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Midwest Living May/June 2020

Midwest Living celebrates the unique and surprising Midwest region through its food, travel destinations, lifestyle, homes and gardens. Like visiting with a best friend, it unveils the authentic flavor of this region through inspiring photos, inside tips on best places to visit, and family-favorite recipes that simply taste great.

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editor's note

All of us experience a similar longing as winter wanes, spring struggles to emerge, and we begin to dream about summer and all its verdant promises. We book springtime trips. (My husband and I had planned to retrace this year’s Midwest Living Road Rally with our history-loving girls.) We eye our outdoor spaces and make plans for gatherings we’ll have there. I’m imagining myself on our patio, toasting dear friends with wine to the soundtrack of kid giggles and a favorite playlist. When spring rains linger, those everyday joys can feel far away, but they’ve always come eventually. This year, they feel more distant than ever. I’m typing this note from my home, where I’ve been working full time for more than a week now. My team is home too. We’re…

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home + garden

DIY DESIGN CHASING PAPER Elizabeth Rees grew up in the printing biz in Milwaukee: Her dad’s company creates billboards, bus wraps and more. But as an adult, she likes to say, she found a new way to play with ink and paper. Chasing Paper sells affordable, swoonably stylish removable wallpaper, perfect for powder rooms or entries. The fabric-based material has a high-end feel and look, but its adhesive allows for adjustments if you apply it crookedly—or realize you actually want the other side to be your accent wall. From $40 for a 2x4-foot panel. After a morning in the garden, this superlight, nongreasy hand cream is my go-to.KYLEE KRIZMANIC,EDITOR IN CHIEF RING TONES With their boho, basket vibe, these colorful raffia napkin rings are perfect for backyard parties. $26 for four. PHOTOGRAPHS: BRIE PASSANO,…

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petal pusher

GET TO KNOW MAYA BOETTCHER Got her start at a florist shop on Des Moines’ south side. Mom of three. Hosts a girl-talk podcast, KBye, featuring local biz owners. WHILE A PHOTOGRAPHER SNAPS a portrait of Maya Boettcher, one of her floral designers, Blythe Roberts, mounds vibrant blooms in a head-shape vase. The Carmen Miranda effect is bold, sculptural and a little eccentric. In other words, it’s perfectly Wildflower. A hot commodity in Des Moines’ wedding scene, Boettcher opened her tiny shop in 2018 as an extension of her event-planning business. Her fans dig her mod aesthetic, which incorporates unorthodox elements like dried materials and painted specimens. (Trust us; it’s way cooler than those glitter-dipped corsages from your prom days.) They also appreciate her hyper-personal approach to arranging. What’s the budget? The occasion? The recipient’s…

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purple state

Two features define Kathy Manganaro’s container garden philosophy. She uses all terra-cotta pots for a cohesive, timeless look, and she leans into leaves—especially purple ones. “Flowers come and go,” says the St. Louis-area gardener, “but foliage packs a punch the whole season.” This container is her recipe for big color in a shady spot. 1 ARECA PALM Sold as houseplants, these frond-tastic palms are natives of Madagascar and prefer well-drained pots and partial shade or bright, indirect light. Other names: golden cane palm, butterfly palm or yellow palm. HEIGHT: 6–7’ 2 REX BEGONIA Rex means king—but actually hundreds of royally beautiful hybrids occupy this throne, with high-drama splotches and veining. (This pot features two.) Take care not to overwater. HEIGHT: 12–18” 3 CALADIUM This elephant ear has sweet heart-shape leaves and comes in combinations of pink,…

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behind closed doors

Between the tools, toys and empty boxes, a garage can be an obstacle course. Put the brakes on clutter by treating the space like a room in the house—a place that can look good and be super functional. Make a list of your storage needs, then put precious perimeter and overhead spaces to work. And consider an allover coat of fresh white paint. Ahhh. FLOOR PLAN Look down! Here are four options for elevating a drab, oil-stained concrete floor. PAINT This is the fastest, cheapest (and least durable) solution. Fast-drying latex is easier to apply; oil-based paint will require a primer. Plan for touch-ups every year or so. EPOXY Available in many colors, these two-part industrial coatings create a high-gloss, chip-free finish. For max durability, choose 100 percent solids kits (like EpoxyMaster) over solvent- and water-based. TILES Snap-in-place…

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This natural kitchen soap works great, and I love supporting a heritage Midwest biz.HANNAH AGRAN, EXECUTIVE EDITOR BOOKSHELF ONCE MORE TO THE RODEO Prizewinning author Calvin Hennick takes a road trip home to Iowa with his biracial son in search of answers for what it means to be a man and a father in America. His memoir is relatable, poignant and laugh-out-loud funny (Pushcart Press, $17). GIVE BACK LITTLE FREE GARDEN In 2015, three friends from Fargo, North Dakota, launched Little Free Garden. The goal: Build community and increase access to fresh food. Participants plant veggies and herbs in front yards or outside schools, churches or libraries with a sign encouraging people to help themselves. (Get one with a $25 starterkit.) “As the project grows, we believe it represents a positive sign for the progress of…