acre facility with electronic-scoring shooting and archery bays; sporting clay ranges; and 3D archery trail loops with life-size foam targets. DRINK There are 40 wineries in the area, including five within a mile radius of town. East Orchard Mesa, Talbott Farms and Talbott’s Cider Co. are early stops on the pedal-friendly Fruit & Wine Byway tour. EAT Palisade Café & Wine Bar bases meals around local produce and wine. Pêche does everything from Thai-fried chicken and fresh lamb to port short ribs and charred ribeye. Like peaches? Sweet Cheeks…

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porsche’s top secret supercar

THE GT3 IS BASICALLY A RACE CAR WITH A SWEET STEREO. SOMEWHERE high up on the Angeles Crest Highway, Tom Petty’s “You Wreck Me” plays on the Porsche 911 GT3’s sound system, searing through its 12 Bose speakers. It’s an appropriate track. Not because I’m about to wreck the car—I’m not. The car is wrecking me. Drive enough vehicles and every once in a while one will thunk you in the cerebral cortex, forcing you to appreciate how invigorating driving—not simply piloting—a car can be. The 911 GT3 Touring is a dying breed, a highly adept sports car powered by a naturally aspirated engine, a four-liter, 502-horsepower, six-cylinder boxer. There are cheaper machines that put out bigger numbers. We’re in an era where sports cars pile on more power, via superchargers or…

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stalking smarter

EARLY in August, movement in a remote part of Kenya’s Maasai Mara National Reserve woke a sleeping trail camera. In seconds a processor chip took four photos, ran an artificial intelligence program that recognized a human shape and sent the highest-quality image via satellite to park headquarters. Rangers saw it was one of their own on patrol, not a poacher on an illegal hunt, dismissed the alert and got back to work. False alarm, sure, but for biologist Eric Dinerstein it was proof a new technology called TrailGuard AI works. “Nothing beats a photo for telling if it’s a cattle herder or someone carrying an AK-47,” says Dinerstein, who helped develop the system for RESOLVE, a conservation nonprofit. “TrailGuard is a camera, but I think of it more as an AI-supported…

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jimmy chin to the rescue

WITH 2018’s Academy Award–winning film Free Solo, Jimmy Chin and co-director/wife Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi documented Alex Honnold, renowned for climbing Yosemite’s El Capitan alone without any cheats like, er, ropes. Now they head the other direction: underwater. In 2018, a Thai junior soccer team visited a cave, only to have a flood trap them two miles from where they entered. In theaters Oct. 8, The Rescue is a documentary that follows cave divers’ desperate attempts to save them. Coming in November, Chin’s first book, There and Back: Photographs from the Edge, covers his career as perhaps the world’s most celebrated adventure photographer. What drew you and Chai to The Rescue? We were looking for depth. There are extraordinary stakes where people have to make really difficult decisions facing insurmountable odds. You have climbing experience,…